I Killed A Deer, And I Liked It. (No graphic images, just philosophy about hunting.)

Disclaimer: So I drafted this one a while ago.  And because of all the gun-related drama that’s been going on, I’ve been a little shy of publishing.  Is that lame?  Maybe.  But after careful thought and consideration, I’m okay with posting this and being who I am.  So, take it or leave it.  If you’d like to read about the philosophy of a self-titled “hippie hunter,” well then, read on.  And if you want to hear more about me twiddling my thumbs, read this.  Now, without further ado…

I Killed A Deer, And I Liked It.  

Yes, I went hunting this past fall.  And yes, I killed a deer.  And when I killed the deer, I liked it.

I was proud of myself (still am), and I was – for lack of a better word – happy about it.   And well, if you happen to know about some of my personal beliefs on animal testing, captivity, factory farming and how much I LOVE animals in general… this new hobby of mine probably seems a bit on the conflict-of-interest side.  But hear me out, I can explain… Continue reading

Sandy Relief: How I’m helping, what you can do, lists, info, + more.

It’s been a busy weekend of emails, calls, and pulling things together.  My little mission to help out Sandy Survivors is actually coming together.  I’m pretty impressed with myself, not gonna lie.  I think that after living in Florida for two and a half decades, dealing with hurricanes is just in my blood, it’s a normal part of life to me.  And well, if you don’t know by now that I tend to be the take-action-do-gooder type, well then you hardly know me at all.

Generous hearts make the world go ’round.  And coming into contact with truly generous people who are so excited and happy to give is a truly humbling experience.

i’m so grateful to anyone and everyone who’s pitching in to help.

When I started the tiny idea to see what I could do to help the Sandy Relief efforts, I had no idea what to expect.  The call for supplies, donations, and any kind of help went out all over the Interwebs.  I’ve posted on Craig’s List Buffalo, reddit, Facebook, all kinds of organization’s Fb pages, Twitter, and more.  And well it hasn’t been a downpour of support, there’s been more than a trickle and it’s really exciting.

i stand by my cheesy lil’ logo!

A few people have chipped in some financial support, I have a pal for the car ride down who will be staying in the NYC-area long term to do clean up work wherever she’s needed, and I have a couple helpful people found out about my plans online and have been putting together donations that we can bring with us.

TWO AMAZING STORES have generously donated items to the effort as well:

Smith’s True Valu in Irving, NY and the Sears Hometown Store here in Fredonia (just down the street from where I live) have been super awesome.  Once we get this whole thing underway, we’ll give them official shout outs and post photos of the items they provided.  We’re hoping in the next day or so to find some more stores will to donate supplies, or at least cut us a break on the cost of items.


thanks to mj for the link to this awesome list!

The clean up efforts are paramount right now, and thus some things in huge demand are:

  • dust masks
  • gloves – rubber, work, leather, all kinds
  • mops, mops, mops
  • paper towels, regular towels, shop towels
  • tools of any kind, the smaller and more mobile – the better (and remember, power in nonexistent or limited), crowbars, screwdrivers, hammers
  • work boots in all sizes
  • contractor-style garbage bags
  • tarps, plastic sheeting
  • duct tape, rope, zip ties
  • garbage bags
  • gas cans
  • food, formula, water, snacks, OTC meds
  • winter clothing, blankets, bedding
  • and finally – stuff for kids to occupy the boredom and help life their spirits: toys, games, etc.

If you have any desire to get these items to me, I’m more than happy to take them to NYC for you.  There are plenty of grassroots efforts of people who I personally know can use and need these items right away – with zero overhead going to “operating costs,”  just straight from the shelves of stores into the hands of those who need them.  If you trust me, paypal some cash money my way: happyhippierose@gmail.com is my paypal handle!

If you’d like to send your own care packs, there are several places that you can ship stuff to:

Warehouse donated as in-take center

New York Container Terminal
Attn: Sandy Relief Warehouse
300 Western Avenue
Staten Island, NY  10303

Staten Island Recreational Association
599 Fr. Capodanno Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10305
Attn: Megan Delmar


she seemed so nice at first, but woah did she turn out to be a super bitch!

As many of you know, Duggs (my husband) grew up on Long Island.  His family and friends have been seriously impacted by this storm.  My brother-in-law, and mother-in-law are both still displaced, and unable to return home,  In fact, since we have so many loved ones from Long Beach it’s crazy to try and name everyone and explain the carious states of disarray their lives are in right now.   If you’d like to give money to the Long Beach recovery effort –  here’s a great group:

City of Long Beach Relief
One West Chester Street
Long Beach, NY 11561

There are TONS of groups using Facebook and Social Media to get the word out.  Some great resources to learn more are:

So. Whatever you end up doing – be it making a huge donation to the Red Cross or just sending well-wishes and prayers to those affected, every contribution is wonderful and they all work together and come together to help put things all back together.  Major disasters like this are so terrible, so many lives are just ripped apart, and millions of people are experiencing high levels of stress, sadness, anger, devastation, and more.

Yet… time and time again we see in the darkest of days the most startling displays of true beauty.  Strangers coming together to help each other out, true generosity and kindness, we see helping hands and warm hugs given out freely.   There’s no time machine or magic eraser that can un-do the tragedy… sadly, what’s done is done.  But when given the option of HOW to react, seeing everyday people pick the good, noble, wonderful choice – is an amazing thing to bear witness to.

For everyone who is suffering: you have my warmest thoughts and prayers, as well as my sincere encouragement.

For everyone who is helping:  you have my gratitude and thanks, you are awesome and inspiring.

For everyone who doesn’t know what to do: listen to your heart and you can’t go wrong.

Thanks for reading, y’all!  The donations, support, and well wishes my little caravan have been given are truly inspiring.  And my only hope is that we do some good and help out as many people as we possibly can.  Want to help?  Paypal me some moolah, and I promise it will go to great use:  happyhippierose@gmail.com 


Buffalo’s Stampede of Love: Sandy Relief Effort (Yeah, I’m starting a relief project)

Hurricane Sandy sucks, downstate is a mess, and many of us with hearts and consciences want to do our part to help.  So rather than twiddling my thumbs and hoping someone else takes care of it, I’m stepping up.

Sandy, you tramp! You messed up so much stuff.

I’m starting a relief drive for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in NYC and Long Island.
The project is tentatively called, “Stampede of Love.”  Because it’s coming from Buffalo.  Get it?  I’m so witty.

Facade collapse on a building in Alphabet City – what a nightmare.

This ain’t a 501c3 and I’m not creating an official organization.  If you trust me at my word, and I hope you will, let’s do this and help out some folks who really really need it.   Money, nonperishable food, WINTER CLOTHES, and any and all transportable household items are welcome.  I’m willing to physically collect items people are interested in donating, I’m also willing to be the hub for fiscal donations and see to it that 100% of monies collected go to this effort.  The ONLY thing (other than handing it directly over to a reputable shelter and/or organization down state) that I’d use money collected on is potentially a U-haul or trailer should we get that much stuff donated.  I’m assuming and hoping what we gather will fit in a large SUV, which I plan to rent out-of-pocket as part of this effort.
Today is Wednesday… ideally, I’d love to get to NYC this weekend.  I don’t think that’s quite possible though, and so I’m aiming for a trip in about ten days time, the second weekend in November.   If anyone is interested in helping with that aspect of this whole project, please let me know.

Massive storm surge is the culprit for tons of damage.

Can you even imagine? Such devastation.

I’m interested in collecting goods at my home, or we can meet up in the Walmart parking lot in Fredonia.  I’ll be in North Buffalo for a good while on Saturday.  And well, otherwise, just hit me up and we’ll figure something out.  My email is happyhippierose@gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you.
Here’s a copy of the post that just went live on Craig’s List:

Hi CL Buffalo,

My name is Rose. I live in Fredonia / Sheridan now, but I grew up in Florida. If there’s one thing I know – it’s how terrible hurricanes are, and how LONG and intense the clean-up and get-your-life back process is. NO ONE CAN DO IT ALONE. My husband and I have lots of family and friends who’ve been affected by Hurricane Sandy down state, in NJ, Rhode Island and elsewhere. We think as fellow New Yorkers, we should and could help out those in the NYC/Long Island area. Thousands of people are homeless and living in shelters, everything they own = destroyed.

We’re going to start with sending money, but the need for household items and clothing is incredible. It’s chilly out, y’all, and some people have lost every scrap of winter clothing they owned. I am interested in driving down with some donated items. Maybe not this weekend, but in about ten days? People will still need things then, that’s for sure. If there was anyone else in the area of WNY interested in volunteering to drive the stuff down (instead of me and my hubs going) – I’d be MORE THAN WILLING to help you organize the clothing and donation drive, as well as donate gas money.

I have no desire in creating an official organization – this is all honor system, y’all. 100% of anything I get will go downstate to those in need. I’m working with some orgs in NYC to find out the areas of greatest need. WNY is full of huge hearts and generous people. Let’s do the right thing and help where we can. Wanna know more about who I am? Check out http://www.happyhippierose.com – it’s my personal blog. You’ll see I’m just a silly, albeit very honest and nice person, and I just want to help. We have a lot of family on Long Island and in the city, and it’s just been awful seeing the devastation.

If you want to donate clothing, household goods, food, whatever, contact me: happy hippie rose (AT) g mail (dot) com – and we can go over drop offs and pick ups. I’m in Chautauqua County now, yes – but have plans to be in North Buffalo Saturday during the day. We can make other arrangements as need be.

ANY AND ALL MONETARY DONATIONS MADE TO < happyhippierose @ gmail .com > via paypal will go to shelters and/or the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy help efforts. Again, honor system here. If you don’t trust me, don’t give. If you want to help, this is a quick and easy way.

Once the ball gets rolling I will update more with specifics. I’ll also use my blog to coordinate things. THANK YOU ALL – have a safe and Happy Halloween, All Saints Day, and God Bless.

-Rose Duggan

I really just want to do the best I can to help.  This storm was awful and came at such a terrible time of year – less than two months ’till Christmas / Hanukkah, and worse than that: it’s COLD out up here.  People need protective clothing and their homes.

Any and all support is welcome, even if it’s just wishing me luck.

Thanks for reading!  XOXO, HHR

from bikini to parka: we’re officially moving to…


In less than three months we’ll be leaving gorgeous Kailua, Hawaii and heading east to New York state’s second-largest city.  Well, technically we’ll be moving to the ‘burbs of Buffalo, a smaller town in Western New York, like Fredonia or Dunkirk.

the duggans in fabulous hawaii, we fist pump for hawaii!

Matthew, my hubs, is getting out of the USMC in September (it’s his EAS, his contract is up and he’s not reenlisting).  So we’ll be leaving this beauitful tropical island and trading in my bikini for a parka as we head to the great white north.  Matthew’s wardrobe probably won’t change much, he grew up in New York (Long Island) and he’s pretty into the whole cooler temp thing.

Why WNY?  I have family there!  With tons of family support, our transition will be much easier to manage than just venturing out on our own.  The good folks in my bloodline are being so generous as to hook us up with a place to stay, temporary transportation options, help securing jobs, and above all else: emotional support during a huge change for us!  I’m so lucky to be loved by the people I’m related to, right?

me and my cousin nick, who lives in wny and we'll be staying with! this pic is from a trip to wny in 2008

here i am, visiting my cousin's old house in silver creek, ny. i do okay in winter when i VISIT. we'll see how living goes!

I know, I know… some people may dare say that WNY is far from glamorous.  And some may point out that the economy in that neck of the woods is considered less than savory right now.  But, with a little nepotism on our side and the specific types of work we’re seeking: things are actually looking great for the Duggans.

According to Monster.com – Buffalo, NY is in the top 25 of best cities in the US for nursing jobs, coming in at #17 (http://nursinglink.monster.com/benefits/articles/8283-top-25-cities-for-nurses?page=10); ironically Honolulu, the city I haven’t been able to find a job in, is listed as #10 on this list. Ha!  Seventeen is literally my lucky number (we even got married on the 17th because of such) so I’ll take it.   Last year Buffalo’s numbers looked even better… but unemployment in the area is up in general, making all the stats drop down a bit.

Regardless of what the statisticians have to say: after some quick poking around, talking to fam and the like, I think I should be able to find work once we get there.  I’m in the process of transferring my license to NY state already.

As far as Matthew goes, looks like my cousin should be able to help him get some pretty good work too.  I won’t go into crazy details, but there are tentative plans and hopes going on.  The concept feels good and seems very bright.

Cost of living there is about as opposite as it can get for us.   We’d love to stay in Hawaii for a million reasons: friends, weather, outdoor activities, and scenery just being the top few.   But without the military, we’re not sure how that could/would work on a financial level.  Clearly millions of people make it happen every day, so it’s obviously possible.  But the lifestyle change would be tough for us.  It’s very very expensive to live out here; without commissary access, military housing, an income, healthcare, etc, it feels really daunting and would be a huge lifestyle change for us.   And well, it’s also been hard being so far away from family.  The idea of living close to loved ones is such a comforting one.  And I’m ready to work, I’m chomping at the bit!  My other nursing friends will testify that the job market here is a tough one.

i'm a cute nurse... i need a J-O-B!

Money talk is boring.  Yawn.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the good stuff: winter clothes!

I’m wicked excited to flex my winter wardrobe.  My layering game is going to be off the chain.   Hats, scarves, sweaters, jackets, coats… oh my, I’m practically tittering at the notion.

scarves and stuff, yeah!

i need about shifty-five of these

And SEASONS! *gasp*  I’ve never had seasons.  I’ve worn shorts on Christmas my whole life.  I’ve gone from bikini climate to bikini climate.  Which means a couple things:

  • winter is this fascinating idea to me, something that happens in Home Alone and the Mighty Ducks trilogy.  I can’t believe I get it for reals!
  • whilst exciting – is also TERRIFYING.  I feel like I’m going to freeze into a popsicle and never see a summer day again in my life. waaaah.
Now, to my credit, when visiting in cold weather and snowy situations I’ve done fine and enjoyed myself.  I love me some skiing.  And sliding down a snowy hill on my ass a la sledding.  That sure is fun!
I just know that living through it has to be a super different thing altogether.  A thing I’m ready and willing to try out though. I need to learn how to shovel and wtf to do when my car has ice and stuff on it.  And there’s something about snowchains or something for your car, right? I have to learn all that stuff.  And… it’s like a trial, I’m kinda pumped to test my heartiness, ya know?  See if I can hack it or what.

i look pretty BA, right? i can do winter!

We’re already pumped thinking about the outdoorsy options there.  Getting into some winter sports, trying out crazy stuff like ice fishing (once Lake Erie freezes over, it’s on!).   My family is all into hunting and we’ll be able to eat truly organic meat!  (Some time I’ll have to make a blog on my views about hunting being far preferred to factory farming in regards to meat consumption, ya know? It’s way better for the animals, for us, all around).

So that’s the deal.
Hawaii —->  Buffalo

i heart hawaii

buffalo in the winter

Wish us luck!!