about rose

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog.  I’m Rose.

hi, i’m rose!

About Me

I have a wonderful life: I’m married to my best friend, I live in the most beautiful place on earth, and I laugh everyday.

giving my man a smooch out on lake erie after a day of fishing

To say I’m a dabbler is an understatement, I have a ton of interests, hobbies, things I’m into.  To earn a living I’m a marketer by day and a tie dye artist in my free time.

I’m a crunchy, country, happy, hyper, silly, hippie gal.  And let’s just get one thing straight right off the bat: I’m kinda weird, a little out there… ya know?   Pleasantly wacky, some would say.  I’m also…

  • a wife to my wonderful civilian husband Matthew – who I call “Duggs”
  • a mommy to our sweet pooch, JJ
  • a writer for fun
  • a Christian
  • a two-time cancer survivor (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Melanoma skin cancer)
  • an athlete
  • an activist
  • a homemaker
  • probably a million other things.

I love yoga, arts and crafts, exploring, being in the water, teaching, learning and just LIVING.  When it comes to habits and colloquialisms I may be a bit country, I blame my redneck family; trust me though – I may have a twang, but my heart is progressive.

taking jayjers on a run, back in hawaii

jj the sweet little pooch

We just moved from Hawaii to Western New York, learning about our new home will likely fill a lot of my posts.  There’s oodles of content about Hawaii in my archives, though. I’ll always have a special place for Hawaii in my heart.

i love hawaii

I also like to ramble a lot, so hopefully in having a blog I’ll learn the precious skill of self-editing.

my love and me

About This Blog

This blog is a random collection of posts about my life.  Projects I’m working on, recipes I invent, hikes we go on, and beautiful sights we see.  It’s about family events, and giving back to the community.  I write about Jesus and Scripture pretty often.  I write about my health all the time.  I’m also into running, and so I like to post about that too.

i may not be speedy, but i sure do love to run!

This blog was initially started as a way to keep family and friends in the loop while we lived way out in Hawaii.  But over time it’s grown, so I just let it be whatever it is – no category or method to my madness; as long as you smile, I’m doing something right.

I do give a lot of tips, and a lot of advice.  But please don’t take that as me being so bossy and so specially learned or anything.  It’s more about passing along what I’ve learned through my life experiences, or from others, in the spirit of helping!

Why Happy Hippie, Rose?

Well, I am happy! I love life, and I love to smile and laugh everyday.  I’m a dorky goofball with a pretty sharp wit.   You can usually find me with a smile on my face and something smart to say.

here fishy, fishy

Mostly, I like to shine God’s light out.  I am truly a happy person, a blessed daughter of God, and I like to share that love, to anyone and everyone!   That is why I’m happy.

And a hippie?

I aim to live a life that is kind and gentle to our plantet, and I’d like more people to consider that lifestyle.  You could say I’m “green” for lack of a better word.  But I like to be happy with what I have, not take more than I need, and find ways to help reduce waste.

I refuse to buy paper towels, I love recycling and upcycling, I buy second-hand clothing, furniture, and pretty much anything that’s okay to come used.  We like to cook and eat whole foods in our house, avoiding corporate farming and corporate food processing when possible, as well as preservatives, food dyes, additives, and whatever other poisons the average American diet boasts.

We like to play outdoors.  I’m a tree-climber, a swim-with-the-dolphins, skip in the rain kinda gal.  And I really am a one and only!

The best way to say it: happy, hippie, rose. 

Thanks for checking me out!

And if you’re just dying to know more details:

Until recently, I was a military spouse (my hubby was a Marine) so I know a thing or two about that whole lifestyle, deployments, living on base, TMO, and all that.

I’m a Marketer for ICUC, so I spend my days writing, executing projects, working in social media, and giving presentations.  I have the greatest co-workers in the world and I sure do love my job!  (do note, that this here is my personal blog, so all thoughts and opinions are just my own).

Also, as a little side business I handmake and sell Tie Dye. (This is currently on hiatus because we’ve been moving and my stuff is still being shipped by slow boat from Hawaii).

I’ve been to college twice: once to become a nurse (I’m a licensed RN, BSN), and I have another degree in English and Political Science. I’m a nerdy straight-A type. Sometimes people ask if I’m going to get a nursing job anytime soon… to that I say, I’m not sure yet!  I’ll let you know when I know =)

I’ve been incredibly blessed by the order of events in my life, and as for now – I’m perfectly happy with the way things are.  What tomorrow brings, no one knows.

32 responses

  1. Rose,

    You are truly amazing. I love your spirit and your resolve. I have a pretty good idea where both came from. I love the blog and keeping up with you. And, I’m becoming or perhaps I should say renewing my love of tie died clothes. Yeah, I’m that old. So, how do I place my order? Love you, Aunt Patty

  2. I love you too Aunt Patty, thank you! I just got my FB page for my tie dye business up and running, I’ll put the link on your FB wall… and I’m going to make a blog post about it. Get back into the tie dye, that’s the spirit!

    Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot.

    • Rose, I checked out my tops and the one for UJ. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Can’t wait for them to arrive.

      Love you, Aunt Patty

  3. I stumbled upon your site looking for tie die tips, how cool! We left Hawaii in 08 & miss it soooooooo much!!
    I have started tie dying for extra income & for friends 🙂 Have a question for you! Really love the Tulip dye, but don’t want to buy the kits anymore, just want to buy specific colors. I bought the liquid dye, but I’m starting to think I can’t use that because it says to use in the washer, eek! Should I take it back & get the powder that you add to water? I was trying to dye in the least amount of steps possible lol!

  4. yay! my hubby was a marine for 9 years. hawaii is the first best place to live then San Diego 🙂 Glad the man decided to have us bump into each other!

  5. To anyone who only knows Rosie from this blog,…you only get a small slice of how amazing she is in person. Truly one of the warmest people, with the biggest heart. Did I mention a truly creative and intelligent person? Thanks to you, Rosie, for allowing us a peek into that head of yours. Hugs!

    • Kristan, what a sweet thing to say. Thank you so much. This is one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever been given.

      Thank you for reading! I love having this blog to babble and chat, it’s been such a fun project to have going on in my life.

  6. Hey Rose,
    Thanks again for your help with the copywrite thing. I am currently going through and adding notes at the end of my posts for photos that aren’t mine and I’m also going to post a disclaimer on the side of my page saying that all images are my own unless otherwise stated! Without your help I wouldn’t have thought much of it. Thanks!

    • no worries, i’m both impressed and excited that you were so stoked on setting it all up with proper citations and intellectual property claims right away. that’s awesome!

      after i was doling out the advice, i totally felt like a jerk. i’m sure i have some random stuff i found kicking around the public domain that i need to denote/cite. i know a spring cleaning project i’ll need to cram onto my to-do list! i really should be sorting some stuff out, as well as putting up a notice about my own material. it’s important.

      anyways. i’ve seen the pics that YOU take yourself, and while florida may not have mountains – you do a durn good job snapping pics, so you don’t need OPP (other people’s photos). i like your original content a lot.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog Rose and I look forward to your responses. Thank you for joining the challenge. Even though we are on day three, don’t feel as though you have to do three posts to catch up. Just start with day one and continue from there. I won’t be finished until the first week of May, so don’t worry! Can’t wait to see your answers.

    • Thanks Tom! I’m planning to just jump on in to day one now – and yeah, I like that people will have different end dates anyhow. I started skimming the prompts and I could totally envision quality posts to just about every one of them, right off the bat!

      I’m posting about the concept in a second and I’m giving you some shout outs and links. I’ve never played a blog game like this, but you seem pretty rad, so I’m happy to get in on the good times.

  8. I am a thankful reader of your blog and I just wanted to say hi! Maybe we could be online friends? 🙂 If it’s not possible, anyway I appreciate the work you do on your blog. Thanks for the inspiring stories!

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