homemade nail art

Nail Painting Fun and Foolery!
  1. Wet’n’Wild nailpoisl not only costs $1.99 a bottle, but it’s cruelty-free!
  2. OPI is cruelty-free, pricier than #1, but really high quality serious stuff
  3. Painting your nails = crazy, silly, whimsical-like is really fun!  Who knew?

My pals have all really gotten into nail polish and nail art.  Like REALLY into it.  They’re all obsessed, it’s been the big thing this summer.  So I decided to jump in and try it out.  I always keep my nails short, and don’t really get too clever with them.  But since joining the world of nail art. I’ve had so much fun!

I free hand everything.  I’m still a super beginner.  No sponges or stamps, fancy techniques for me.  Just basic painting with nail polish.

Check me out: