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  1. Hey Thank you so much for featuring my work. It’s always a pleasure to know that it’s well received. I’ve also been teaching for the past few years and have had the pleasure of teaching several Orientation to Art courses. I update mu powerpoints every semester and try and focus on contemporary art especially street art, graffiti, installation art, and sculpture. Let me know if you are interested and I’d be more than happy to email you a few or send you a disc. The presentations give a historical context for a genre and then explode into contemporary. Hope all is well and thanks so much again!

    • woo! i’m such a fan, i feel all giddy and silly – i can’t believe you found my lil’ ole blog and saw my crazy post about your work.

      it’s true though, i LOVE those paper boxes of yours. they just get my thoughts churning and i get so into them; when you described them as these little fictional worlds you create (paraphrasing – sorry!) i really liked that, they are these strange little places all their own. bright and sharp, layered dioramas – and i make up a context for each of them (of course).

      just thanks so much for commenting! and thanks even more for your offer. i will totally take you up on the PPTs or a disc.

      i’ve studied so many things in school – english, poli sci my first time around; i went to nursing school a couple years ago. i was working even before that and my job put me into some business classes (fancy!). back in high school i took music theory and all my band geek classes, photography and pottery even had a chance… but i just never took an “art” class. i keep finding that i so wish i would have.

      i know i already wrote about all this and i’m being self-absorbed and redundant now, but it’s really such a lovely offer to share your knowledge with me. i’m so genuinely excited!

      how should i get in touch with you? will get to me =)

      • You can just send me an email at and i can send you stuff through a link to you send or something of that nature. I’ll try and keep you updated on new stuff as becomes available. I’ll be posting 2 new pieces very shortly. Hope all is well and thanks again!

  2. Hi rose:) my name is ashlee, we have alot incommon. I love tye dye and would love to make it more often and sell it. Iam a christian also and my husband and I love the outdoors along with hiking and camping. Ive always wanted to go to hawaii but have never gotten the chance since we live pretty simple and dont have alot of cash. I have 3 beautiful children and love life to the fullest to. I have one dog and hes a siberian husky. Ive never been to New York before but have been to ct. Didnt like it much thought to many ticks around. I have lyme disease so I dont like tick infested areas. Well would love to hear back from you thanx. Ash

    • thanks for reading and for leaving a comment! i’m sorry you have lyme disease, but i love your happy outlook on life and how fully you seem to be living! you should do what you can to get to hawaii – it’s an amazing place to see, it’s so beautiful.

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