what a day

December 19, 2011 : What a Day. 

  • I get offered a job, one that I really wanted; a writing job. I accepted and I start tomorrow. I’m elated!  I was so nervous all weekend, so I’m also relieved  as well. whew.
  • Duggs got some really great news today, having to do with some ongoing work stuff.  I’m happy for him.  He works so hard, always.
  • We are done with all of our Christmas gifts that had to be mailed out – some nine or ten packages and parcels altogether, so many!!  It’s a HUGE relief that we got it all done and with so much pizazz. We really went the extra mile, It literally took at least 80 man hours to get done what we did. I’m totally going to get “glitter lung,” or some other ailment from excessive crafting.   And I can’t post pics yet – I don’t want to ruin anyone’s surprise!

okay, here's ONE sneak peek - that's it!

  • In order to get it all done, we had to stay up all night.  Now my brain is a pile of mush and I can hardly keep my eyes open.  I have to go to sleep in a minute.
  • One year ago today, we lost our baby-to-be; we just realized it was the 19th, and even though it’s been a whole year – I’m still sad.  I still miss being pregnant and wish that I had a baby bouncing on my knee right now.

duggs was deployed, so to help him understand what i was going through, i took a lot of photos - here's me on dec 19, 2010, quite sad and upset, and not feeling well.

Whew, what a day.  Mostly, I’m super thankful and stoked.  And for the Cletus thing (Cletus-the-fetus) I’m reflective, sad (yes, and I think it’s okay to be sad) and I’m trusting God with the big picture.  We’re playing the long game.

So I’m remembering today, how I was to and see fit.

But as for tomorrow and the new year ahead of us: it’s full speed ahead!!  I’m so excited for 2012.  Duggs and I have decided that it’s going to be our year, we’re just gonna do big, great, things next year, all increasing our happiness, bettering ourselves, and doing that whole shooting-for-the-stars thing.

Yeah, wow.

What a day !


as always, thank you for reading my blog here! xoxo, hhr