Genius Nose-Picker Slings Links (I’ve Been Given The Kreativ Award)

I have been awarded a blog award: The Kreativ Award.  

Blog awards are fun!  It’s a way that bloggers recognize others and give credit to the pages and authors that they enjoy, like, appreciate, and so on.

Recently two of my most favourite British running bloggers (okay, maybe the only two British running bloggers that I happen to know and follow, hehe) – both were kind enough to present me with some “awards.”


In this post I’ll feature how my pal Happy Runner gave me the Kreativ Award, and then tomorrow I’ll publish a separate one for Mike’s “Pass The Tag Along” Award that he bestowed upon me (so more on that tomorrow – and let me tell you, it’s a fun one.  Come back and read it tomorrow, will ya?).

The Kreativ Award

Check out my pal The Happy Runner over at “Inspiring and Healthy Running in London.”  In her post “Awards,” she donned the Kreativ Award upon me, the happy hippie!

Not only does she write a fun, witty, resourceful, and interesting blog about both running and travels (and the awesomeness of being genuinely happy) – she’s a fundraiser for Team In Training – the racing group that raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  As a Lymphoma survivor (and former Team member), I so love love love and appreciate that.

i totally stole this pic from her post on the london bupa 10,000 (one of her recent races).

The Award Itself – As Taken From Her Post

The rules for the Kreativ Award are:

  • Write 7 things about yourself that no one knows.
  • Nominate 7 creative bloggers for this award.

So here we go…

Seven Things About Myself No One Knows:

(Now this is rather hard, I’m pretty much an open book.  I’m not so stealthy or secretive, but I’ll try to post seven things that I’ve hopefully never before disclosed on my blog – and therefore the happy hippie rose audience doesn’t yet know.)

1.  I pick my nose.

Yeah, I said it.  I’ve been diagnosed with the OCD – and while I refuse to acknowledge that diagnosis (even though two different docs and a handful of casual observers have flung it my way)… I have a hard time letting things be.  So if a boogie is tickling my nose, I can’t stand it.  I’ll pick it and then go wash my hands, or I’ll use a tissue. I mean, I’m not an animal.

busted! so gross, huh?

Likewise, it’s nearly impossible for me to ignore scabs, blemishes, and so on.  I pick.

That’s so foul isn’t it?  I’m gross. Oh, just leave me now.  I understand.

2.  I worry that I don’t do enough; I could do so much more.

This is in regards to everything: art, blogging, working, fitness, activism.  I try to do stuff – but I worry that I’m actually lazy or not pulling my weight.  I feel so aware of so many social issues – but what am I personally doing to fight injustice?  Enough? Hardly.  I feel like my time could be better spent.

On a run, I could go harder.  On my blog, I could post more often and with a higher quality of content.  I feel like there’s always more to be done – and there’s always more I could and should be doing.

I guess you could say – I fear inadequacy.

And oh please, do not barrage me with reassurances that I’m a great person and I do plenty – this isn’t an issue or dilemma that keeps me up at night, etc.  I’m just trying to think about things about myself that I don’t often disclose, and this is just one of them.  I know I’m good – but I feel like with a little more elbow grease, I could be great.

3.  I’m actually a good singer

At least, I truthfully believe this.  I just don’t think I’ve ever been “discovered” or heard in the right context.  Or maybe I need some training or something.

My whole life I’ve been told I’m essentially tone deaf (even though I’m so not – I have great aural pitch and I have a pretty good ear for music) and most significantly, that I’m a terrible singer.  I fear karaoke more than death; I know I’ll mortify myself because all I’ve ever been told is how dreadful  my singing voice is.

But in those alone moments: belting out a tune in the car, singing when no one is home and really going at it – really putting my lungs into it.  I think I’m good.  I think I can really sing, actually.  I have a powerful, hear-me-in-the-rafters kinda voice.  I should probably be a popstar.  I mean, I have the moves, too.

4. I’m perfectly at peace with my “conflicting” morals

To some, my morals, views, beliefs (whatever you wanna call them) may seem a bit hard to follow – perhaps a bit unorthodox or all over the place, even.  I won’t go into details or call myself out right here.  If you know me, or if you’ve read my blog long enough you’ve probably scratched your head a time or two when coming across something I believe in, or a notion I condone.

I am 100% at peace with it all though and I literally see no conflict in the beliefs I hold.  To me, my moral compass makes perfect sense and the beliefs I hold mesh.

5.  I way prefer TV shows to movies.

Something about the pacing of shorter episodes? I’m not sure.  I’d rather watch an entire season of a show in one sitting than one movie, and I blame it on my attention span.  Even though the former requires hours and hours of steady watching – I find the episode to episode sequence easier to handle than just. one. movie.

[this is hard, I feel like people know everything about me… I’m kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel here.  These are such lame revelations].

6. I’m a Genius

I usually don’t brag about such things, and normally I’d find this kind of self promotion to be super tacky.  But I’m running out of ideas here – I already tell too much about myself to have seven whole secrets!  (So much for being creative as this award suggests, huh?).

So I’ll be honest: I’m a genius.

me and ole albert here kinda have the same ‘do. image source from pc mag

Like, a legit Mensa-caliber, top 0.001th percentile I.Q., wicked smart genius.  I never disclose my actual IQ.  For a variety reasons – it’s weird, it’s actually really tacky, and despite having a big ole brain and a high number on that one test, I know plenty of folks much much smarter than me, people who work harder, so forth and so on.

Just because you have a super IQ doesn’t meant you’re qualified for anything necessarily.  It does mean that I did great in school, in the gifted classes (where I was mercilessly picked on by kids not in the gifted program for being a loser geek).   When I was younger I did carry some arrogance about my God-given smarts; I’ve long since learned humility (the hard, slow, painful way) and I try not to be cocky, judge others or be elitist in any way shape or form.  I try to see the good in everyone and I know that being academically smart is only one kind of intelligence and that there are gifts galore that people possess and it really does take all kinds to make the world go ’round.

It does mean that I put tons of pressure on myself for greatness though.  So we’ll see.  Hopefully I’ll do something world-changing and bring good and happiness to millions.  I so pray and wish I somehow am able to do just that.

7.  I consume more garbage than the city dump

Candy, pizza, ice pops, candy, soda, reality TV… I consume garbage at an alarming rate.  And sometimes I go through phases of wholesome dedication to a healthier lifestyle.  And then at other times I just binge, without guilt, and go nuts.

i’ve had a long long love affair with pop.sicle brand ice pops – but lately, i can’t get enough. it’s incredible how many a day i consume. it’s embarrassing, actually.

I know that this here is a lifestyle blog in which I try to encourage others to get into a healthy way of living and eat good, whole food.  And please, I wholeheartedly 100% support the real food movement.

I just still love my Cokes and candies and crap.

I always promise to cut down, and I know what’s best for me.  But I have this ratio of pleasure to productivity.  And while living a long, healthy life is of paramount importance to me – so is the sweet divine happiness that comes from consuming ice cream and soda.  So I try my best to balance, and often I end up on the losing sugar-laden end.


That was painful, honestly.   Thinking of SEVEN whole things about myself was damn hard.  Try to go easy on me dear readers, will ya?!?!   Now.  Onto the fun part- THE LINKS!

Seven Creative Bloggers I’m Nominating: 

Picking just seven bloggers is tough.  This isn’t a reflection of picking my favorites and playing sides – so if you don’t see your name and link here, please don’t take it personally. I hate having to choose when it comes to stuff like this.

So, I’m actually going to try and name seven bloggers I’m not sure I’ve ever linked to before in an attempt to get some new shout outs going on.   I also tried to mix it up and not just stick with one genre.  So hopefully out of these seven, you’ll have found a new blog or two to follow!

And remember, tomorrow is another award post in which I’ll be “tagging” more blogs for you to go and check out too.  Lots of love being slung around these parts =)

Go check out these blogs, and enjoy!

1.  Going Dutch and Loving It! 

A Filipina, moved to Holland – married and with a young daughter, who loves to cook, sightsee, take photos and travel throughout Europe.  Her blog is a mixture of food, family, travelogue and just awesomeness.  Go check her out for her beautiful recipes and then stay to browse the gorgeous photos.

gorgeous family, living in a gorgeous place

Oh, and you just may pick up some wonderful tidbits on Dutch philosophy about life and happiness.

2. West End Singleton

It may surprise Aurathena to see I’ve named her here – we don’t always see eye to eye.  But I do read her blog regularly, and I’ve come to respect her, learn from her, and find humanity and love in her posts; which I think is important to do when you don’t always mesh 100% with someone – in fact, I think it’s more important in those circumstances at some times (world peace, y’all!).

(Aurathena is a pseudonym, and she doesn’t post any pics of herself – hence none here)

Aurathena is single, Christian, newly graduated from University and figuring out life.  She’s our neighbor to the north (Canadian) and she blogs from the heart – about her personal life, struggles, achievements and writings.

3.  ooamerica

This is incredible.  It’s a couple guys, in a crazy cross-country road trip, taking photos and video everywhere they go, accumulating stories, and just documenting what the good ole US of A is like right now.  It’s wacky, it’s fun, it’s awesome.

the original road trip – they’re on a different route now, hitting more/different states

The point of the blog is to track their progress and they’re creating a documentary about America and the point of view they’ve been able to glean while whirling around the states, couch surfing and sleeping in “the mosquito” (their car).  They just went through Florida, and I loved reading their take on THE wackiest state in the union.

Their photos, the video, the whole project is truly awesome and creative!  Seriously, go browse the photo albums – it’s amazing work, y’all.  LOVE.

4. The Wiener Takes It All

Meet Mort, an adorable and lovable wiener dog (a Dachshund). Mortimer’s Mom – Emily – is a funny, awesome, adorable blogger who writes about her life with Mort, the crazy antics he gets into, travels she and her husband take around Europe, and she posts the sweetest, most aww-inducing photos of dear sweet Mort and other readers’ doggies too.

oh mort, you’re too cute!

Emily makes me laugh on the regular and it’s all the feel-good happy fun times you need for a digital pick-me-up as often as you need one.

5. My Body The City: The Secret Life of A Call Girl 

Stella Marr is incredible.  The text of her blog may not always be safe reading for work, but it’s significant, important, and something that everyone should read.  Human trafficking is real, it is now, it happening all around the world.  Countless people are forced into sex work, coerced with violence, kidnapped and put into slavery, destitue from drug addiction or poverty and then unable to escape.

a hero of mine

The issue is NOT going away.  We aren’t doing enough to help.

Read Stella’s words.  It will hurt.  It will tear at your heart and soul to do so… but we, as a society and as kind, good people cannot pretend it doesn’t go on any longer.  Or that the girls in it are all there because they want to be.  Very few of them are, in fact.

Stella is an excellent writer – having finished her degree after escaping the ten years she was bound as a call girl in New York City.  She tells her story, she networks with other survivors, and she teaches us what we need to know to better fight this on-going atrocity.

6.   The Artful Desperado 

What’s more creative than art?  Gabriel posts interviews, features, and articles about art and artists.  Sometimes he even spoils us and features his own work (which is good, and he should do so more often – hint, hint).


Want to learn about new artists?  Want to discover beautiful works and be inspired?  Follow The Artful Desperado and you will not be disappointed.

7.  Tamara Out Loud

Last, but most certainly not least – is Tamara.  If you want a blog about family, faith, Jesus, writing, life, and how to be an awesome person, go read Tamara’s blog.  She’s amazing.  I don’t know how she does it all and does it while being so cool.  She’s one of those people who can do a million things at once, fabulously, and make it look effortless.

tamara, pretty lady

But we know it’s not effortless.  She’s a hard worker.  She writes about that too – she’s been working really hard to get a book published, one that is amazing and will change lives.  In her own words (on this page about the book) she says, “The book of essays will explore ways in which women are caused to disbelieve their own worth and offer affirmation of their true, God-made worth.”

How awesome is that?

Tamara, you rock.  You inspire me, I look up to you and I wish I commented more frequently than I do because the community on your page is awesome as well.

*All photos were stolen from the respective blogs (without permission – rebel, rebel).

So there you have it!

I’ve been deemed creative – which as a sorta-wannabe-artist and an actual writer – is a lovely compliment indeed.  Thank you Happy Runner, I’m much appreciative.  And to all who read my humble blog here – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I hope you enjoyed learning some super weird things about me and I really really hope you’ve clicked on over to check out seven awesome new blogs.  Report back to me about what you’ve found, what you like and so forth and so on.

Back tomorrow with more links and more revealing stories about the one and only, happy hippie rose.

As ALWAYS, thanks for reading!! xoxo, hhr

PS – just in case you needed some more of my moves:

Mold, Maggots, Moving, Medical Maladies and Miscellaneous Misadventures.

Man oh man! (is that enough alliteration for ya or what? wow! that’s impressive, even for me).

I actually drafted this post back before we even left Hawaii, and just didn’t have time to polish it, upload the pics and get it online.  But for the sake of continuity and explaining a little bit of what the heck happened to me (when I fell off the face of the blogging earth), I figured I’d go ahead with it anyways.  So keep in mind this here blog wraps up our last days and weeks in the beautiful tropical paradise of Oahu, a place I’ll always love and already miss dearly.

What happened to the rest of April 2012?  We were overcome…

Mold, Maggots, Moving, Medical Maladies, and even more Misc. Misadventures!

I really really thought I could keep up with the 30 Days of Blogging Honesty Challenge. I really really did… but clearly I did not.  (My last day was day 12, that’s hardly a noble effort.  Sheesh!)  And I’m bummed, and disappointed in myself. I’ll admit, sometimes I have a hard time finishing through with projects.  And I try really hard to manually get into my brain and change my ways, try to do better- but I’m human, and I long ago abandoned my perfectionist ways and the obscene pressure I used to put on myself to do everything to the letter; I’ve learned when to walk away, or ask for help, or admit I’m not hacking it. So as far as blogging diligently these days?  Keeping up the 30 Days challenge?  I’m so not hacking it.

I did not hack it!

Perhaps it’s a case of bad timing?  Most likely a case of taking on WAY TOO much at a time when I knew I shouldn’t have.  When real life gets super duper busy and something has to go – personal blogging and other just-for-fun hobbies have to get cut before working, or eating, or cleaning do.  So with everything we had juggling, the happy hippie rosieness I add to the Interwebs had to take a backseat (sadly).

A big thanks to the gang that let me play along for the meager days I did, and to all of those who read the entries and had fun with it all.  Here‘s where I found out about it all, over at the fab Tom Baker‘s blog. Maybe next year I’ll try again, and in the very least I have a lot of new blogs that I subscribe to now.  So that’s fun!

Before I get into the super gross stuff, I had better point out – April 17th was our SECOND WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

april 17, 2010 – the best day of my life

So Duggs took the day off, and so did I, and we both stepped away from the compies and the Interwebs and celebrated by spending a lovely, peaceful day together.  We had some lofty and fancy plans, and in the end just opted to relax and be together.  My Dad and Step-mom did gift us the edible arrangement (yummy!) and we got some very nice cards in the mail too.  So- for all the anny love, THANKS Y’ALL!

thanks viper and anna, it was soooo yummy!

We had a great anniversary, and we’re so very blessed to have spent two wonderful years of marriage.  Here’s to many, many, MANY more to come!!


Onto the gross:


looks appetizing, yeah?

They really really did find mold in our house on base.  Oodles of it, gross stuff.  All kinds of colors and colonies.  At first they tried to lie about it and tell us it was dust.  But I’m no fool, no sir-ee, and I pushed and insisted to have them act as if it were mold.

What came of it?  A couple measly attempts to clean out our A/C ducts and not much else.  The sad part is that a new family will move into that very same house (they may already be in there now) and who even knows what can and will happen to them and their health.

a moldy air vent, lovely!

duggs has way better pics, way more documentation… but there are the ones i snapped the day the housing guy told me that our vents were just “dusty” and he didn’t see any mold.

Yes, they’re tearing the street of houses down sometime in 2013 and building fresh brand new ones.  But a year or so is still a long time to dwell in a poisonous death trap.  And who knows what other houses are full of what other kinds of spores and methods of slow respiratory suicide?


I’m really hoping that the longer I’m away from Bordelon Loop, the better I’ll feel.  I want my lungs to get rid of the gunk and the nastiness that’s embedded into my body.  I truly hope that both Duggs and I see some restored health in the near future.  What if all my face pain and ear ache troubles were mold caused from the jump?!  Getting a “cure” out of moving would be utterly epic.


This wasn’t my first encounter with household maggots.  Sad, but true,  Exactly a year ago they plagued me and had me on the edge of my sanity.  There’s just something about maggots squirming all over my home that just horrifies me.  They’re just SO. DAMN. GROSS.

Gross = such a severe understatement.  I hate them!!

eww. eww. eww. eww. EWW!!!!

Now, we didn’t have a massive abundance of maggots crawling all over the place. It’s not like they were covering the walls and ceilings, etc.  But every day we’d find them… four, six, ten at a time and it seemed like each day there would more.  Always congregating in the same area of the house, but I was never able to find an exact source.  And talk about hard to kill. They so difficult.  You have to use bleach (which we were out of) or you have to literally squish them so hard they pop to death.


If you just threw up in your mouth a little bit and never want to even ever read my blog again, I don’t even blame you.  That idea is so nasty to me I even hate myself for just typing it out.  Now imagine that I had to live it.

maggot vid of the super yucky crawly guy!

Last year when the maggots came, I prepped this whole crazy blog post about it all, complete with lots o’ pics.  And then, I decided not to post it.  With the use of bleach and hard work, sleepless nights and Carly’s steam cleaner I was able to combat the nasty crawlers in a few days… and well, I had just started my tie dye ‘biz and I was worried no one would want to buy a shirt from the maggot house.  I mean, rightfully so.  And Duggs hates people thinking that he has me living in squalor, it’s embarrassing.

from the 2011 invasion – they came in by the front door.

okay, so looking at this (another ’11 pic) i remember that last year’s batch was actually way way worse than this year’s. the 2011 influx just scarred me so badly, i’m now a huge weenie when it comes to maggots and i’m totally fearful and icked out and just can’t hardly handle them.

last year i had bleach on hand. come 2012, my hippie green ways have so evolved, i didn’t have any available.

same species this year and last, that’s for sure though

last year, i was all no-nonsense. i needed to re-find my old 2011 badassery for this year’s dilemma. i mean, actually… i was kinda badass in my own right after the first couple days. i got over the initial fear and started going rambo on those little bastards. i’m not all shrinking violet, ya know.

look at how tough i was a year ago (and tan, jeals!!), i’m gonna be this gal again!

But we keep an immaculately clean home, that’s just the tropics for you!  It has nothing to do with our cleanliness or hygiene, or the caliber of provider my wonderful husband is… it’s just Hawaii!


At time of press I’m already in the great state of New York.  But managing such a big move isn’t just a hop, skip, and jump.  So during the last half of April (especially) our lives were really up-ended as the moving date got closer and we had more to do.

my final look at our pink house on the hawaiian hill – so many mixed emotions, so much joy and some really challenging times all went down within these walls. i’m excited to move forward because that’s the direction of life. but i’ll always have a special place for the first home i shared with my husband and all the experiences we shared there.

Shipping the dog = getting his health certified, shots and records updated, making sure his crate is the right kind and all good to go.

Shipping the car = special letter from Honda since it’s a leased vehicle, getting it all cleaned and properly prepped to go, not to mention having to turn it in so we didn’t even have a whip to get ourselves around.

Shipping the goods = movers came and packed, so at least that part is taken care of.  But there’s still lots to plan and accomodate, lots of organizing to do.

there’s all of our worldly stuffs, all packed and crated up

good bye goods, see you in ny!

Prepping the house = painting, cleaning, fixing, mowing.  Just getting the mold, maggot, rat, ant, spider, infested death trap into suitable condition to turn in the keys was such a joke.  The place was such a mess! And yet they had us spit shine the whole place top to bottom as if we were turning over the taj mahal. sheesh!

duggs, the wonderful good man he is, did most of the painting

when i say “most,” i mean like 95% of the painting… i helped do the first coat in a room and a half… he did all the rest + all the final coats on his own

i don’t think duggs slept for two weeks straight with all the prep we had to do to move

Taking care of getting all my meds refilled and stocked, getting in all my last appointments and securing records.  It’s this kind of stuff that you don’t even think of!

what’s a goodbye tour of o’ahu without a trip to good ole tripler army hospital? hahaha. oh, of course.

duggs and i at the pharmacy together, a task we’ve done so many, many times together… and this one was our last

Not to mention planning work, finances, arrangements, figuring out where to go and how we’re getting each step of the way… etc. etc. etc.  There’s a lot that goes into such a move.  Especially considering that Duggs is transitioning from military to civilian.  Not only are we changing continents (kinda) and location, climate, and timezone – but our lifestyle is totally changing in so many ways too!

Duggs had epic amounts of paperwork to do, signatures to get and all kinds of running around to make sure we were all squared away.  Once the packers came and nabbed all of our stuffs, we moved to a hotel 30-40mins away from base (based on traffic) and that’s when things got even wackier!

Limited and low quality Internet, limited access to anything, me and pooch living in a tiny room.  And oh the horror… no more cable! No DVR! I can’t even continue discussing the hardships I endured.

(I’m being sarcastic.  Other than being in a nosy, weird part of town with the pool closed for repairs and the Internet super craptastic, it was perfectly fine.  The staff was lovely and I had a nice enough time.  And pooch-friendly!  Who can ask for more?!?!).

But seriously, what’s a move if nothing goes wrong and all goes smooth?

-Duggs got in a fender-bender, won’t get into the details here – but as it all worked out, we REALLY lucked out on all the technicalities of that one, although for a day or so it was a huge source of stress.  Thank God no one was hurt!

-The shipping company didn’t take the car the first time we went to go ship it – some mess about having wheel locks on and not having the key available to take them off (the key got packed when the movers packed up the house, oopsies!).   So figuring that out made us sweat a bit.  A lot a bit.

adios honda! see ya in new jersey, sooner hopefully than later!

ahh, the thrills and good times we had here.

-The prescriptions for my final day of med pick ups were all messed up, and thankfully we were able to sort it out, but the day we left we spent three hours un-doing that whole mess.    Driving around to the pharmacy and the doctor’s, cabs and all kinds of stuff.  Oy! Mess!

-We had so much packing to do, we were cramming it all into our bags right up until the last minute possible…

jj standing guard over all the crazy mess that we had to pack up. yikes! (we unpacked it all, so that we could re-do the most efficient packing job possible).

When Duggs went to give JJ a quick bath, and the hotel room’s bathroom door malfunctioned, and locked JJ in the bathroom!  Thankfully the tub wasn’t plugged (although the water was running, and it was such an awful waste).  We had maintenance come as quickly as they could and try to break open the door, but since something was broken with the knob and lock, it took them like 15 minutes to bust him out.  Poor guy was so scared – and poor us, so stressed having all this go on while our flight count-down was ticking right in our face.  We didn’t have time to burn!

the crazy bathroom door that self-locked and trapped poor jayjers in there all alone

if you look to the left you can see the pooch in there. i layed on the floor and he put his nose under the crack and sniffed me, gave me little smooches. he gets so scared so easily, i had to go wait with him and stand a vigil.

the maintenance guy who came to free our pooch!

I’m sure more went wrong, it felt like at the time that everything was going out of control.  But then we made it… we made it to the gate, we boarded the plane (the last ones on), JJ made it too, we all got to NY safe and sound and in one piece and well, that’s all we could even ask for.

Moving can be such a colossal pain in the bum, but starting a new chapter of life is such an amazing experience.  It’s so cool to get to start something fresh with Duggs and set out into together and see what will come and figure our way together.

Medical Maladies

Sickness. Yes, I have been violently ill.  AGAIN.  This time it was a stomach bug.  Luckily for me, it hit me the hardest right on moving day and I was rendered useless while trying to pack our house and get everything together to move from Hawaii to New York.  Perfect timing, right? I was vomming and so sick to my stomach I could hardly move.  THANK GOD it has let up the past few days and I’m cautiously optimistic about referring to myself as “feeling better.”  (I wrote this part from the hotel in Hawaii, on one of the last days of April – at the time of press I can tell you that my stomach bug totally cleared up and I’m feeling much better on that front, but of course since traveling to NY I’ve picked up new germs, a new cold, and I’ve had a dreadful sore throat and head aches!  It’s just been back to back to back illness for me, it’s been awful!  I’ve had a “cold” or a “bug” almost nonstop the past two month.  What’s up with that?!?!)

my dear sweet neighbor made me this super delicious soup earlier in the month when i had a dreadful respiratory infection. how kind of her! thank you amber, i’ll miss having such a sweetheart neighbor!!

Back in April when I had the tummy bug, oh man there were some awful awful days though… like, I don’t remember feeling that ill during chemo, honestly. HUGE thank you to everyone who checked in and sent love + prayers + well wishes.  Many, many thanks!

my first attempt at “food” after a couple fierce days of stomach bug

Besides my health, life has just been nutty!

Misc. Misadventures! 

Work is nuts.  Life is nuts.  Leaving Hawaii and the USMC and our lives as we knew it and starting totally anew is nuts…

But it’s nutty in a hectic way as well as a great, wonderful way.  I’ve taken lots of pics during our trip so far and I’m excited to share with y’all the wonderful time we’ve had so far.  I’ve been the recipient of so many well wishes and love, and it’s been such a delight to have a loud and great cheering section, encouraging us along every step of the way.  On some of our bonkiest, most stressful days – getting an uplifting and happy message just meant so much.

The zany crazy days of April are behind us now, and embracing this new life has been an activity sought with zeal.

I’ll wrap up this April Hawaiian catch up by saying this…

Spending our last Hawaiian day in a busy blur, we had so much going on.  I took a minute to chronicle (because of course, I love chronicling as much as I can) and here’s what I pecked out right before we had to pack up the compy:

What can go wrong, will go wrong. Murphy’s Law, right?  It’s so all over this move.  But as it does, Duggs and i just keep repeating our marriage’s mantra: we can get through anything together.  And really, we can. Done: car is shipped. Meds have been (finally) picked up after an uber crazy pharmacy-Tripler ordeal of running around. Rental car is donezo and out of our hands.  House is packed up.  Snacks and sudoku have been purchased.  Movies have been downloaded to mobile devices.  All we have to-do now is finish packing up this hotel room and we’re outta here.  It feels like a lot to do, but after all we’ve been through in the past few weeks – painting, sickness, the maggots, the mold, paperwork hiccups, so much running around, pooch getting a boo boo on his arm – we’ve been through it all together, as we can anything.

And as we get through it, we come out with smiles and funny stories to tell.  So long as I have that Duggs to hold my hand, I’m not intimidated by all this wackiness and manic messiness that’s been our lives as of late.

So now, I’m off to shove some clothes into my suitcases and make that flight!

after saying such sweet sappiness, i had to post a couple pics of me and my duggs being mushy… so here are some that i’ve never posted online, they happen to be from st. patty’s

oh i love this man with all my heart!

The way it all worked out we’ve been able to go on a New York state road trip and spend some much-needed time with family and friends.  Our tour de loved ones has thus far been amazing, and we still haven’t even made it to the Buffalo-area yet – where there’s so much family left to reunite with!

a strange mid-sentence snapshot of me and the duggs being lunatics in the rental whip, riding around new york! stand by for more of our moving antics to come…

As always, thanks for reading!  I’m glad to have made this big ole long post and hopefully it’s been a way to catch everyone up and give somewhat of an explanation for my weeks of no-showing.

We’re still on the road and in the midst of the moving process – so I’m not sure when I’ll be in a place to start posting regularly again.  But I sure do hope its soon.  I love working on HHR and I so do love each and every reader who takes the time to follow my ramblings and see what’s been going on and what we’ve been up to.

When I sign off each post with “thanks for reading,” please know that I truly mean it.  So thanks for standing by and thanks for your patience with all the shuffling we’ve been experiencing lately.

And really: thanks for reading!! 

xoxo, hhr