Moto Friendship Bracelet Making How-To

Dommie, one of my most bestest friendests and I looooove to make friendship bracelets.  It’s a rad craft that I’ve mentioned here a time or two before.  Back in ’09, Dommie and I invented these cute moto bracelets, we posted pics and then all of our forum pals wanted to know how we did them.  The how-to portion isn’t incredible, but it’s enough to get the idea.

I copy and pasted both of my own posts from 2009.  The original content was all mine, so why not re-use?  Go green.  I had to re-vamp the formatting and I used new links, otherwise the content is unchanged (hence the weird punctuation and grammar).

It’s easy-peasy to Google bracelet making instructions, there are even a few links in the second post.  While Dommie and I were missing our deployed boys, we made ourselves “moto bracelets” – some were desert colored, others patriotic (we’re all about the YRN: Yellow Ribbon Nation!) to wear while they were in Afghan.

If you make any of your own, share some pics, will ya?

Moto Wrists (post one):

so dominique and i have gotten a BIT carried away with the friendship bracelets …. we look like 12 year old girls who have been at summer camp for WEEKS.

but, its so awesome! we can’t stop… the ankles are next. what’s rad is we’ve learned and figured out all kinds of wacky stitches and ways to mess around with them. we’re getting pretty good at this.


rosie (me):

what started as one deployment bracelet has turned into my MOTO WRIST. i got some USA patriotic action, some yellow ribbon stuff, desert digi, 550cord in woodland camo, and some random regular camo-ish in there too. dommie is trying to catch up on her moto wrist… we’ll see how far she gets.

The How-To (post two):

okay… so lotsa ppl keep asking “how” we (me and dommie) make the camo friendship bracelets. here’s a super detailed how-to thread just on this.

we just make regular kind of friendship bracelets… i found some sites to show you how to tie if you don’t already know. we get the string from crafts stores, and its a REALLY cheap hobby!


i used REALLY simple knots/stitches. i use variations of flat or twisting chinese stair cases (the stitch where you make a “4” and tie it around the other strings in your bracelet):

step one: choose a string you want to show. make a “four” on top of the remaining strings (these will get tied in the middle):

feed the end through the loop:

pull it TIGHT. holding tight the strings in the middle:

the only string that will be visible for that stitch is the one you made the four with. if you make the four in the same direction (point to the right for example) the subsequent knots will twist. if you alternate directions (right, tie. left, tie. etc.) the subsequent knots will be flat.

you can also do a double version of this stitch:

the green and the brownish strings on the side will BOTH show on this stitch.

the green is the first “four” on top. then make a four with the brown going under and feeding into the green’s loop:

pull tight and you have a double chinese staircase.

to twist, keep the same SIDE on top (the top string will alternate bw the two you are using, ex: one with green on top, one with brown on top – the result will look like green and brown stripes, one stripe is each stitch, the middle is twisty and harder to see) … to make it flat, use the same STRING on top each time (it will switch sides with every stitch, green on top every time – green will be on the outside of the finished stitch, brown in the middle, its flat so the middle is easy to see).


an idea i made up that i am in love with is braiding the string before i make a bracelet. instead of using just individual strings, i make braids and then use them as if a braid was one string.

to make desert digi i made several braids first.

1. tan, tan, brown
2. tan, tan, black
3. tan, tan, creamy beige

bc of the way a braid looks, just little specs of the black, brown and cream show, and the majority of the bracelet looks tan. it seriously looks EXACTLY like desert digi.

i’m pointing to the finished desert digi:

next to that is my red,white, blue and yellow.

for my red, white and blue… i also made a blue and white braid first, 2 blue, 1 white – so the white would be small specs like stars in the flag. then i used solid red and solid white for the stripes of the flag. the yellow is just a single string wrapped around after each “flag.”

for the woodland camo i made four braids first:

1. black, black, cream
2. brown, brown, green
3. green, green, cream
4. black, brown, cream

then i did a mix of flat and double chinese staircase stitches, mixing up the two visible strings all randomly.


my pic quality is kinda crappy bc its just my webcam that i’m using, but IRL the “camo” effect is pretty awesome.

As always, thanks for reading, and happy crafting!  xoxo, hhr

PS, they original posts were on good ole msos – the mil spouse craziness that i totes owe my life to!  (i should so blog about that someday).


cute and EASY christmas crafts, cards and decor ideas!!

It’s so fun to really get into the holiday spirit by jazzing up your home, work on some holiday-themed crafts, and wish your loved ones a happy holiday via card (or strangers, for a random act of kindness).  Here now are a few easy and fun ways to do so:

Cute and EASY Christmas Crafts, Cards and Decor Ideas!! 

1. Christmas Blocks

My friend Ashley came up with this idea, and her husband Jed made and cut all of the blocks for us, thank you so much you two!!  Once Jed handed over the blocks, Ashley and I went to town painting them.  Now she’s in the process of making something more sculptural, involving clay snowmen (very ambitious!) and I just went for painting them.  I cannot believe how cute they turned out:

how cute are these?!

Jed brought us the plain wooden blocks, and I painted all of the sides a solid color background using dark green, light green and white acrylic craft paint.   You don’t have to make the blocks yourself, either… check hardware and craft stores for pre-cut blank blocks (the Tanners hand-made ours to get the perfect size!).

plain block getting painted with some greens

For the non-lettered sides, I stuck with easy-to-paint very recognizable “holiday” shapes.  I did bells, and wreaths, Christmas trees, snowflakes, Angels, stars, ornaments, candy canes, hearts (because I love hearts)… now come to think of it, I didn’t paint any Crosses, oh man, I so should have done some crosses! Doh.

so pretty!

I freehanded everything, but it would be easy to make stencils (or buy stencils) and go with that.  You can print stencils from just googling around for them!  I chose things that are super easy to do though, snowmen (circles), ornament (circle), candy cane (hook with stripes), the angel was easy too – it’s just a circle for the head, with a ring around the circle as the halo, and then a triangle body with wings coming out of the top.  Easy-peasy!

designs, yay!

the blocks on our mantel, aka: top of the tv stand! (we have no real mantel here. boo!)

2. Let It Snow – Paper Snowflakes

I did this one last year, and I saved the snowflakes and re-did it this year too!  I live in Hawaii where we are without snow, and thus to make a sparkly flaky Christmas, I had to take matters into my own hands.

I literally just made paper snowflakes and then taped them to the ceiling in our front hall.  This year I upped the anty by wrapping the framed crappy art in the hallway with snowflake wrapping paper.  Ooooh, fancy!

I think this is one kids would have so much fun with.  Also, you can do the classic snow-flakes-taped-to-a-window thing.

snowing, yay! (this is last year)

love the masking tape, classy!

3. The easiest Christmas Card you’ll ever hand make

I featured one of these cards on a post a couple days ago:

simple, but cute!

It’s a flat card, like a postcard.  Just write your holiday message on the back.

I made a whole mess of trees, and Duggs (my wonderfully supportive and awesome husband) cut out the cards from a big posterboard that I had.  We chose to use white because it’s what we had on hand, you could use any color though!

some of my painted "trees"

As you can see, the “trees” are just triangle with a litany of squiggles, stripes, polka dots and what-not.

trees and cards

now put the trees on the cards, any ole way you like!

Glue them down, I use those photo stickers from scrapbooking.  Just affix the trees to the cards, and then bust out some markers to decorate.  And then! You’re done.

Now all you need is someone to give your card to.  I suggest bringing them to a soup kitchen when they serve Christmas dinner, or maybe to an assisted living facility.  Or maybe your brother-in-law.  It’s up to you!

These would also be great for other holidays or occasions.  Cut out yellow stars of David onto blue paper = super cute Hanukkah card!

4. What to do with last year’s cards!

I kept all of my cards from last year.  It’s an easy up-cycle and a way to fill up a wall or hall, or wherever you need some Christmas cheer!

wall o' cards!!

This is a wall in our kitchen.  Usually there’s a big tie dye sheet that hangs up there, but now it’s become a giant card collage.  I love it!

when trimming the tree, i had this leftover weird beaded garland thingy. nice, huh?

Now, all said and done… It can be a little difficult to warm up the coldness of a base housing home, everything is so industrial!  But I’ve tried my best this year, and I think I’ve done okay for myself.

One last photo, of the ole gift-wrapped photos on the walls:

cozy christmas couch!

Good luck with your own holiday decor attempts … if anyone has any other idea ideas, post them, or link me to them!  I’m still in the mood to keep going and going.  (Besides, this stuff all stays up ’till after New Year’s anyways!).

Happy Crafting, everyone!

And as always… thanks for reading.  xoxo, hhr


P.S.  BONUS!!!

Ashley made this really great Christmas sign.  So there’s one more idea for you.  I give her all credit, it was her project entirely.  She took a big piece of wood, and just painted it.  She wrote “Merry Christmas” on it, then adorned it with some painted snowflakes.  She finished it with a snowy border of white paint!

especially since she's wearing my "smock," i think she and i look alike - but here's ashley, painting her great christmas sign!

I don’t have a photo of the finished product, but you get the idea!  It’s super easy and will look great in your home, or maybe out by your front door.

Okay, now I’m really done.  Love you all, thanks for reading!!