Running Around Western New York

Three weeks into marathon training and the Fall Distance Group through Fleet Feet Buffalo – and all is well.

Due to the inevitable navigational errors that seem to have become a weekly staple, this past Saturday was an 11.11 mile jaunt through residential downtown Buffalo.  Despite the extra distance, I felt mostly strong throughout – and finished with a flourish.  I’m forever grateful to the new pals I’ve made at the group who dutifully pace and push me, helping me get faster and stronger every week.  Running with people is one of the best choices I’ve made in a good, long while!  Not only is it more fun, it’s clearly beneficial.

Yesterday, late afternoon, Duggs and I had an errand to run in town.  And then I literally ran home, made the house a water stop and grabbed the dogs, and finished my five mile active recovery jog out in the grapes.  After using KT Tape for the first time this weekend, last night’s run was the first in a while in which my shin did NOT hurt.  Amazing, huh?  I have an idea to post about some of the running gear I’ve stumbled across lately.  Some favorites have clearly emerged (KT tape being a big one) – but as time goes on, I’ll know more about the other stuff I’m giving a whirl while I run.

Last week I mentioned about the lack of Hawaii as a potential discouragement from reading – and some of y’all kindly requested more Western New York pics.  Pretty and outdoors is still pretty and outdoors; I personally see the beautiful merits of each location, clearly for varying reasons – but both pretty none the less!

Saturday’s run in downtown Buffalo… here are some photos I went ’round and collected post-run.  I didn’t want to photograph the entire area, I have to leave some aspects for the weeks to come!

post-run stretching!

marketing fail

but the canisius school is gorgeous, really

just down from the school, we run along this pretty pristine tree-lined road

behind these trees, and nestled closely with homes and small non-profits (a nursing home is across the street) – is a gorgeous orthodox church. greek, i believe.

the front view

taking in a fuller view for better context.













The sky was so blue on Saturday.  Colder weather and rain was promised to us – but instead, once again, we were treated to a cloudless sunny day.  It was mildly cooler in the morning, but as soon as the sun hitched herself high enough to be seen in full, it was nothing but heat that came our way.   Want more deets?  Check out this run map:

From the Farmer’s Market I’ve mentioned.  In a small park amidst opulent older homes – the market feels more like a picnic, the atmosphere is happy and relaxed.  I love just wandering around, people watching.  It’s the Elmwood-Bidwell Market, btw, if anyone wants to look it up.  I just adore the whole neighborhood it’s in!

the street along the farmer’s market – this one house is always selling furniture and stuffs out front

same side of the street, facing the opposite direction from the yard sale house

After I left the Farmer’s Market, it was time to drive home.  But fear not – I disregarded safety (and probably the law) and still managed to snap a few pics from the whip.  They’re poorly focused, but at least you get a feel for the area from them:

so many roundabouts (or rotaries for my bostonians)

i think that there is canada!

From last night, running through our small rural town that’s about an hour south of Buffalo.  I love it here too.  Yesterday’s run was just one of those feel good workouts, the sky was blue and the air was thick and hot – but I had a grand ole time!

quaint and oh so charming, yes?

all roads lead to home. specifically this one is pretty direct.

my lens was blurry, but it kinda lends to the whimsical nature of where i really live

running past sullivan’s charbroil is hard – oh the smell, so enticing.

and of course, the backyard and the grapes

the pooches need a workout too, of course

i look downright crazy in this one. i like it!

oh hay, i’m getting some sun out on my run


love the cancer survivor running tee!

Ahh. So if you follow me on Instagram (as you should – @RadRosie) or Fb, or Twitter (see the side bar for those) – you know about the tee from last night’s run.  As I was sweating to the electropop (and some oldies) I was, as I said above, just having fun with it.  I kinda dance along sometimes, I usually smile – so when people kept honking and waving, I thought that seeing a be-neoned gal in a crazy get up bopping along was a novelty of some sort for such a one-horse town.  Only way after the fact did I register that I was rocking my SURVIVOR tee!  Oopsies – duh, of course that’s what people were pumped about.

So that was pretty fun, actually.  I love strangers that will a shout out and some encouragement over something like that – so rad!

Well, that’s all I have for today.  If you think you could stomach it, I’m so tempted to post the photo diary of my “evolution of a blister.”  I have a nasty, slightly infected, triple blister on my right foot.  It’s heinous and admittedly, painful.  I’m dying to gross everyone out with it.  Thoughts?

Hope you’re all having lovely weeks; to my runner pals: enjoy the warm weather while we still have it, and holler at me about how your runs and training are going.  I’d love to have more running pen pals and blogs to follow to chat about training, tips, injury prevention and the like!!




13 responses

  1. Sounds like you need some Body Glide – it will help to prevent those blisters and chafing. I sweat like a dirty old man and even I can’t sweat through it. And it won’t ruin clothes like Vaseline will.

    • I don’t chafe anywhere – not like I used to when I did open water swimming in salt water. Suit burns are PAINFUL!

      Can I put body glide on the bottom of my foot? LOL. The blister is right along my instep, and it’s the size of a couple quarters. I was gonna go the liquid band-aid and gauze route. And hope it turns into a callus and soon!

      • Did you get fitted for running shoes? That blister sounds too big for a normal running casualty. Also, I think Greek Orthodox churches usually have a square cross. I just babysat for my Greek orthodox neighbors. I’m trading babysitting for a membership to the gym they own.

    • No worries!

      And I haven’t been fitted for running shoes this time around. I have been in the past. I’m working on my form though, so theoretically shoes shouldn’t be an issue.

      This past week I ran in my old shoes though, which offer more padding and support than my new ones, because my shin has been giving me problems. So in order to prevent the shin splints I caused the blister! LOL.

      It was a small blister a few weeks ago… and then two more formed on or about the area, and then all three merged to make a monstrosity of pain and pus.

  2. You shouldn’t have a blister on your foot from running! Are your shoes tight? Do the edges chafe? One thing ti try is something I learned in Boy Scouts (oh, no!) for hiking boots– wear two pairs of socks. The inner socks should be thin, nylon or similar material, and the outer pair thick cotton. The nylon socks will stick to your foot but glide against the cotton socks. Saved my feet on a 50 miler in the Appalachians, especially after wading streams.

    Love the pics.

    I don’t know about KT tape, but I’ve used ace bandages when I’ve been really pushing myself, or if I have to run on asphalt (eep) or concrete (avoid if at all possible), I wrap my shins with ace bandages. And I use serious running drop in insoles. I started with Dr Scholls gel insoles, which feel great, but switched to Iron Man when I started running more. They don’t baby my feet but they do a better job of cushioning them on runs.

    (If anyone has a recommendation of something even better, I’m listening.)

    • I usually do run in two pairs socks, but this past weekend I did not. Hmm, didn’t realize that could be helping me out so much.

      Duggs just came home bearing Epsom Salts, so I’m excited to add that to the menu of relief options. The blister has drained a ton today and is already in the itchy phase of healing.

      I’m not sure what the problem is – I won’t be wearing the shoes that caused it anymore. If compression socks and KT tape are enough to keep the shin splints at bay while I further correct my form, I have no use for the old pair of blister-makers.

      The KT Tape is epic. It’s so different than Ace bandage, and I’ve BTDT too.

      I’m just trying like heck to correct my form so I don’t need all this stuff – the insoles, the wraps, everything – to prevent the shin splints!

  3. Diggin your background! and your picture up top! Loved this post and your pictures, you’re looking tinyyyy! Those homes are gorgeous and the farmers market does too, I miss going to the farmers market. Sadly we do not have many here in the dallas area, at least by where I live we don’t 😦

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