Straight Christian Ally: Talking Points and Such

I just published a pretty intense post about the current gay rights debate going on right now – in the USA, amongst Christians, in the media – it’s everywhere right now.
Lately I’ve found myself tugged into countless online and verbal debates on the topic.  In case you missed my previous post, or don’t know me all that well, I’m a Straight Christian Ally.  Meaning, I love Jesus and try my best to follow His teachings, the Bible, etc., and I also support gay rights, including marriage equality.

thanks to tectonic movement for all of the images in this post!

I’m not alone in this either!
There’s a huge movement out there.  Sometimes known as “allies”  or “I’m sorry” – we’re growing every single day.  One of the bloggers I most respect, Tamara Out Loud, is an awesome mouthpiece for such shared ideals.  She recently attended a Pride Parade, and wrote about her experiences here.
LesBeHonest‘s Staight Ally Page: a variety of videos and quotes, great resource for allies here!
A random blog I found, that’s just one of thousands, that eloquently expresses the “I’m Sorry” aspect to this movement – this is Jeff Jackson’s Tumblr.
Towelroad, a blog with “gay tendancies,” posts some powerful images of apologizing Christians at a Pride parade!
The Atlantic on Gay Marriage and State’s Rights, it’s a bit of an arduous read, fyi.
The link party could go on and on – I just wanted to give y’all some starting points and spring boards.
In the post earlier, I quoted my Fb status from yesterday.  Well – here are some other gems that I’ve spewed onto the Book of Face in the past 24 hours about the issues at hand – quote me, copy me, emulate me, do what you want – I trust my words and intentions will be used in good faith, and if you have any doubts about it, just ask me.  I’m nice like that!

An  AWESOME and OPEN MINDED Fb exchange with a valued pal:
Leigh Palmer: No i know, but it’s not like there is a Chick-fil-A in Chelsea, they are mostly in suburban areas with lots of families, in the south. I could be wrong. ( I have no real research backing this statement up). Any thoughts Rose? I just mean, it seems to be that their customer base is more likely a young “Christian” family rather than someone who a more open mind.
Rose: You’d be surprised. For a few reasons:

Today, with the Internet as powerful as it is, geography isn’t a definer for political thought. The most rural SAHM can be on the up and up of social movements as fast as they’re happening.

Gay Rights and other progressive causes have infiltrated the suburbs. Claire Williams lives in one of the “gayest” zip codes in the country.

CFA is in urban and northern areas; The NYU campus being a major point of contention. Students at NYU voted to keep CFA on campus and it’s caused a huge stir given the locale and progressive tendency of college students.

The chasm of gay rights is causing huge division in the church. Everyday the “I’m Sorry” movement gains followers. More and more “conservative Christians” are waking up to the idea that hate is not a family value, and as such, change is happening. Hence why stalwarts are digging in their heels. They’re terrified.

Just look at Target. They were ousted for their support of homophobic politicians… and they’ve since recanted, donated money to progressive causes and issued apologies. The gay-supporting ban of Target wasn’t well-known or huge, but it was enough, because it evoked real change.

Rose (again): Don’t ever doubt your ability to be one voice that does matter – because to a big company like CFA – they’ve made their empire one sandwich at a time, and we can dissemble it the same way.
Leigh:  ♥ you Rose Duggan — thanks for reminding me of all of those things. 🙂
Rose: you got it girl!! love you too leigh, your honesty is awesome! i love that you aren’t afraid to ask questions!!
More random Fb gems from various threads: 
I love Jesus, and I’m not eating at Chic-fil-A. If you claim to love Jesus, get the hate out your mouth.

I’m just tired of “Christians” using a soap box to speak out from a place of bigotry.

Not all Christians hate. Some of us try to love everyone, just like Jesus asked us to. And I do NOT mean anyone personally in this thread – I mean the Pres and C-Suite of CFA. They’re comfortable projecting further the image that Christians judge and condone one another.

Love they neighbor. Judge not lest ye be judged.

I think the community works of CFA are amazing, really, I know so many people who’ve benefitted from fundraisers and money in their local communities. I also respect that they encourage family dynamics by being closed on Sundays – I truly love that about the company.

And I think their food is SO GOOD. I grew up on CFA. I crave that lemonade and those breakfast biscuits.


At the end of the day this is 2012 and I am not okay with a corporation levying its public influence with such hatred.

 On the issue of boycotts being hateful and judgmental:
A boycott is a peaceful, legal, and proper way to engage in social criticism by voting with your consumer power. A boycott is NOT an act of violence or hatred.

This country is founded on a plethora of rights, including that of being able to express your ideals, freely, in a variety of ways. Being a capitalist society – the almighty dollar tends to be the vehicle that carries a belief the fastest.

I firmly respect anyone’s right to believe whatever they like – be that homophobic hatred or true Christianity. Or anything. That’s America, baby.

I just don’t have to use my money to fuel a machine that churns out vile, evil, hatred. A machine that donated millions of dollars to homophobic groups even in 2009. CFA is a massive consumer power – it’s ability to fundraise, lobby, and support the entities of its choice cannot be overlooked.

If you – this is the general “you,” meaning anyone – feels firmly that gay rights should not exist in this country and that homosexuality is evil, grab your picket sign and go to work. No one is stopping you from expressing an ideal or opinion. In fact, much like the SCOTUS upheld WBC’s right to hate away – I do the same for anyone. Just know that there are plenty of people, myself included, who don’t believe that same sex relationships are displeasing to God. And in fact – we go so far as to encourage them out of love, support, and kindness for our fellow man. Ya know… kinda like how Jesus asked to do so.

I truly understand and appreciate the local impact of CFA. I have so many friend who’ve personally testified to the greatness this one company can do for the location in which the restaurant is established.

But there’s something bigger at play here.

The President of a major company being so openly hateful – it’s just not okay. As good as their food is, as hard as the employees work, as much as they nurture and support the local communities they’re in – the damage of the power-wielding C-Suite is just too much.

If a boycott could effectively slice to their bottom line, I guarantee they’ll come back around hat in hand, singing a different tune.

Just look at Target. Same thing and they’ve come around, and now they’re trying to make up for their ways.

Andres posted a link to the NY Daily News along with this text:
“Over $2 million dollars donated to anti-gay organizations! They claim not to be a christian organization, and very supportive of the family, but only their definition of family. Well I can promise you that me and my non-biblically defined family will never be eating here again. Hate is not a family value.”
My reply:
THANK YOU! I’m up to my elbows in online debate right now… I’m SO FIRED UP.

This is NOTHING NEW. I’ve boycotted CFA since ’09 when I discovered that my money spent of delicious sandwiches was fueling the fire of hatred.

If you love Jesus, you have no business HATING others. That ain’t Christian at all.

On the issue of the south, particularly my home town, being tough to change:
I’m from Ormond Beach. And while I understand the stigma of the South being “set in its ways” – change can and does happen.

Florida was still a blue state in the ’08 election cycle.

With the Internet as it is today, physical geography is becoming less and less of a barrier to political thought and social movements.

Some of the “gayest” zipcodes in America are in southern states – like the northside of Jacksonville, Fl or Asheville, NC. Every single day the “I’m Sorry” movement gains followers.

And finally… it’s been done before. I know that Target is a farther-reaching company. But the boycott of Target did not get the viral attention this issue is getting, and yet that pressure was enough to elicit change. Target was caught supporting anti-gay political candidates in MN (the state of its corporate offices) and after public backlash the megastore issued apologies, pulled funding to such entities, and instead gave money to progressive causes.

More Resources?  You got it!
Chic-fil-A protest link party, here you can jump off to lots of info.
A crazy brightly colored page chock full of awesome talking points for the support of Gay Marriage.
Nation For Change – all you need to know about Marriage Equality!  (awesome awesome resource right here).
CanyonWalkerConnections – a ton of info and links for Straight Allies.
I could keep going, but really – I think this is tons and tons to get you started, right?
AS ALWAYS – Thanks for reading!  If at any time you have questions, concerns, issues, or more – reach on out and contact me.  This is a dialogue, a discussion, and it goes two ways! 
xoxo, hhr

6 responses

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  2. I haven’t eaten CFA in years, although it really had more to do with not having one in Spain and then here in Hawaii. But, even if I had one near we wouldn’t be going. All of the management are free to use their personal funds to support whatever cause they want, but when corporate funds are used, expect an uproar. I hope that CFA decides to do the right thing but I don’t see it happening. I also hope that other companies that engage in this type of practice take a look at what is happening and make a change before they are subject to this type of reaction.

  3. The main direct comment I want to make for now is that I just don’t see anything hateful. I see people doing what their convictions tell them to do, just as you are doing.

    I have friends, including Christians, who are gay. With the Christians, I’ve had some discussions about this issue. (With the non-Christians, I focus more on God’s love, Christ’s sacrifice, and grace, when the subject comes up). I’m still not convinced that homosexual acts aren’t sinful, or that one is born homosexual. But I’m no longer 100% convinced of the opposite, either. I’m still praying and listening and when I find new resources, researching what the Scriptures mean. But it still looks to me like God meant for sex to be between a man and a woman. It would make life less difficult if I could conclude otherwise, but so far that hasn’t happened. (This is true with lots of things. 8^)

    One thing that really smacked me up side the head was when a sister who’s a lesbian explained, “I have far more in common with my straight Christian brothers and sisters than I do with the gay and lesbian community at large. It’s a hard place to be.” That really made me think.

    A substantial part of the church (I honestly have no idea if it’s a majority or minority, but it’s definitely vocal) seems to think that homosexuality is in a class by itself (or nearly so), an abomination, a sort of super-sin that will single-handedly cost you your salvation and destroy an entire nation.

    This is bizarre to me for multiple reasons.

    1) The word “abomination” appears quite a few times, but seems to be used the most for worship of other gods and dietary laws. (One of the arguments against the Bible meaning homosexuality itself a sin is related to the former, assuming that what is referred to is same sex temple prostitution.)

    2) Adultery falls into the list of abominations as well, but somehow almost nobody ever talks about that.

    3) There is only one sin referred to in the Bible as being able to keep us from God, “grieving the Holy Spirit”. The only rational argument I have *ever* found about the nature of this sin is that it is refusing to accept the gift of life Jesus offers. That doesn’t sound like any of the other sins to me.

    Yes, God calls us to his standard. Holiness matters. Purity matters. But grace trumps everything. Were it otherwise, none of us could be saved. (Rom 6/1,2 applies, duh.)

    On the other hand, I don’t see how you can make a case that fornication (sex outside marriage) or adultery are OK with God. If you think homosexuality is normal and OK with God, then I think you have to expect gays to follow God’s standards there as well…

    …which brings us back around to these groups opposing gay marriage! One of my pet peeves is that the Church has allowed Christian marriage to become inextricably intertwined with– if not part and parcel the same as– the state’s marriage. While I understand (I really do) why gays would want the right to be married both in the eyes of the state and the eyes of the Church, I think ultimately what matters is marriage in God’s eyes. Hopefully that’s the same as in the eyes of the Church, but I am sadly confident these two are not always the same. I fully believe two people can make a marriage covenant and be married in God’s eyes without anyone else involved. I think in most situations it’s nowhere near the best way to do things, but that’s beside the point for this discussion. If same sex sex (sic) is OK, then it has to be within the context of marriage, or it’s sin– just as male-female sex would be. Even if that’s without a Church wedding, or even a pastor, or at least a recognized, ordained pastor.

  4. FWIW, Judaism historically condemned homosexuality as well, ranging from considering it a sin with the death penalty to unnatural, with a penalty of lashes. I’m not even close to being a scholar of the Torah, so I don’t know if they called out all sorts of acts with differing punishments, but anal sex involving just men was absolutely taboo. (I have no idea how they viewed male-female anal sex.) The case against lesbians was a bit indirect, based on verses condemning following the ways of the Egyptians and Cushites, with a presumption this referred (at least in part) to women marrying women.

    It’s actually more complex than this; I’m just pointing out that there’s a lot of Rabbinical commentary that condemns homosexual behavior (since the behavior was what was being addressed).

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