Where You At?

Well now.  I’m not quite sure how to broach this delicately, or if it’s even proper to mention such things aloud.  But in the habit of being born without filter and an unwavering need to always solve the issue(s) at hand… I’ll confess:

Readership is down, yo.  Way down.

i’m one sad buggie =(

In fact, I’m seeing about 10% the average of readers I used to see.  So, what gives?  Am I boring these days?  Am I writing about things that no one cares about?  Is Western New York so boring and Hawaii was so awesome?  I’m trying to gauge the correlation between the periods of heavy readership and the topics that I discussed and posted on vs. these times of slimmer pickins.

Other blog friends have encouraged me, explaining that views-by-the-number will wax and wane, that things will go up and down. That more importantly than the stats page of my Dashboard is the community I have here.  This is a sentiment with which I heartily agree.  To my regular readers, the ones who comment and whose blogs I follow – whose lives I share: I LOVE YOU AND I THANK YOU!  I feel like I have the best readers ever, and through this silly little blog of mine, I’ve made all kinds of friends and contacts I had never imagined.

But plaguing me still is that gnawing issue: to those who have chosen to overlook my trusty page, here: Did I do something wrong?

would you like more pooch pics?

I know that such feedback is uncomfy and awkward.  No one wants to be the friend of mine who comes along and says, “Hey Rose, you’ve lost your edge!”  I get that.  No one wants to be hurtful.  Well, if you’re a troll than you do.  But there’s a way to help me out and be constructive while trying to leave my pride intact.

I think I’m a good writer.  I fully acknowledge that my content has shifted some, and that I’m not writing as regularly as I once did… that perhaps the time constraints of my job and the move have over-shadowed my zest for blogging.  In simple words:  I’m probably not giving the effort here that I used to.  I admit that, and I sincerely apologize.  It’s not fair to have a blog and ask for readership and want to make friends if I’m not on my A-game.

But that said, I feel that since taking on a job in writing and social media – the caliber of my writing has vastly improved.  My craft is honed, my tools sharpened daily on the stones of the Internet as I analyze, report, and write, write, write.


Help me out!

i bought a new blender, wanna read about smoothies and protein shakes? we can do that.

Do you crave different kinds of content?  Do you want more hippie stuffs, like crunchy money saving ways (a post I have in drafts right now).  Do you want to hear about eco-friendly habits that are easy to adopt?  Gardening?  Do you want more about Happy Hippie Rose at play… like hiking stuff?  Outings?  Running, nutrition, and/or training – fitness stuff?  Did you care about my health and now you’re bored when I don’t gore you with details of the doctor’s office?  Do you want more photos and crafts?  More recipes?

running and training stuff – boring or do you want more?

we can talk about music…

more book reviews perhaps? laters, baby!

Or just more… ME?  Am I not being honest and vulnerable enough?  Do you want to hear crazy stories and revelations from my personal life and psyche?  We aim to please, after all.  (Ha! See what I did there?  Maybe some more cleverly placed pop culture references would tickle your fancy).

Or do you crave controversy?  Want me to get political and preachy?  Shall I talk about faith more often?  Daily struggles?  Politics?

Do I end too many a sentence with a preposition?  Am I arrogant? Aloof? Not naked enough?  Too married?  Not discussing romance to your liking?  Do you need more pooch pics?

Whatever it is that you’ve originally come here for, and now you find a lack of, LET ME KNOW!  I can’t fix what I don’t know is broken.

If I’m boring as all get out, you can say so.  Honestly: I’ll probably be sad; but for the sake of self improvement and delivering a blog that I love and will be proud of… I’m willing to go through the potential pain of exposure to difficult truths.

Thus, I ask that you lay it on me.   Feedback, please.

gardening talk? or do you come here for my sexy good looks? two birds with one stone right here? (oy… i am joking-ish, you know).

for real though, we can talk all about gardening. and we should!

If you don’t want to comment on in here, safely email me from the privacy of your own email client!  Happyhippierose@gmail.com will get you right to my green little eyes, and I’ll try my best to respond in a timely manner.

That’s another thing you know, as a reader of many blogs – I have my own pet peeves, and I try to avoid those.  Ya know, I hate commenting on a blog and having the author NEVER reply to myself or any of the others who comment.  I do try to get back to everyone!

My suspicions are that it’s a combination of timing (it’s summer y’all), content, and irregularity of posting, with a sprinkling of commitment issues and lack of effort, creativity and revelation on my part.  All of which I vow to improve.    Not only do I want you to like me – because honestly, I do – but I want this blog to serve some purpose.  I want to inspire kindness, happiness, fun.  If I enlighten just ONE person to experience a lifestyle that’s more gentle on this planent or towards one another, well then I’m happy as a clam!  If the trials through which I’ve been fuel strength in just one reader, I’ll be pleased.   If by being myself, open and vulnerable, anyone out there can connect – this blog is worth it.  This isn’t Live Journal, I don’t need such a fancy record of my life just for myself – I want to serve a purpose.  So if I’m missing the mark,  I need to figure out why my shot is off and correct.  If we were at the range, I’d know that I’m anticipating the shot too much and wavering on the trigger.  But when it comes to this her blog o’ mine… I’m grasping at straws.

Do me a favor, and just hand them to me, will ya?

i can do arts and crafts! i can, i mean it!

gadgets. we can gadget gossip. whatever you like, just lay it on me!

Thanks – I mean it.  Thank you for reading and thank you for any insight you can offer.



Happy Hippie Rose

PS. If you’re a loving unwavering reader and never sensed that I’ve effed up or slipped at all – then bless you!  Could you maybe tell me why you come back?  What it is you expect and enjoy over here in my small corner of the Interwebs.


And PPS – Please, I hope this doesn’t reek of desperation the way it likely does.  My intentions are altruistic as possible.  I just want to be good, damnit.  Really good.  And I know that comes from genuine work, trial and error… but I feel like this is part of getting me there too.  Okay, I’ve said enough.  I’m out.  *Braces for the worst*

36 responses

  1. You are fabulous my dear 🙂 Don’t worry! I find that blog stats wax and wane for no apparent reason all the time. Laters, baby 😉 x

  2. Hi dear, I enjoy the variation in your blogs. I enjoy reading them! I am afraid I am not much of a responder. I occasionally respond to Mort the Weiner Dog since I am an avid doxie mother but I really enjoy your blog. Like the crafts, like the stuff, gagdet stuff, about your health and dogs. I have really been following your running stuff. Cheer up, it is just the middle of the summer/vacation blues time of year.

    • I really did think that time of year had a lot to do with it! I’m only in my second year as a blogger – and last summer Duggs came home from Afghan in June. So homecoming posts were super popular, of course. But otherwise I was pleasantly distracted.

      Hearing the kind feedback is really encouraging though, so thank you!!!

  3. Honestly I forget to check unless you FB or Tweet the link to your latest post.

    I know a lot of bloggers have been down lately due to summer. (PCS Season, summer vacations, deployments coming and going etc)
    I enjoy pretty much everything you write. It does seem a bit more sporadic as of late. But that may be because I’ve been so busy.

    I hope things turn around!

    • I always try to post links, but I also hate being all annoying and READ ME! Haha, ya know?

      I do appreciate the feedback and insight though. And the sporadic posting is likely a combination of both of us – I have been posting less frequently than I’d like, but still pretty regularly!

  4. I’m new to your blog, but I do enjoy your style of writing and your topics. You make me smile. 🙂 Also, remember you recently moved and you may be feeling a bit “off” and still adjusting emotionally to the changes. After living 15 years in Mexico and then returning to my home state of Minnesota I was pretty much off and on depressed the whole first year…not that i’m wishing that on you! But it does take time. I’m sure Hawaii was exciting to you and your readers, but it’s not your location, it’s you we love reading about and the things you are interested in and that make up your life….even in WNY!
    P.S. I love this blog and all the images it brought to mind!

    • My goodness, thank you so much Teri! Coming from such a wonderful person and great writer – such feedback makes me blush, indeed!

      I don’t know if I’d say depression is upon me, but the uneasiness of change certainly works itself out in mysterious ways. Many that I’m trying to truthfully understand and make peace with now.

      Thanks for finding my little blog and reading away!

  5. Personally, I like that you DON’T try to be all things to all people. Don’t change.

    But more dog pics would make me like you more, honestly. Dogs = win + love.

    • Sometimes the people-pleaser in me raises her head and wants to makes all the peoples happy.

      But I know that’s fleeting. And well, impossible. So usually I just do my own thing and people seem to like it enough… I just wonder though, should there be a purpose I strive for – should there be a focus that eludes me?

      Probably not. Because if this is my blog (and it is), then it’s going to end up being like me: a cluster. A nice and funny one, but a cluster nonetheless!

      And YES! DOGGIE PICS will come. In hoards!

      Thx for reading and for the feedback, C! Your intelligent and wise opinion always means something to me.

      • ❤ Whoa, you're getting all philosophical on me there!!!

        I think you should take pride in the fact that you've been through some crap in life and you've handled it with gusto. And you're here to tell the world about it. And to show the world, by living each day to its fullest. THAT'S your focus.

  6. Love reading your blog! Don’t worry about the stats. It’s the summer, people are out enjoying the sun (well, if they don’t live in England that is as the sun hasn’t made an appearance here in a while…). Just enjoy the writing! 🙂

    • Hahahah, Merry Ole is quite dreary, huh? I’ve been in the summer and I saw the sun a couple of times, briefly.

      I think you’re right – it’s summer and it’s nice out, so no one wants to be cooped up behind the screen. Myself included!

      I do so love the writing though, that’s the thing. I even think that recently I’ve had a bit of polish on my style too, and I like that. It’s so fun for me. So … we’ll see. I’ll keep cranking ’em out no matter how many page views I get!!

  7. Rosie, your life in HI was super exotic. You posted lots-o pics with great backdrops. I read then living vicariously through your hikes and likes of the islands. Your last post about the mountain air was really similar to that. I really felt like I was right there, ‘sploring with you.

    btw — I was TOTALLY dreaming of a strawberry shortcake with a drop biscuit this morning,,, all because of you!

    I’ll always read. xoxox

    • Awww, thanks Leigh!! I was worried that the lack of Hawaii or Military stuff would be a turn off. But it’s good to hear that some readers and friends will hang out no matter what!

      We have some cool outdoorsy day trips planned, so blogging those will be exciting and more like my Hawaiian posts!!

  8. I am pretty new to your blog, but I enjoy reading you. I am sure I found your blog looking for running or training articles, but all running and training makes for a boring blog. (lol, see mine!)

    I bet ppl return when the weather changes and ppl cant head outside as much so have more time in front of the computer. 😉

    • I don’t think your blog constitutes boring at all! No way, it’s informative and runners like to talk to runners about running! I know I do =)

      Thanks for being a new reader and checking this place out.

      Based on all the replies chalking things up to summertime, I’m finding some serious relevance there!

  9. More naked will definitely get you more hits! More of the community you want? Probably not. People you will wonder if they will show up at your doorstep with a camera and gun? They’ll be there.
    I agree that Hawaii probably figured into it; most of us who haven’t lived there want to.
    The excitement and reality of your faith posts (along with others) probably factored in as well. I knew that helped draw me in.
    Your excitement always helps. Having your man overseas, his safe return, finding normality again… these are also draws.
    Of these three, the first and last are not something you can change. So ignore them. Any readers you lost because those things changed you can’t do much about (other than show up on their doorstep with a camera and gun, which I don’t recommend 8^). Although if you think of things from those times you want to blog, I expect people wouldn’t mind. 8^)

    My suggestions?
    – Don’t worry about it too much, especially over the short term, and especially right now in July.
    – Just be you. Community is about people and relationships, not the cult of personality or performance. You could decide to chuck the and go for eyeballs, but that doesn’t sound like what you want. (You can get those via your other writing.)
    – Keep it fresh and real. Even some of the posts that didn’t interest me, per se (I like animals fine, but if they aren’t right here in front of me I don’t go out of my way that often to read about them or look at pics) grabbed me because of your enthusiasm.
    – Keep it passionate. Write about things that matter to you, or which you know matter to your community.
    – A few of your blogs have seemed kind of long. There’s no real limit, but don’t be afraid to break a long one up into two parts.
    – Consistency helps; don’t go too long between posts. (I fail at this.)
    – A hiatus every now and then is no problem, especially if you can leave people hanging, knowing something good is coming.
    – Make sure people know when a new blog is out. I always link to mine on facebook. A few times I monitored the stats, and they always spiked (small numbers, but still, they spiked 8^) after the FB post. They remained up for a while each time.
    – A few pics of the regional beauty in your new home every few posts won’t hurt. Catch the glory of the open areas and mountains as well as the farmer’s market and city coolness (which I’m looking forward to).

    Sometimes we can have it all and sometimes we can’t. Decide what’s important and go for it. Use your leftover time and energy as you feel like it. What falls, falls. The people who love you will mostly hang around and stay in touch as long as you do the same.

    Love you, love your writing. Looking forward to the day we can finally meet you both!

    Lunch is over. Back to work, Miles (whip cracks)

    • Oh Miles, always perfectly said and wise as usual. I think you’re darn right – that passion and fun is what it’s all about, and as long as I’m writing from a genuine place of excitement, it’ll be all good in the hood!

      You know I cherish your advice and am so glad to have your sagely guidance up in here.

      For me, now, it is all about community. I’ve BTDT with the naked and the salacious – and the crowd that gathers isn’t the long haul type. It’s fleeting and superficial. I do like hearing the aspects of my blog that brought you here in the first place.

      I agree that lack of Hawaii and lack of military moments are things that are just true to my life now. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t happily and excitedly post about things that I love and have going on. And Yes! I’m super excited to bust out the good camera and capture some of NY State’s beauty because it is so all around us!

      As for faith, I know that those posts encourage and inspire, and I need to make the time to speak clearly. I’ve been praying on it and I know God will deliver the right words to me.


      All that said…

      Given the 50 Shades of Grey joke, was the whip cracking in good taste?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. LOL!

  10. If I was to be critical, I’d suggest shorter posts, but that’s only because I’ve found that with rare exceptions, longer posts are harder for people to digest in a sitting, so it can feel like your readership is down.

    The numbers go up and down drastically, though, and I learned long ago that the less I pay attention to my stats, the happier I am about my blog. It doesn’t give you any benefit and it only adds stress if traffic is down some days.

    Some of the writing that I’m the most proud of got the least amount of traffic, and I’m okay with that – I write that stuff for me, not for an audience.

    So there’s my two cents. Well, let’s be honest. More like two million dollars.

    Also: more tits.

    • I’m on wordy betch, and I know this!

      When I mentioned in-post that some trusted blogger pals had done told me to happily ignore the stats and focus on community, I was thinking about you and some great advice you’d given before as well. I do appreciate you coming on in and chiming in though!

      I think the fact that you write for yourself and not an audience is great. Theoretically, I’d like to say the same… but truth be told, if I wrote for myself only (and when I do offline) it’s some real Beautiful Mind scary stuff. Fragments. Word salad. Lines and arrows, I always abbrev. with reckless abandon… my mind is a dark and twisty place. And I write content that I like, that’s important and significant to me, in a way that I know readers can relate or at least understand. I’d like to take a page of your book and step more towards your way of doing things.

      And of course you’d vote for naked! HAHAHA. Well played.

  11. lol – this made me laugh out loud. Mostly the part about the pooch pics and protein shakes. I don’t read all the time to be honest (but that’s more me figuring out how to keep up with blogger friends than anything to do with you). I’d love crafty stuff – your tie dye is super cool, and I’d love to learn how to do that sort of thing. And I love your adventure posts, and really, I have liked your serious this-is-what’s-up-in-my-life-now kind of posts because they’re so honest and real. Hope things pick up soon!

    • Thanks Anne!! Staying on top of blogs can be a juggling act for sure. Do you use a reader? Google Reader is my BFF!

      I appreciate your honest and kind feedback, you rock! Any time you want to guest post over here – just let me know, btw!

  12. We like reading your blog all the time (even though life’s commitments & work take up too much time and make us sporadic readers). It helps us keep up with you and what you’re up to from a different perspective – you should keep writing about whatever pops into your head. It’s all interesting.
    Love, Viper & Anna

  13. It’s summer time, kids are home and all the moms are busy pinning stuff on Pinterest. Speaking of which, my wifey had me stop by the craft store for Mod Podge for a project she found 😉
    I can honestly say your little blog-o-thingy is a breath of fresh air amongst that I enjoy reading daily.

  14. Girlll you have so many comments here I find it so hard to believe that readership could go down ❤ I follow you via Bloglovin, which is sort of like a prettified RSS feed, so whenever you have a new post up, I come check it out. So maybe you'll have upward spikes if you post more regularly? I'm barely posting on my blog this summer, so it's definitely a seasonal thing as well.

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