Fishing Fun on Lake Erie

Last weekend, for Memorial Day weekend, Duggs and I acclimated to our new surroundings here in Western New York in a wonderful way – we went fishing out on Lake Erie with Nicky (my cousin) and my Uncle Bobby (Nick’s Dad).   If you read the guest post from my hubs, Matthew, a Veteran himself, then you know we believe in having fun on Memorial Day.  So fun we did have!

Of course, it should go without saying, we thank and appreciate the sacrifice of troops past and present on Memorial Day and every day – so as well as having fun, we did take some time to pay our respects and offer up some humble prayer and thanks.

me smooching my duggs out on lake erie on memorial day

And if you read my Award Blog post the other day in which I promised to write and put up the “keep the tag moving” post – don’t hate me.  Work has been insane this week, and as I write for a living, it sometimes gets hard to also pleasure write the blog when I’m working a lot, it sucks out all my writer’s energy.  I do, however, have the draft almost completed and will publish it during the week.  Thanks for your patience!! 

Fishing on Lake Erie was beautiful and awesome, all I want to do now is go out and fish!! We also got some Chiavetta’s BBQ chicken from the local Fire Dept (when Chiavetta’s caters an event it’s so much better than when you buy the marinade and DIY at home – no idea why, it’s just how it is).

Finally, we made some BBQ Venison burgers in the crock pot for our special meal at home on Memorial Day.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend.  We went out on the Lake two different times – we got some sun, we caught some fish, we caught some junk too (haha, I’m the Goby Queen!)

Perch is the main edible fish that we caught, and we did well both days out.  I caught a lot more on Saturday than I did on Monday.  Walleye is another edible fish out in the Lake, but we sadly didn’t get any last weekend.  Goby are bad, too tiny to eat and bad for the lake (they’re invaders that are messing up the lake’s natural eco-system, ugh), I seemed to reel in plenty of them, I’m like a goby magnet.  I also was able to catch a cluster of zebra mussels, also no good to eat.  And finally, sheepshead – another crappy non-edible, throw back.

For all my vegan and vegetarian friends who know well my zeal for cruelty-free products and love of animals – I do believe in fishing and hunting as a humane way of eating animals.  I know that sounds kinda wacky, as real non-meat eaters think that all forms are cruel, but compared to factory farming and other terrible lifestyles that animals we eat endure – I think hunting and fishing fresh, wildlife is actually far preferred.  It feels more natural to me, I take comfort knowing the animal had a good life while it lasted and its death was quick and humane.

And now – the photos!!

As always, thanks for reading!! xoxo, hhr


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    • we let them die in the back of the boat and chuck ’em back in. invaders = awful!!! ballast water pollution is one of those issues that gets me all fired up. new york lakes are super affected by all kinds of invaders- fish and plants that shouldn’t be here are taking over in so many places =(

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