Happy Victoria Day!

Today is Victoria Day in Canada!

I work for ICUC, a Canadian company – and lots of my co-workers are Canadian as well.  And now that I live so super close to Canada (I’m in Western NY, near Niagra), I feel like I’m just surrounded with all things Canadian.

And, I love it!


I love our neighbors to the north, my wonderful co-workers, Tim Horton’s, Labatts, Molson, maple syrup, hockey (both Duggs and my cousin Nick LOVE hockey – they both play, we watch it all the time, I’m getting pretty into the whole hockey thing)…

i know that it was just yesterday that i professed my love for dunkin donuts, but i’m learning to love love love tim horton’s too – in fact, duggs just walked in the door with some fresh tim horton’s! woo hoo!

duggs is a huge nj devils fan

nicky likes the red wings, but since they’re out already – he wants the kings to take it this year. boo!

Seriously though, stereotypes aside, I have enjoyed getting to know more Canadians through work and learning more about Canada.  I love the people I work with, their spirit, and I envy aspects of their way of life up there – the way their system is designed to take care of their citizens (and I’m not trying to start a debate here, I LOVE America and being American as well, there are just certain things about the Canadian quality of life that I wish we could emulate here; I’m sure there are Canadians who feel that way about us, and there are things about the American way of life they’d like to have goin’ on).

Funnily enough, as I was drafting this here blog post Duggs just walked home with Tim Hortons AND a case of Labatts! Awesome timing.

our kitchen counter right now

So I guess we’re having a mini Victoria Day celebration over here, enjoying some Canadian goods.   I live for a good cruller and honestly the Tim Horton’s cruller beats out the ole Dunkin Donuts equivalent.  It’s softer in the middle and sweeter on the outside, all good qualities if you ask me!

so stoked for this here cruller, and un-doing all the hard work of running and working out i’ve been putting in lately. doh!

what’s that? my nails look pretty? thanks! i just did them about an hour ago. i think they look really great (for once).

As part of my job with ICUC, I write for our company blog, Snoo.ws, and today in honor of Victoria Day, I wrote about another Canadian company that’s recently made the news for gaining speed, users, recognition and success: HootSuite.  (Here’s the article I wrote on HootSuite for work).

the hootsuite owl

If you don’t use HootSuite yet, you need to get on that.  It’s amazing, it’s my favorite way to organize all of my social media outlets – I use my account to keep both my personal and work stuff organized, to schedule posts and the analytics are pretty sweet too.

a screenshot of hootsuite, different tabs for all your different pages – it’s so easy to use, and a great way to stay organized.

Okay.  That’s enough time spent in tangent city – sorry, you know me… I get all excited and one topic reminds me of another, and next thing you know I’m prattling on about the most random of things.

Victoria Day.  That’s what this post is about!

Originally celebrated to mark the birthday of Queen Victoria, the holiday now is considered to make the start of summer.  A day off of work for many, parades in some towns, even fireworks, and a lot of excitement that the long Canadian winter is “officially” done and warmer, lighter days are here – is what I’ve come to understand about this holiday.  (According to my very diligent online research and chatting w/ my co-workers).

My boss has been camping with her girlfriends all weekend.  Not only am I so jealous (I haven’t been camping in so long, I’m dying to go!), I’m really happy for her to get some relaxing time away from gadgets, emails, social media and the stressors of our modern lives.  There are few people I know who work harder than my boss, and she really deserves this time to kick back and have fun!

So – to all who have been celebrating today, I hope you had a great time, had fun, got to celebrate with family and/or friends, or just did something nice to make the best of your day off.

Happy Victoria Day! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on some eco-friendly household practices- the ways of hippie living that I’ve been able to maintain during our move (if you read yesterday’s post about how much of an eco-slacker I’ve been lately, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I’ve fallen off the green wagon a bit, but it hasn’t been all bad and I have a few nice-to-our-planent habits that I haven’t totally ignored).

As for now – I’m off to go eat some more donuts and remotely soak up as much of Victoria Day as I can.  Of course, ALL opinions expressed here are my own – even though I work for ICUC, this blog is my person place of ramblings and ideas.

As always, thanks for reading!! xoxo, hhr

Photo / Image Sources
Canadian Flag Image
Detroit Red Wings
HootSuite logo and screenshot
NJ Devils player image
Tim Horton’s
Victoria Day Union Jack image


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the mention Rose! And by the way I love your nails.
    While, I have to be honest – I am more partial to the US’s Starbucks, or even Caribou Coffee, then I am to Tim Hortons – it’s nice to see some mutual appreciation for our friends across the border. Isn’t it nicer when we all get along?

    And to visitors of this blog – Rose is right – if you aren’t on the HootSuite train yet, you are missing out. There is nothing that can benefit your social network organization more. I don’t work for HootSuite – I’m just a big fan.

    • Of course! I am so jeals of your camping trip, yes. But you’ve been working so so hard – so many hours – and juggling a lot, I know you needed some nice unplugged time. I can’t wait to hear all about it. We have Caribou coffee for our Keurig and it’s so good! I’ve never had it before. I had Tim Horton’s coffee for the first time ever yesterday, and it was pretty good. It’s really the krullers that get my heart beating though.

      I feel like a spokesperson for HootSuite or something, haha! I keep telling everyone how wonderful it is and I’m always convincing people to use it. It’s so rad!

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