The Last Leg of Our Roadtrip, to Buffalo We Go!

Hey there readers!  It’s your favorite Northern Newbie, posting a bit to say hey!

check out my new raincoat. i’m so northern, right? i so fit in. i just know it.

I last posted about Camp Curtis and the wonderful relaxing time we had in scenic Pottersville, visiting my sister and her boyfriend Jared, where his family graciously hosted us at their lake house.

saying goodbye, our last couple minutes at camp curtis – here’s roger by the fire on a rainy day

We had a great time indeed.  After we packed up and hit the road though, it was time to bring this show on down.  The whole point of our “road trip” across New York was moving, so as much as visiting was nice – we had to get to the moving part of the exercise. So we were off!

saying bye to my beautiful sister, i miss her already!

me, taking more pics of myself while duggs is telling me to get my crap in the car so we can go, go, go! (oops).

hey there aj, lookin’ good!

about to hit the road

My husband, Duggs, is now (happily! blissfully! excitedly!) a civilian, and has just gotten out of the USMC.  After dutifully serving a contract, we decided that we wanted to give life outside of the military a go.  So we sadly left gorgeous Hawaii and have embarked on a new life.

The military flew us to Matthew’s “home of record,” New York City (since he’s from Long Island).  And rather than pay all the extra money to add on a flight to Buffalo, we decided to take the chance to go visit family and take our time.  So we rented a car (an amazing, luxurious SUV – a Buick Enclave, a vehicle I would do anything to actually own, it’s the nicest ride I’ve ever been in, seriously!  except that I’m a hippie and I’m morally opposed to such massive gas guzzlers, of course)… so we rented a car and went to visit family.  First my husband’s people, all across Long Island.  Then my sister, who happened to have just moved to Upstate NY, outside of Albany.

From here, we had one last journey – about six hours of driving west to lovely Fredonia, NY – our new home.  So we hit the highway, and made our merry way to start a new chapter of our happy hippie lives.

i love the scenery of upstate new york!

we saw a lot of this on the six hour drive

and a lot of this too. pretty, but dreary too!

the sun setting over I-90

Duggs and I really had a nice time in the car together.  Books on tape, podcasts, music and chit chat passed the time nicely.  Not to mention all the scenery and the Dunkin Donuts stops (of course).

oh cute pooch, all snuggled down and being a good boy on the ride. finally, he chilled out and learned how to snooze in the car.

duggs at the wheel, off to buffalo we go!

i’m hanging out the passenger side of my best friend’s ride

So this was the last part of our “road trip,” with the destination being our new home! I’m actually here now, and we’ve spent the last five or so days getting moved in, settled in and what not.  I know I have a lot of posts to catch up on, pics to share and all that – so this week will be my catch-up week, with posts everyday from our new home and backtracking with photo posts from the road trip and our time visiting friends and family in New York.

Mostly I can say, life is good!  Hope to see y’all around this week and I hope to get into a good groove of writing now that we’re in one spot and plan to be here for quite some time.

As always, thanks for reading!! xoxo, hhr



11 responses

    • aww thanks!! i’m glad you’ve liked them. i finally uploaded some photo posts and i have those scheduled to go up throughout the week. i know i’ve been only talking about this durn move, but it’s been such a fun trip and it’s such an exciting adventure for us.

      thanks for the support, really it means a lot!

      • Woo can’t wait to see the photos. Please, your blog is supposed to reflect what’s going on in your life if not in content, then at least in mood. And right now, I’m excited for you by reading about the whole process and adventure!

    • hahaha, yes? hopefully? i know i owe you a couple emails… and i know there was an old email about writing, books, content, censorship, boundaries, etc., and i’ve yet to get back to you on that.

      i appreciate you checking in on me and being patient. i’m starting to get back into an organizational groove, and hopefully as i get things all neat and tidy i’ll have some time to properly respond to you.

      was there anything in particular that you wanted me to read and get to right away? or did you just mean in general?

      • i know you are, you’re always good to me! i don’t ever expect you to be mean.

        and yes! we’re actually on the same landmass now and almost in the same time zone. if we ever get down your way for a trip, i’ll of course have to let you know! and once we’re settled and have a place of our own, i’ll open it up for visitors (i just can’t be inviting all my pals to my cousin’s house, hehe, i don’t know if he’d appreciate that!). the area is lovely though, i totally encourage people to get up to NY!

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