Lots of Dogs and Even More Love in the Relaxing, Peaceful Lake House at Camp Curtis – Pottersville, NY

This stop on our New York state road trip has been a real treat!

leaving the city and heading upstate!

holding sweet jay in the car ride on sunday

My little sister and her boyfriend Jared just relocated from Florida on up to NY as well.  Crazy, right?  That we both, my sister and I, moved from the warm and sunny states to woods of New York.  She left Florida the same day I left Hawaii in fact!  We’re such sisters, always on the same wavelength.

we’re kinda birds of a feather as it is, ya know!

Luckily for us, the timing just fell in to place for a nice two-night visit along our eat to west route.  So after seeing the McKay and Duggan side of the fam and our eastern-NY pals, we headed toward Albany.

Pottersville, where Valentine Pond is, is about 45 minutes (maybe even an hour) outside/north of Albany.  I haven’t seen my sister in over year, not since I was in Florida last March.  So this reunion was long overdue!

a crappy pic, but you get the idea – me and my seester!!

And what a place for a reunion to occur.

the background of camp curtis, the pretty valentine pond

Camp Curtis is the rustic and luxurious country home of the Curtis family; Jared, Anna’s boyfriend is a Curtis.  His Dad and Uncle both have houses on the property and the backdrop is the clean, serene upstate beauty all around us.  Valentine Pond (which is more like a small lake), the woods, and the clean air make this family camp a wonderful retreat.

The Curtis clan is great!  Warm, wacky, inviting and very hospitable, they welcomed us right in and we’ve spent a few days here eating with them, sharing music (guitars, basses, and banjos galore!)… we’ve been trading stories and hanging out.

all around the dinner table in uncle paul and aunt margaret’s house next door

uncle paul marches to the beat of his own drum! with his wife, aunt margaret on the left. great people, it was lovely to have met them!

camp feat our first night here, grilled pork chops, venison, fresh trout pasta, spinach, brussel sprouts, bread and more… this was just all i could fit on my plate!

Not to mention that amongst all of us “kids” there are enough Apple products to open our own Genius Bar.

another view of the pond

The only thing possibly outnumbering our fancy electronics is the pets!  The Curtis Family are pet-lovers for sure!  Our little JJ has had the best time ever.  He hasn’t even been scared!  He just got right in with the other pooches and he’s been playing, cuddling, running around.  He’s even been walking on the hardwood floors.  (Trust me, I’m just as shocked as you are).

anna holding stewart

josie, cousin evan’s sweet pup

aunt margaret’s pooch, parker! love the sweetie pie – looks like a bear, loves like a lamb

zoey the pretty kitty cat, my sister’s cat

bell is the shy and sweet pretty princess

anna’s dog, puppy, is a sweet old man.

stewart again, he’s just so wacky and cute!

of course, our jayjers!

how to make friends around here!

It’s just one more reason why Duggs and I need to expand our fur family when the time is right.  Jayjers just does better with more doggies around!  So Anna and Jared have their blended fur fam, and then the Uncle and Cousins up here for the weekend had a couple pooches with them too.  It was way too fun being on the pond, feeling the cool clean air, and just seeing oodles of wagging tails and running paws.

Spending a few days here has really allowed me to re-charge my batteries.  I’m still sick, don’t worry.  But mentally – I feel a peace that’s been long overdue.  I think part is just being around my sister.  Going so long being so far away from her just tugs at my heart.  Matthew’s family is amazing and wonderful, and being with them was long overdue too – they make me feel like one of the fam for sure.  But nothing beats being with your own sis, right?

the pond at dusk, so peaceful. i love it here!

I’m so happy to know mine will only be a six hour drive away from here on out!  Woohoo!

The pics in this post are all my iPhone snap shots.  At some point I’ll have to make a real nice photo post of pics from our good camera from the trip.  We’ve had a lot of fun taking some nice shots, and I can’t wait to get them uploaded and have a look.  We have some awesome shots of the boys and Anna all jamming out together, all of the animals going nuts, it’s just been an awesome time – I love when a bunch of redneck music-geeks get together for some hang out time.  For now the quickies will do and they at least give you an idea of what camp life has been like.


We’re moving on from here to Buffalo (Fredonia, NY) – FINALLY!  YAY!

We’ll get to our last stop on the road trip and get to see my cousins, aunts, uncles and so on.  We’ll be living with my cousin Nick and his son Austin – so finally getting there and starting to get acquainted with our new home will be awesome.   The rambling phase will come to an end and we can finally feel able to settle down.  Homeless, no more!


10 responses

  1. Dogs are pack animals. If they don’t have a “pack”, they form one with the people they live with. Which means if you aren’t with them, doing stuff wit them when they want to do stuff, they go nuts. Sure, there are exceptions, but that’s the gist of it. One dog is seldom the right answer, unless it’s a trained guide dog or something similar.

    • yeah, i know about the pack thing… and it makes good, perfect sense. jj is just weird. he was likely abused, and he was in a very bad car accident – so he tends to be scared, neurotic, defensive. which can make socializing tough. he especially freaks out in new places and has a tough time adjusting. we were so worried that all the stop and go of moving would be hell on him, that he’d hate being in so many different places, etc. and he did have a pretty rough time at first. the hotel was weird, the plane must have been terrible for him, etc. but once we got to my sisters and there were so many dogs, we were so pleasantly surprised at how well he did. he’s usually bad with big dogs, usually he tries to snap and growl and there was ZERO adjustment phase. he took to the group instantly! and he always liked to be alpha (which is wacky too)… but here he didn’t mind following around. maybe that’s why it worked so well, because he wasn’t alpha?

      anyways, at our house now with rocky, JJ is the alpha and it’s hilarious. seeing this giant dog cower vs. little bonky jay is too much. dogs are awesome.

  2. Hi Rose, hope you’re well and the move went smoothly. I’ve recently been ‘tagged’ in a blog and had to pass the ‘tag’ on, so I’ve ‘tagged’ you with a few questions. Looking forward to reading your response and remember to pass the ‘tag’ on to other bloggers 🙂

    • hi michael! how have you been? thanks for checking in on us, the move has been loads of fun and we’re finally getting settled into our new home now. i like it here. i mean, it’s not hawaii – but where we are has plenty of its own charm. i’ll have to check out this “tag” and see what to do with it. i’ll try to get to it in the near future. thanks for passing it on to me!

      once i start running again, i’ll have to hit you up for some clever ways to get back into it. i always fall off my training and then have to build back up… so i’m usually pretty keen on what to do. i know what works for me (lots of intervals, i do a lot of jogging mixed with walking workouts using the stop watch to build back up my endurance)… but once i’m ready i’ll have to seek your expertise. i’m sure you know loads more than i do!

      • Hi Rose, I’m ok thanks, you? I’ve been really busy recently that I’ve not had time to read blogs, so I’ve missed all about your move. I’ll have to catch up at some point when I have a little time to read a few posts.

        Any time you want advice, feel free to drop me a message 🙂

      • I haven’t seen you posting much, so I figured you must be pretty busy! We left Hawaii on May 1st and turned the move into a road trip so we could catch up with family and friends. Getting to the East Coast was tough when we lived so far away, so it was great to take advantage and get to see everyone.

        I actually went for a run today!! I used my RunKeeper app to keep track of the distances/landmarks for future runs. I’d say I did like 3.5 miles, running for 3 minutes and then walking for 3 minutes. I actually happened upon a really bad car accident and ended up doing some unexpected sprints – so I lost track of my intervals at that point and was just in rescue mode.

        Anyways, I’ll have to send you a message and see what you recommend for trying to get back in shape. I want to just start off easy and get loose, get my body back acquainted to running again. Because of the sprints, I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow – but I’d like to try and run a few days a week at least.

    • thanks!! i’m glad to be settled down a bit and now i can catch up on all my blog reading. and, i’m getting daring enough to hit the pavement and start running again soon. i always do this… get in shape, and then fall off. and then i have to start all over again. oh well, i like a challenge!

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