I’m married…


Duggs is out of the USMC!  Free and clear, baby!

kiss it good bye, duggs!

I’m so proud of my husband for his service to our country, for all he’s given up and all the hard work he’s done.  I admire and respect him so much.

He’s dutifully served as a USMC Grunt, been on three combat deployments, took me with him for some wacky and wonderful years in gorgeous, epic Hawaii…

and now HE IS ALL DONE!

I couldn’t be more happy.  With all of it.  Civilian life, here we come!  This next new chapter is so exciting and one that we’re very ready to kick off.  The military life has been wonderful to us in so many ways, but being out on our own with all the freedoms that entails is very exciting right now.


We’re literally in the middle of moving – so more from me later.  Like, why haven’t I been around?  And what’s been going on, etc.

We fly out of Hawaii TODAY!

Next stop: NEW YORK.

as always, xoxo


7 responses

    • What Florida leg of the trip? We won’t be hitting up the gunshine state now… Just heading east to west across the great state of new york !

      • It’s ridic, she ended up moving to NY with her boyfriend. They went to visit like a month ago and both found jobs. He moved up a couple weeks ago and now my sister and mom are driving … They left FL on May 1st, so I’m sure she’s there by now. We literally moved at the same time though.

        I’m so excited she’ll be near-ish!

        After we visit Duggs’ peeps in long island (do I say ‘on’ long island?) we’ll swoop by Albany on our way to buffalo and stay with Anna and Jared!

        Now we’re just trying to convince everyone else from FL to move up here!!

  1. Congrats! While the Navy has been good to us, it’ll be nice to have our life back (only 10 more years left to go!)
    Wish you were still going to be on island when we PCS there!

    • awww, over-lapping on hawaii would have been awesome! best of luck when y’all have to go through your next move. even though it’s such a pain, it’s so much fun too! i miss hawaii so much already, i’m jealous that you still have so much island time ahead of you.

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