Today is #Shop4Siloam – Help My Company Feed The Homeless

Today is Shop4Siloam! 

The amazing company I work for, ICUC, is based in Winnipeg, Mannitoba, Oh Canada.  In their fair city is Siloam Mission, a resource for homeless people and those living in poverty.

Today is a drive to raise money for Siloam Mission!

Details are here: link to ICUC’s blog post about the event (

Donate Online here – just please choose “#Shop4Siloam” from the menu.

Use social media to share about the event – #Shop4Siloam is the Twitter trend @ICUC and @SiloamMission are involved.  Say hi to my boss @alishaizanne who’s at the event right now.

The Mission is wonderful – they offer all kinds of services from hot meals, emergency housing, to job training, health care, therapy, classes, and more.

In planning Shop4Siloam this year, I was able to work with the Siloam team, and they’re all so great.  The passion for their work is so tangible in everything they say, the difference they  make is painted all over Winnipeg.

Easter Sunday is this weekend and ICUC is helping to provide the folks at Siloam Mission with a hot Easter Dinner.  A feast, even!  Every since cent and every dollar collected goes straight to the Mission and into funding food, programming, everything.  We’re just the messengers and the organizers of this drive.

Donate Online here – just please choose “#Shop4Siloam” from the menu.

It’s actually our 3rd annual Shop4Siloam event.  I know you’re thinking shop – well, right now, in Winnipeg, the ICUC crew that lives there is hanging out with some good folks from Siloam at a local grocer (Sobey’s St. Anne’s on Bishop Grandin from 11am – 2pm CST) today to collect food and donations. See what they’re up to on Instagram (search for Siloam Mission) and of course FB and Twitter has real time updates about today’s drive.

Also known as “Winterpeg,” the snowy winters up there are no joke.  Thus, protecting the homeless and vulnerable populations has an urgency to it not seen in various other cities with milder climates.  Just keep that in mind, please!

For less than $24 you can provide food and care for eight people. EIGHT PEOPLE.  What an incredible gift to offer someone.

Donate Online here – just please choose “#Shop4Siloam” from the menu.

Even if you’re unable to donate at this time, please post about the project on social media to keep spreading the word.  Part of the twist is that we primarily use social communication to propel the project every year – harnessing the power of the platforms we work with everyday.

Thank you everyone for your kindness and generosity!  


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