My All-Time Mos Fav Films

In ABC order, here we go – my all time most favorite films:

the big lebowski

The Big Lebowski sets the bar for humor.   Discovering this movie really changed what I considered funny and cool.  And I totally use it to judge other people – if you don’t think ‘bowski is funny or cool, I don’t think you’re funny or cool.


Bloodsport: Okay, USA! My Dad was always so excited to share his favorite movies and music with my sister and I.   It was a right passage, being “old enough” or “ready” to watch a movie.  Once I was finally old enough for the craziness of Bloodsport, I wanted to watch it nonstop.  We probably saw that movie three dozen times together, it was totes a household favorite.    That, and I wanted to know how to give my sis the ole Dim Mak!

We really took it to the next level when we traveled to Hong Kong (it was a convention for my parents’ business, and they brought my sister and I to help)… we acted like we were really going to the Kumite, and not a phone card show.  I’m sure the lovely folks in the Hong Kong tourism industry had never heard Bloodsport lines before.

dirty dancing

Dirty Dancing:  AJ (my sis) and I would put on our mom’s dresses and dance nonstop for 90 minutes.  Then we’d rewind it and watch it all over again.  I don’t think I know any gals my age who don’t love this movie.

But then again, a few months ago I dropped the line, “I carried a watermelon” – and no one got it.  So that was a let down.  I feel like DD is the kind of movie that has a 100% quote rate.

i carried a watermelon?

Poor Swayze, rest in peace P-Swayze.


Footloose: Probably my all-time most favorite movie.  The songs, the dancing, the drama… the Kevin Bacon hotness!  It’s all just so perfect.   I haven’t seen the remake, but I’m not against it.

When I was an open water distance swimmer, Footloose is one of those movies that I can play from start to finish in my head.  So on those long swims, I’d just play it for myself.

gangs of new york

Gangs of New York.  There are so many rad things I can say about Gangs of NY.  But I’ll be honest about what fascinates me the most – LES tenements.  My family came through Ellis Island (on both sides at some point), thus I feel more of a connection to New York’s old tenement housing than I do the 13 Colonies.   How people used to live then, in those awful conditions all packed in there – it’s so terrifying and fascinating.

Gangs of NY is so colorful, tense, crazy, flamboyant, hardcore.  It’s just an awesome all around movie.  And since I love costume porn, you know the dresses got me on this one for sure.  And the mustaches, and the pants.  It’s just visual amazingness.  Ahhh.

pretty woman

Pretty Woman:  You may notice a trend – my sis and I were allowed to watch a lot of R movies at a young age.  Our folks were always cool about that kind of stuff!  I remember memorizing this movie long before I even knew what half of the lines meant.  And I’m not sure how it plays out for me in the long run that

the royal tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums.  Say what you like about Wes Anderson, I think he’s super funny and Tenenbaums is my fav out of his flicks.  I had this weird emulation of Margot, and I used to always watch TV in the bathtub and smoke cigs.  I wanted to be her so hard!  Well, I wanted to be sorta like her.

schindler’s list

Schindler’s List.  Oh man, the heaviest and strongest movie ever, right?  It tells a story that must be told, and it does so just beautifully.  But it’s so hard to watch.  It was first released in select theaters only and my mom let me skip school the day it premiered, we went all the way to Orlando (an hour away from our town) to see it.  She felt it was that important.

I feel like it’s that important.

I watched it again not too long ago.  Something that I often forget about the movie – the levity.  I mean, by NO means is this a comedy, but there are funny lines and moments of sweetness, tenderness, softness.   The range of human expression set on such a terrifying landscape is truly amazing.  Everyone should see this film at least once.


Sicko.  I had to put at least one documentary in here, so Sicko it is.  This movie just fuels my firs like no other.  Clearly, the issue of healthcare and chronic illness affect me on a very personal level.   But my fondness for this movie goes beyond my own needs.  Say what you want about MM, he makes a damn good point in Sicko.  The argument, the storytelling, the way he explains to the audience where he’s coming from – Sicko is his masterpiece, and he does such a good job of illustrating the point.

When he’s in Cuba and the 9-11 workers are getting better care than they could anywhere at home… it’s just so sad.  We’re the best country in the whole world, we must learn to take better care of ourselves and each other.  The current system does not work.


Titanic:  It wasn’t just the love story, the acting, the music, or the massively fascinating tragedy that was the real Titanic.  The accuracy of the sets, the vintage gowns, the actual Titanic-era artifacts… this movie is the closest thing to a time machine, watching it gives such an intimate look at life in 1912.

From the first time I saw it, I was just amazed.  I’ve never seen a movie in the theater more than Titanic.  And now that it’s being re-released in 3D I’m so excited.  I loathe 3D honestly, but I think I’ll go just for a chance to see it on the big screen again.  I can hardly make it through a commercial without tearing up.  Something about Titanic just gets to me.

vegas vacation

Vegas Vacation.  This one is a family favorite.  And as life goes on, I’ll never understand why more people don’t appreciate it!  Maybe it’s because I’m a casino kid, and I understood gambling humor?   It’s a nonstop LOL fest and it doesn’t get old.

It’s such a bummer though, because people never get references!  Just the other day I made a my pen exploded remark, and of course – no one laughed.  Not even a courtesy chuckle.

Honorable Mentions:

1776, Anchorman, Beaches, Blue Hawaii, D2: Mighty Ducks, Fever Pitch, Field of Dreams, Forrest Gump, A League of Their Own, Love Actually, My Blue Heaven, Napoleon Dynamite,  The Parent Trap (especially the original), The Princess Bride, Rocky IV, Shining Through, Space Camp, The Sound of Music, Team America, Uncle Buck.

Oh, I’m sure there are more… if I started to go nuts about docs and musicals, we’d be here all day.  I tried to skim the surface of my favorites vat and dump the findings into this here post.

I totally used to have Braveheart and The Patriot on here – but after Mel went nuts, I had to take my support away from that raving anti-Semite.   Ugh.

So – what epically awesome movies did I miss?

What’s YOUR fav?!?!

as always, thanks for reading! xoxo, hhr


12 responses

  1. BASEketball is my Big Lebowski. It made me realize that I have the most twisted sense of humor ever.

    My favorites (in no particular order):
    The Godfather I and II – sounds cliche, but really, no movie is as beautiful and as menacing as that one
    Goodfellas – I was raised on mob movies
    Slap Shot – the all time greatest sports movie ever
    Field of Dreams – murders me every time
    Shawshank Redemption – just amazing
    Silence of the Lambs – scared the ever loving piss out of me the first time I saw it. To this day, the scariest movie I have ever seen
    The Sound of Music – I used to watch this literally every Saturday and Sunday in the winter when I was a kid. We wore out the VHS tape before I went to high school.
    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story – again, affirming my ridiculous sense of humor
    Love Actually – I will cry every single time I watch it

    That’s just a selection. I have a huge list.

    • i grew up with mob movies too… i guess i should have included Godfather (I and II) on here, Goodfellas too. I LOVE mob stories. I think what messes me up is that the Sopranos is my fav mob show, and this was a movie list.

      i did love shawshank… my mom has seen that movie no less than 5000 times, and seeing it ad nauseum totally took some wind out of my sails!

      i’ll cry every time i see Love Actually too. i can’t get enough of it!

  2. this is shameful, but most of the movies you love are on my “i really really need to watch this finally” list. i have so many favorites, but my all time is “when harry met sally.”

    and “bridget jones’s diary.”

    and “about a boy.”

    honorable mentions go to timeless and classy flicks like “nacho libre” and “bride and prejudice.”

  3. I guess I am showing my age,…but anyone from my generation would include Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Christmas is always Christmas Vacation and Miracle on 34th Street.

  4. When I read the comments you left on my blog I thought you were a pretty intense person but when I come here and see The Princess Bride is on your favorite list, you are my new favorite blogger! Don’t get a big head though, I say that to anyone who loves Princess Buttercup and Co.

    • as you wish. i’ll TRY not to let it go to my head – but that is pretty easy on the ego.

      yeah, i KNOW i was way over the top and intense, it’s just when i get going and i geek out, i really get going and geek out. oh man, sorries! it’s a topic i’ve been studying for work writing, and one that’s also crossed over into my personal life as well. and i really liked your legal section, so i just figured i’d go all in and just blurt out my idears. take your time getting back to me, i’m usually as flustered and chaotic as i am passionate.

      i totally owe major thanks to my parents for introducing my sister and i to such great movies at a young age. i was about the same age as fred savage’s character when i got so into that movie; none of my friends were allowed to watch it. i mean, when it’s princess bride – it’s no big deal. but my dad let me watch kubrick when i was still in elementary school. heh. i’ve been an o.g. for a while.

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