What to Expect When Snooks is Expecting!?!?


hot mama!

Congrats, Snooki!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jersey Shore castmate and reality superstar hasn’t confirmed the reports yet – but the word is out:  She’s pregnant, and due in about five months.

I say, congrats!  The rumor rumblings are that Jionni is the father.

jionni and snookers: parents-to-be

Well, if he really treats her well and makes her happy – then this is good news.  I can’t help but feel a little twinge of I-wish-Vinny-was-the-baby-daddy.  I really wanted Snooks and Vin to ultimately get together.

vinny and snooki - don't they look so great together?!

When Vinny hits the confessional and says those oh so sweet things about Snooks, it always melts my heart.  And as last week’s “next time on…” alluded, I think there just might be some Snook vs. Vin smushing in tomorrow’s episode.

vin + snook = true love 4 lyfe (i wish!)

And Jionni… he’s so, blah.  I didn’t like the way he handled himself in Italy.  I don’t like how controlling he is and when he talks down to Snooks.  As Vin so sweetly pointed out: he’s always trying to change Snooki, and we all LOVE her for exactly just who she is.


And I have to go ahead and give Duggs some props on this one.  Snookers and JWOWW were on Watch What Happens Live a little while ago, last month.  Andy Cohen called them both out for not drinking booze (on the live Bravo show, guests always drink while they’re in “the clubhouse,” chatting with Andy about that night’s Bravo programming).  Snooks and Jenni said that they weren’t boozing due to the strict new diet they’re on.   Duggs said that he thinks it’s because Snookers is preggo.   I can’t believe it, but Duggs called it!  I told him he was way off, that it really was her big time diet.

andy cohen (love him) with my fav jersey shore gals in the bravo clubhouse

Oh wells, you can’t totally blame me.  Anyone who follows Snooks knows that’s the line she’s been using.  And based on her own Tweets and the hottest pics coming out of her – the diet has been uber successful.  Snooki looks slim and trim for sure.

bravo press - jenni, nicole and andy

I totally love snooks, and I’m happy for her!  I’ll still watch a show with her on it, I still think she’ll be hilarious – no matter what stage of life she’s in.  She’s just fun and happy and she makes me laugh.


(and Vinny, I really hope you swoop in there and we all find out you’re really the dad!)

thanks for reading, xoxo, hhr

Sources and Photo credit: Reality Aired, LA Times Blog, Daily Mail Online, Gossip We Love, The Hollywood Gossip, Finding Joy


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