I Think It Might Be Mold: My Newest Health Theory

Call me crazy (crazy!)… but I think that the root of my recent black hole of ailments could totes be related to mold in my house.

Strike 1: 

This next-door neighbor who moved out over the summer told me her house was full of mold.  (We live in base housing on a USMC base, in Hawaii, by the beach, in really old wooden houses).

She told me she was wicked sick, and that it was all because of mold in her home, and she gave me this whole run for the hills! Seriously, save your life and get outta here! thing and I thought it was kinda overdramatic.


But… I did.  She seemed over the top.  But I didn’t forget about what she said.  Her ordeal, if legit, sounded awful.


Strike 2: 

I made the epic mistake of commenting on a super popular blog and then subscribing to the comments.  So now, four hundred times a month, I get to see what others had to say.  (I’m just bitter because the author of the blog NEVER comments back, and all the conversations are one-sided).

Anyways.  This other blogger, Mary from Fibromy-awesome, writes about fibromyalgia and her health sitch.  Seeing that she’s a young lady, a lot of her audience is of the young lady with health issues persuasion.

So the other day, this dude comments on the blog saying that his wife was super sick and they thought she had all this crazy stuff a-going on with her… and turns out it was house mold.


Strike 3:

I’m watching The Voice (I know, I’m awful) and this contestant comes on, a nice lady from North Carolina.  Well, on the show they tell you every single person’s sob story and why they should be on the show and they have it sew bad.

So this lady comes on and her sob story is her woeful health issues.  She spent years without a diagnosis, of people telling her she’s bonky… and bam! House mold.


So.  When the universe or the good Lord above is trying to tell me something, whatever it is that cumulated these three pieces of mold-related info and mashed ’em together… I decided to follow the hunch and do some investigating.

Well, all this and my dear friend Jenny recently said something really sweet about our upcoming move: Jenny reminded me that this whole move, although sad and stressful in its own right, could likely be the thing that breaks my health-related crap streak!  New docs, new place, new life – it could all lead to the breakthrough I’ve been dying for.

I have this happy optimism in mind as of late…

And then BAM! It all fits together.

Now, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a pretty good detective.  Like, I totally should have been a detective.  I’m so good at figuring stuff out.  Kinda.  If/when not distracted and actually care.

I pump some search terms into the ole compy and start a-searching, and what do you know: EVERY symptom of mine has been linked to mold-related illness, and my house meets a bunch of criteria for being a palace du mold.

Duggs deployed after we moved in, and he’s out of here all day long on weekdays, hence why my exposure level would be through the roof vs. his.

I have ZERO idea if this theory holds any water right now. 

I can’t tell if I’m desperate for something to come together and solve the mystery, or at least lead to me feeling better… or if I’m being delusional and getting off course.

I just want to feel better though.  And I think I’m kinda due for it.  I want to try and get pregnant again sometime soon-ish (no spring chicken, y’all)… and as of now, with the meds I suck down, there is NO way.

I want a good awesome life back.

Perhaps this mold theory could lead to total redemption after we move?  Maybe?

As I investigate I’ll tell y’all what’s going on.  Sadly, other than this new theory of mine, I have zero health-related updates of actual content to report.  I’m still same ole, same ole.  Kinda crappy, kinda okay, making the best of it, taking a crapload of meds, and just dealing.

I kinda really hope there’s mold in here.  Just so I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  That would be wonderful, actually.


As always – thanks for reading!! xoxo, hhr


10 responses

  1. it absolutely could be. house mold is no joke, especially for someone with an already weakened immune system! I’d love to think that if you asked housing would actually do some investigating, but let’s be real here- they don’t give a shit. Definitely keep us updated post-move!

  2. Thanks everyone, I’m really hoping that when we move – things get better and quickly!

    After having this revelation we’ve done some investigating of our own, and it hasn’t been pretty. We’re finding various kinds of mold in various kinds of places. Total bummer – also, it’s good news (because there may very well be an easy end in sight!)

  3. As much as the cause being mold is horrible, it would be great to finally have some light shed on your mystery.

    I had an entire wall full of mold behind some book shelves when I lived in NYC. I was super sick, but luckily it was only a few months.

    Best of luck with your search.

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