Analog Life Has Been Busy!

I KNOW I’ve been a bloggin’ derelict.  I sure do know that.

Things have been wacky round these parts, though.  (Wackier than usual, given that I am just kinda naturally wack).

please forgive me for not posting in a week by seeing pics of my cute pooch

Here are my excuses for abandoning y’all:

  • I have not been feeling well
  • Working out has slacked, too, not just blogging.
  • Work has been busy – and I love it!
  • Creative writing has been taking precedent over blogging.  Book over blog, yo.
  • Matthew and I have had some awesome good quality time, which is way more fun than being behind the compy.
  • When I have been feeling up to it, we’ve been out and about – not even near the compy.
We found out we’re moving soon-ish.  Like, next month-ish.  So that’s had things going crazy too.  So much to get ready, work out, plan for. It’s a crazy nightmare of super stress, actually.  But, we’re excited to start our next adventure… and we’re super sad to leave Hawaii.  It’s a lot of emotion. 

On My Health and Fitness

So, I haven’t been feeling so hot.  Which stinks.  I’ve written recently about my quest to run, and to run longer distances than usual, and to train for like a half-marathon – and one of the things I’ve confessed is the ebb and flow of my workout consistencies.

I have good weeks and bad weeks.  It’s how I’ve rolled for the past year-to-eighteen months.  It just goes like that, and I’ve been trying to break that pattern.

January was great!  But in February, not so hot.  I’ve only gotten in a couple runs a week, and my last run was already like five days ago (and I’m not lacing up my sneaks at this moment, sadly).

I just haven’t been feeling well.

here i am right now. feeling okay (better than yesterday, thank goodness)... but still pretty blah.

Nothing major, just my same ole, same ole.  I’ve tweaked up the meds a bit lately, and have seen some good come of that.  So, hopefully this period of rest is just my body taking care of itself.  Part of my hippie nature is all that “listen to your body” stuff, so I do.

Mine has been telling me to rest.

I tell ya what though: the last run I went on, I killed it!  I didn’t even think I’d make it more than a couple minutes, and it ended up being my FASTEST four-miler ever.  (Well, in recent times kinda ever).   My chest was hurting and I felt just sluggish and heavy in the beginning – during those first two minutes, I was convinced that I was going to do a five minute jog for the day.  But, as I warmed up I just shook it out and felt positively wonderful.

Oh man, even recounting such a fab run has me itching to get out and run.  Tomorrow morning, perhaps!

So, the running has slacked.  I’m bummed, but I’m also okay with it.  I’ve been taking care of the bigger picture.  I know I need to workout and push myself… but with a body like mine, I’ve just learned that when it’s telling me to stay put, it means it.  And well, with how physically ill I’ve been – running just hasn’t been an option.  GI woes (including vomiting lately, which is the pits!!!), tummy pains, back/shoulder muscle pain, overall weakness, and of course my nerve drama.

Valentine’s was super fun.

Duggs treated me to a really fun night out, it was lovely. We grabbed some grub, and we went to Dave and Buster’s to play games.

out to dinner at buca di beppo

the menu had a little blurb on v-day that was cute!

I know what you’re thinking.  The plan sounded kinda ehhh to me too.  Then, we actually got into D&B, and started playing, and it was so so so fun!

If you’ve never been to a D&B, it’s essentially a TGIFriday’s-esque restaurant with a giant arcade attached.  They have all kinds of games, video games, and those driving car games where the little car you sit in tilts and shakes.

Then there are all those games you can play for tickets.  Duggs’ romantical plan was to win me prizes.  And he did!

duggs, holding a prize and all of our tickets

here's a crappy pic of this elvis game i couldn't get enough of.

We had a blast.  I whooped up on some trivia, annihilating anyone that tried to play with us! Duggs killed me in basketball and skeeball, and he won a prize out of one of those stuffed animal claw machines on the first try (and then he gave the prize to an adorable little girl and it was so durn sweet).

me, in the NASCAR racing game. (which i beat duggs on, btw).

duggs is the man at the skeeball

duggs, the claw machine, and the prize he won on the very first try!

Work has been great.  I’ve had some projects going on, I hope the great people I work for are still enjoying my writing.  I think that this month I’ve done some of my very best work yet.  So that’s exciting.  I still have tons to learn, lots of goals for myself.  My boss is great, and I really enjoy working with/for her.  She’s a lot of fun, and she’s just been a great teacher and mentor.  She knows so much about the industry and she’s a good one to be learning under.

So life is good. 

As always, it’s a mixed bag of challenges and awesomeness.  Duggs and I are in this super sappy happy mushy phase, like more than usual (if you can even imagine).  My home life and personal life are so sweet.  And while work is busy, it’s fantastic.  The major stressors of right now are my health and this upcoming move.

It’s hard to embrace the notion of saying good-bye to Hawaii.  It’s impossible in some ways.  I’m going to miss this place so much, I’ve grown far more attached than I thought I could or would.

On the other hand, moving is exciting.  It’s a fresh start, a new world to go check out. I’m excited for the weather… and best of all- FAMILY!  We’re going to live close to family!!!  I cannot wait to see everyone.

True story: after writing about that awesome run I had last week, and how blah my physical fitness has been as of late I totally just did a little mini-workout in between drafting and finalizing this post.  I just had to do some moving and shaking, get some stretching in there.  Not grand, but better than nothing.

Wish me a better week, and that I get to feeling better soon.  I want January back!

I gotta get going… I promise to have some good and fun posts up this week.  Love to you all!  Thanks for reading. 

xoxo, hhr


15 responses

  1. aww man, i’m sorry you’re feeling so crappy lately. no bueno *hugs*. and i’m glad to hear you’re not stressin’ about your runs, or lack thereof, recently and listening to your bod. i think it says a lot about you that when your bod is a in state to be active you take complete advantage of it, and when it’s not so up to par you respect that, but still get some movement in(stretching, what not). that just shows how much you appreciate your bod and want to be active. so, good job!

    hope you feel better asap!

    • thanks carlita, i hope i feel better soon too! i think switching meds has me all icky and blah.

      i have to listen to my body, ya know? if i don’t push myself on okay days, i’ll never work out! and if i push too hard on crappy days, i could get in big troubles.

      thanks for the compliment, it means a lot coming from such a fitness expert!

  2. So excited for you to get to NY! Hope you start feeling better ASAP, trying to pack and get all your bearings together while you aren’t feeling so hot is never easy or fun. If you guys need help with moving in or anything, let me know, and we can work something out! 🙂

  3. Happy valentine to your body! One of the ways we show love is listening, so just as you would listen to Duggs, or your self, listen to your body,. Smart move.
    That said, keeping your body in good health is a love letter in itself. I’ve done far less working out lately, partly because of the stepped up pace at work, the people in our lives, and the pollen count (which cuts down on outdoor running, and I hate treadmills and stationary bikes, but I’m working past that hatred).
    Need a proof reader for that book? 8^)
    Each time we’ve moved, I’ve gotten rid of more stuff. The last time, I got rid of at least half of my personal stuff. I’m trying to do better (esp. since we don’t move much any more!) but a move is a great time to clean out, Sell stuff, and give some of it away– some to charity, some to friends. Some just to someone who needs or would love it.
    You’re such a blessing. Y’all be blessed beyond all you ever hoped for or dreamed of!

    • you’re so kind, thanks miles!

      i’m excited to downsize, really. my stress related to moving has really melted off, and now it just is what it is. and that has me cracking up, because NOT being stressed kinda feels crazy, like i’m being foolhardy almost. but, this is my first time moving with duggs (he was already in hawaii before we got married, i just had to move to join him), so having a teammate to move with is making the whole thing seem a million times less daunting than being a single gal with a truck and my best girlfriends. that was hard work!

      i do so need a proof reader, and i need a moral-reader too. ie: i have some ideas i’d love to bounce off of you at some point. because in your awesome wisdom, i know you’d always guide me from the heart.

      i need to get on a better writing schedule when it comes to the book, and buckle down. i was hoping i’d have more done by now than i do. but hey, good things take time! right?

      is the pollen real bad in TX? i love running outdoors as well, so i hear ya on that. when the pollen count would get real bad in florida, it would bother my nose and eyes. my sister is so super allergic though, i feel awful for anyone who gets so layed out by it. it just seems so unfair that when it’s prettiest out, y’all get so sick =(

      how serious of a runner are you?

      i feel like we should totally by neighbors some time! i feel like we’d have so much fun going for runs, and having movie night, book club, etc. you’d be a great friend to have in a hippie commune too! hahah. you know what i mean?

      • Just now noticed I had four replies from the past month or two on your blog. Sorry!

        The pollen is pretty bad,. Some nights I have to sleep sitting up or I either feel like I;m drowning or I cough all night. I was pretty serious for a while, but a 5K was about as far as my body would tolerate. But between work, pollen, minor injuries and a couple of infections, I’ve hardly run the past three months. Trying to ramp back up for a 5K in a month. My time will stink, but at least I’ll run it!

        Yeah, I know. Would totally dig y’all for neighbors.

        Feel free to bounce things my way!

        And check your HHR email!

      • oy, i’m buried in work + emails + blog posts at the moment, but i will make an effort to check my HHR email and write you back tonight.

        i’ve heard from so many pals back east that this year’s pollen is a doozy. my uneducated speculation is that the weak winter didn’t kill enough vegetation and pollinators, and now nature is going bonky. it’s a pretty legit theory actually. (right?)

        i hear ya about the working up and then breaking down. i seem to always be in a state of rebuilding or recuperating – i’m never “in shape!”

        i know i need to bounce stuff over to you, i’m just so swamped in words right now. i have too many ideas and not enough time or energy to carry them all out in any kind of organized or productive way. i read the message you sent me about your book and i CANNOT wait till i can read it. i need to tell you about our book; i’ll warn you though – i’m still perfecting “the elevator pitch” and as of now, it’s like a slow-moving multi-story escalator pitch. heh!

        anyways, thanks for catching up on the comments brother. my afternoon break is over, i’ll ttys!

      • I guess analog life is tripping up the 30 days blogs as well?

        Swamped in words… I know that feeling! If I could take a year off, I could write my backlog, Of course, by then, lots of new stuff would have piled up…

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