Ghost Cologne and Other Monday Rambling

This morning I woke up and my left shoulder smelled weird.  It smelled (let’s not kid, it still smells, I haven’t showered yet… my middle name IS hippie) like a weird musky floral smell. Musky in a men’s cologne kinda way.

Not funky or bad.  Just unfamiliar.

And I know describing a man smell as floral is weird.  But it was! That’s the best way I can describe it.  I tried to ignore it, but the smell is really strong.  It’s hardly faded all day.

It smells as if I sprayed my left shoulder with some kind of body spray, or air freshener.  But not in a flavor I’ve ever experienced before.  And certainly nothing that we own here.  I went around trying to identify the smell and was most unsuccessful.

Maybe Duggs accidentally put some weird secret body spray on me when he was leaving for work today?

That doesn’t even make sense.

It must have been a ghost. 

Who else would have this weird smell, and just put it on such a weird place like my left shoulder?  I probably hung out with a ghost while I was sleeping and he or she hugged me or patted my arm.

So the ghost cologne situation was how I started today.

Then I did a bunch of working.  I actually got some cleaning done, which is nice.  Today’s been pretty busy.

gratuitous pooch pic, he is sulking because i've been busy today. oh jay.

A repairman came by the house to un-clog a laundry room pipe situation we’ve had going on.  All this hardwater linty build up clogged the drain pipe for our washer.  The housing maintenance people we’re super busy, so it’s been bad news bears for a while.  The washer man came here last week and although he identified the problem, was unable to fix it.

there's our washer - it's the white pipe, with the black ones that go into it - that's the one that is all clogged up

close up!

Gee Rose, this story is boring.  Why are you telling me? 

Because I took some initiative on my own and poured some vinegar into the clogged pipe. In intervals.  And guess what?  It worked!

We haven’t tested the washer much (it kept flooding the whole floor, so why risk it?)… but when the guy came today, he didn’t really have to do anything.  The vinegar had actually been abrasive enough to beat back that scum!

I used White Distilled Vinegar – the most amazing substance on earth.  I mop with it, clean all our counters with it, combat hard water in our showers and sinks.  I use it in the laundry, I use it everywhere.  It’s just the most amazing stuff ever.

best substance ever

One more use: natural pipe de-clogger!

I asked the gent today if I should have used Draino or some other commercial pipe cleaner.  And he laughed!  He LOL’ed.  Based on his expertise, draino is fake-o.  It’s ripoff city.  He said that I did the best thing possible, WDV.

Also, could have been used – lemon juice.

Note: this was for build up scum… not to de-clog a big ole hairball or rat carcass.

Eww! I really did just go there.  Did you gag a little bit?

Final piece of business: If you want in on the Valentine’s Day post for tomorrow, there’s still a smidgen of time left.  Email me a brief love letter to your body, along with a pic.

happyhippierose @ gmail DOT com

The post goes up tomorrow, and I’m super duper excited.  The positive reinforcement has been lovely – healthy body image is important.  I’m not 100% there myself, not by any means.  But working on it feels good.

Anyways, busy day, I must be going! How ’bout you? Happy Monday? Busy? Excited for tomorrow? Do tell!

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo, hhr


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