What I’m Into: January 2012

What I’m Into This Month – January 2012

Megan over at Sorta Crunchy posted her “What I’m Into This Month” today… and so, I’m following suit.  Here we go:

On My Nightstand: 

I’ve been halfway through Emily Giffin’s “Heart of the Matter” for weeks and weeks now.

I’m embarrassed to admit how little I’ve read this month.  Oopsies! I feel like I’ve been writing so much.

T.V. Show Worth Watching: 

White Collar.  <— in love with this show, so glad it’s back with new eps.

Jersey Shore. duh.

I have watched a little American Idol, I’m not so into it though.

I know there’s way more regular TV that I do watch… but most of our watching is on Netflix right now:

TEEN WOLF.  on Netflix, the whole first season.  oh it’s so good, such a guilty pleasure that’s actually good!

One Tree Hill – we started from s1 and we’re just chugging through dozens and dozens of episodes. whew.

Movie I’ve Seen (in or out of the theater):

Moneyball.  It was good.

Red State.  holy cow what a movie.  what a movie!! so good.

Midnight In Paris.  so so so so so good. LOVE. AMAZE!

In My Kitchen:

No dairy!  It was low-dairy January and we did a cracker jack job of staying away.  I’m really really proud of us.  We’ve done good this month.

I have been kinda slacking with recipe invention lately.  Duggs has been doing so much of the cooking, and he’s just been amazing in there (as usual!).

In My Ears:

Spotify = amazing. I’m just listening to way too much music to list.  My friend Matt just gave me the Grimes album, “Visions” and I loooooove it.

I’mn obsessed with Niki and the Dove too.  Ohhh, love.

I’m listening to so many podcasts: wtf with Marc Maron, the Adam Carolla show, This American Life, The State We’re In, Sklarbro Country, and the French Podclass.


What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month: 

We set a really nice workout goal for January, so I’m excited to set a new goal for February and see if I can get there.  I’m also looking forward to Valentine’s Day… I think it’s the first one I’ve ever spent with Duggs, together geographically I mean.

So that should be sweet.  Yeah.

How about you, sweet friends? Whatcha into this first fine month of 2012?

Post yours, and then link back to me!


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