calling all geeks and nerds. who can write. nerdy writers wanted! asap!

One of my co-workers passed around this meme from that outlines the core differences between geeks and nerds.  The full thing is better, but just to get a taste, here’s a little screen shot for ya:

I tried to decipher the signs and symptoms, and I’m just so torn.  I’m both-ish. According to my husband I’m a gerd.  Which, figuring that GERD is a gastrointestinal disorder, it seems almost fitting for me.

Mostly though, I’m a dork.  I’m very very dorky.  Always have been.  I have my nuances of social awkwardness, the kinda thing where I played Barbies till I was like 17, that kind of stuff.  When you meet me in person or hang out with me, I usually tend to be pretty affable, actually.  I don’t come across as a rocket scientist or some weird niche snob (at least I wish I did, or I hope I don’t, respectively).

But, I like geekery.  I like nerdery.  I appreciate both.

So what about you? Are you a geek or a nerd or a Klingon?

I ask, because there’s a place that’s very special to me that is looking for new writers.  And if you’re both a geek and a writer, or just someone who likes shows and stuff… maybe this is a good fit for you?

There are a couple places on this big old Interwebs for which I write. One such place is here, happy hippie rose, obvs.  The other has been around a lot longer, is much bigger than me and this little blog, and it totally allows me to unleash my inner fanboy.

I’m a staff writer over at

What is this Fandomania?  It’s sort of a haven for geek, freaks, nerds, dorks and everyone in between.  Gamer types, comic book types, hey-I-just-watch-Dexter-but-I’m-still-very-cool types. They cover a lot of range.

The site delves into fandoms, the phenomena of loving a series, a book, a TV show, a character, whatever it is that you could possibly be a fan of –  and everything that makes the heart of a fan tick.

So what do you think?

Check out their open call for writers HERE.

Fandomania is a multi-genre, multi-media website written and run by fans for fans. We’re into everything from sci-fi to fantasy to action, and we cover everything from movies and TV to comics and games. We post a lot of reviews, but what we’re looking for this time is a good group of folks who can write non-review articles to share with your fellow fans. Editorials, educational posts, lists, and general fandom related bloggery are the things we want. If you are opinionated, stay informed, have creative ideas about your geekiness, and are a great writer, we want to hear from you.


I’ve been with Fandomania for years now, and I just love it.  It’s a wonderful community of bright, fun, funny folks and it’s been a pleasure being a part of their inner circle.

I recently wrote this really personal Harry Potter essay. I’d love for you to check it out.  I’d love to have a conversation about it.  And there are other pieces, by other writers over there who’d love to chat too.

So, calling all geeks and nerds, go check out Fandomania!!


7 responses

  1. Dear Gerd,

    I have to admit that slogging through book 7 was tough. When I reread it, I usually gloss over some of the forest stuff. Even some of the other stuff. The last 4 novels were all too wordy, but the 7th was the worst. I think she was just so successful, everyone was afraid to edit her. Or she was so powerful, she just said, “No.” Frankly, I don’t need to go through the pain of stupidity for as long as they did. Not even once, much less over and over.

    On the other hand, I have reread the last few chapters (say, from where the dynamic trio appears in Diagon Alley setting off catterwauling) through the end at least ten times this past year.

    The beginning was good. Some parts in the middle were very good to great. The end is great. But the book should have been 1/2 to 2/3 the length it was (as should books 4, 5 and 6). And movie 7b varied a ridiculous amount from the book. As with the second and third Narnia movies, I can enjoy it, but I have to completely forget the book.

    I’ll look into fandomania, but I’m not sure I keep current on anything enough that they’d want me to write. We;ll see.

    Your brother,

    • I bet there would be stuff they’d want you to write. You’re a great writer and an excellent analyst. You’re funny. You can do it!

      I feel like you so get me about the HP stuff. She was totally too successful. I think she wanted to kill off Harry, or at least have things go down far differently than they did… but she still wanted to kill people. I just found the way the chips landed to be arbitrary. Book 7 was so absurd.

      Maybe I should re-read it at some point. I kinda like that the more awful details have left my memory. It was a hard read for me.

      I was totally cool with Book 4 being as long as it was, though. I loved it. There was SO MUCH that went on before the school year started in that book, and I loved it!

      Now, Book 5, different story. If I had to sit through one more detention… gah!

      • Just emailed the peeps over there! I try and often fail at using sci-fi related themes to engage readers into looking at fitness/health differently and I straddle both geek and nerd so fandomania looks like a fun place to hang out. Thank you!!!

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