i’m so proud of my school, yeah UNF is hosting the GOP debate!

I am an Osprey, watch me SWOOP! 

My alma mater, THE University of North Florida will be hosting the next GOP Debate this Thursday.   From the school’s official FB Page I’ve been able to see the CNN buses rolling in and setting up.

cnn is on campus, rolling right onto the green!

This is really big for our school.

Our serene state school, set on acres of protected wildlife preservation, is a beautiful, special, and totally sprawling and dominating university!  The growth was abundant back when I was there, in the early 2000’s (ehh, I spent roughly the first half of that decade there) we were up-and-coming.  I spent three years in the student government, hearing about the plans for building more dorms, a student union, and all kinds of projects that have long since had their ribbons cut.

prepping the inside of lazzara performance hall for the debate

Now, it’s time for good ole UNF to shine in the spotlight.

So, get it Ospreys!  Swoop hard.  I’m so proud to be an alum right now.


PS, i’m no ‘publican, I’m just stoked for the school to have a major event like such.

Oh, and while we’re talking about UNF – I just have to say, I love to swoop.  Know why? Because I totally invented “the swoop!”  I totally and honestly made it up at a pep rally and just went with it.  It was fodder for mockery at the time, people snickering and giggling at me as I pitifully tried to pump up the crowds (my friends) during pep rallies (I was Prez of the spirit club, go figure).

I have no proof of this.  But as I see it, I coined the phrase that’s totally taken over.

All the pics were stolen from UNF’s FB page, yo.

as always, thanks for reading. xoxo, hhr


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