the versatile blogger award

The Versatile Blogger Award!! 

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1) Thank the person who nominated me and link back to them in my post
2) Share 7 things about me
3) Pass the award on to 15 more bloggers
4) Contact the bloggers I have chosen to let them know that they have been selected

1) Thank you, EyeLaugh!  I was nominated by EyeLaugh, and I totally recommend you check out their burgeoning web comics.

2) Seven Things About ME, happyhippierose:

  1. I was raised in Florida, but born in Boston.  My parents were married there too, they lived there a few years.  Hence why I love the BoSox!
  2. I am a Christian, and I am a lefty lefty liberal – it’s possible to be both, I promise! I love being a tree-hugging, crunchy, radical who follows Christ.  My motivation is love, it’s all about loving others.
  3. JJ, my pooch, is like a little BFF to me and we do everything together
  4. Before I got married I had no idea it would be as awesome as it is, I love being married, I love being wife and mostly I love my husband.  He’s the best.
  5. I’m dreadfully homesick.  I miss my family so much, I can’t wait for the next time we’re all together; my extended fam is all real close – cousins, aunts and uncles, I miss all of them so much.
  6. If I met genie and got three wishes… after ending all the world’s real problems I would totally wish for a really amazing singing voice.  I always have wished that I could really sing, like Mariah sing… but honestly, I’d take a good enough voice for karaoke at this point.  I’m the worst.
  7. I have three tattoos and I want so many more, I just can’t choose any places to put them.

3) Fifteen Bloggers:

  1. erin writes – i’m subscribed to erin, she’s a funny mom trying to write a novel
  2. roadkills-r-us – i learn so much from miles, he’s a pastor, father, friend and more
  3. deconstructing saigon – my friend christina is witty, clever, sweet and rad
  4. the hash slinger – beautiful photos, food, faith and fun
  5. cult fit – fitness motivation, nutrition, humor and just lots of awesome
  6. – carly’s fitness, juicing, military wife life, yoga blog with pretty pics
  7. smile across the finish – about running, super inspirational
  8. sink or swim – reb d. is all over the world!
  9. die, food dye! – rebecca is saving lives with her work against harmful dyes
  10. heroblues – my friend sydney’s blog about yoga, fitness and food
  11. wtfrain – rain’s random rants about all kinds of stuff; explicit!
  12. bear runner – get motivated to train and crank out the miles
  13. the skip-raid – the funniest blog i’ve ever read, my fav for years
  14. twirling girl – a new find for me, victoria’s blog on faith is just amazing
  15. through the tunnel – esther blogs about PPD from the vantage point of surviving it
Congrats everyone!  If I went and linked you here, and gave you the award on your blog – I really do love what you do, it really is my way of saying Rock On!
My Thoughts on The Versatile Blogger Award:

I’ve been “awarded” the Versatile Blogger Award, and I’ve been honestly torn on whether I wanted to play along with this, or not.  This “award” isn’t decided by a blog critiquing entity, a committee, or a professional organization – another blogger who enjoys my lil’ page here gave it to me.

I think this “award” is more about networking amongst blogs, and getting my link out there than it is some literary achievement that validates my good writings here. The world of super blogging really intimidates me – all the fancy custom logos and graphics, these big communities where everyone knows everyone.  I like reading other blogs, but I like reading them for content, not as just a means to get them to read my blog.

I feel like a lot of people do that, ya know?  They cruise around blogs, leaving comments just for the sake of getting others to click their link.

“Oh hay, I totally agree with what you said you should click to my blog now you would like it.”  

I feel like I see stuff like that so often.  I hate that… it feels like when someone in a conversation isn’t listening to you, but merely waiting for their turn to speak.

I want to have two-sided, genuine conversations. 

But the blog that awarded this to me, EyeLaugh, I like.  The his and her comedy duo are very nice, and we’ve been reading each others blogs for a little while now.  I know that like all of us, they likely care about increasing readership and fostering a community… but it feels more genuine than whoring.

So it is for them, and for the sake of experimenting that I’m going to do this.  So, we’ll see how it goes!

as always, thanks for reading!  xoxo, hhr


15 responses

  1. Thank you so much for the award!

    I have to laugh at your genie wish. My husband is a wonderful singer, and so is everyone in his family (his mom is a retired choir teacher). And I am…not so much. So, at this point in time, I’d just like a voice good enough to join the church choir with him. Hehe.

    • Seriously! In my heart of hearts I totally want to be the next Gaga… but I mean, I’d settle for not embarrassing myself singing “happy birthday.” when you can’t sing, the ole happy birthday is THE worst.

      my hubs can croon, and he knows it, and he rubs it in! hahaha.

      if i find the voice-fixing geneie one day, i’ll so give him your url. i assume geneies will totes be cool with a digital location, it is 2012, right?

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