happy happy joy joy, anna anna joy joy!

Happy Birthday to my Anna Joy! 

my pretty lil sis

My younger, and only, sibling is my sister Anna Joy.  She’s my best girlfriend, and I love her and miss her so much – like, the kind of miss where I literally call her crying from the fetal position, lying on my couch wallowing away.

So today, amidst the dramz of the SOPA-inspired blackouts (say no to SOPA, here)… my sister was attempting to party on – January 18th is her birthday, and my love for her trumps my need to blog out against SOPA and PIPA (even though I am so against them… we shan’t share the spotlight here, here today is for Anna Joy!)

Anna is amazing. 

My sister Anna has always been more popular than me, and for good reason.  She’s kind, empathetic, gregarious, funny and so fun to be around.  She parties me under the table and into the ground.  She’s a total badass, growing up she never had any fear and would often launch herself into danger way ahead of me (ski down a black diamond? Anna did it without a second glance.  Jump off the dock?  Right after Anna, I will).

i don't even know what's going on here

She’s beautiful, sweet, and has an amazing heart.  She loves other people so much, she lives as such an example.  She is more generous than anyone I know.  And beyond loving people, she has a huge heart for animals.

anna with puppy

Her hair is about an untamable as mine, ha!  We have much in common, sure.  When we’re around each other we have the exact same mannerisms – Italians, we talk with our hands!  And WE’RE LOUD!  Like, annoying loud.  But it’s okay, because we’re fun.

are you two sisters? no.... YES!

wa wild and crazy hair

She’s always the life of the party!

And we’ve done this weird thing where in so many ways she can be the more mature sister.  I’m the one who would blow up a bag of chips in the microwave, and she’d be making whole dinners.  She’s so wise beyond her years, a true “old soul.”

anna, explaining to me that i must wear clothes in public (boo)


But don’t think she’s stuffy or anything like that.  Bossy, yes! hahaha… a little bossy.  But so am I.  I’ll admit that.

My wiser and sensitive sister, always there to listen to me, lend a shoulder, etc.  She’s so wonderful, and I love being able to go to her with anything, and I know that she’ll help me out, love me no matter what, and she’s always there for me.

I have so many epically funny and sweet tender moments from growing up.  I think of us wearing our mom’s dresses (ie: negliges, weird!) and dancing along to our fav musicals.  We would watch Footloose ad nauseum, and Beaches.  Oh, Beaches, we loved that one.  There are so many musicals we were obsessed with, singing and dancing along… Disney movies, samesies.


We loved Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing, and on TV we’d watch Saved By The Bell together, and Snick.

My little sister was a better dancer than me, and she went really far with it.  She was great with gymnastics too.  When we got older, we both swam together.   Her true passion is music in general, and watching her play, I get so proud.  She was always the real talent in our family; harboring no jealousy over her vast skills and abilities, I’m just so impressed and proud of her, she’s amazing.

best bassist ever

umm... she was in cirque de soleil, nothing to see here! (haha, we're such twins)

lil' gymnast


I’ll always remember traveling with her, playing with Barbies on airplanes, and our precious Tamagotchis.   Or better yet, the road trips!   I should totally tell the Binaca story on my blog sometime, or the Mission Veijo, oh man.  We have so many funny ones.

My sister is so rad and fun, she’s the best.

For a while she was cooler than me.  She had blacklights under her whip, and it had tons of bass in the back.  She was always into pimping out her ride, for sure.  (I love you Anna, hahaha).

We are so alike in so many ways, and not just how we talk and walk, and we walk and move and wave our hands when we talk.  We’re both music-loving hippies, always sharing music and telling each other about bands, going to concerts.  We love the beach, playing outside: hiking, exploring, swimming, and camping.  We’re always comfy in an outdoorsy setting.  We LOVE sports, cooking, crafting – we have so many hobbies and interests in common.  I love exchanging recipes with her.

We’re both so very family-focused, we love our wacky, crazy family.  I have a feeling that surviving them is what has brought us so close.

me, grandma sally, and a.j.

anna, stepmom, and me

aj, mom, and me

aunt shosh, aj, and me - not only do we have our mom, and our step-mom, we have our aunt shosh, who loves us like a mom

nicole (nicky cole) and anna... nicky is basically the third sister, but she's technically our cousin. we all look and act so much alike!

My sister and I love fireworks, and fire in general.  We’re both world travelers, and even though we went to different colleges, we were both initiated into the same sorority (AXO).  We’re both givers, always looking for ways to help others.  Democrats! Yeah! We’re both runners, and we should totally train and meet up for a race, that would be awesome.  Garsh, we have so so so much in common.  We’re like the same person, but different. You get what I mean, yeah? (Probably not, I don’t make much sense).

sisters for obama!

I learned my tie dye skills with my sis!  We’ve both been so obsessed for as long as I can remember, and we always dye when we get together.  She’s so business savvy, my dream is for her to work with me on the tie dye thing and whip it into a real (organized) business, and she’d help me to do the PR and making the garments too.  That would be so rad.

right before sky diving!

playing with fire

let's not kid, this is our most fav thing to do. we're awful with our technology addictions.

All of my best tie dye shirts are actually made by my sis, well a lot of them are.  A couple are made by Nicole too.

For twenty-six years I’ve had the sincere pleasure of being a “big sister.”  January 18, 1986 was clearly a huge day for A.J. herself, and well, the world at large became a nicer place; but,  it was an amazing one for me too, an event I am forever grateful for – I am so blessed that you came into my life, and for 26 years we’ve been giggling, having fun, making up languages and getting up to no good… I cannot wait for the next 26 years of being your big sis, or well, optimistically, the next 86!

a classic, a very floral classic.

Your birthday, beloved sister, is a celebration for me too.  But I don’t want to obsess any more on that point, because it is YOUR day.  You’ve already celebrated, over there on the east coast.  So I’m sorry this is late (blame my power outage, ugh)… and I’m sorry I’m not there.  You’ve been in my thoughts more than usual today.

I wish you a super duper rad birthday!

So dear Anna Joy, today and everyday, I wish you the best, that all yoru dreams come true, that you find nothing but happiness and good times in life… and if at any moment it’s not all cupcakes and glitter, Duggs and I are always here for you.  We miss you and we love you so much.



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  1. Rose, this is probably the best birthday present Anna Joy received. As I am reading it, I am reminded just how alike we all are in so many ways, particularly our mannerisms, which is very interesting given that our family is spread out all over the place. One thing I do want to correct though is this: We are “SICILIANS”! Minor detail, big difference!

    Love you both, Aunt Patty Joy

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