i dream in blonde

Lately, whenever I see myself in my own dreams, I totally have blond hair.  Like long flowing Jessica Simpson hair.

the one good thing about j simps = her hair.

The funny reality is that I haven’t had long blonde hair since ’04.  And it was never flowing and awesome, it was usually frizzy and huge or short and weird.

pretty hair. aww. winter '07

blonde and blonde can be, back in '08 (or maybe '07)

weird quasi hawk. oy.

I went black in 2009.  Meaning, one day I just decided to dye my hair black, and it’s been various shades of black, with purples and blues, all the way up to light brown and some weird red hues ever since.  It’s been a hair journey, for sure.  Now, I’m not actually sure what my real hair color is.

newly jet-haired in '09

I almost wanted to go back to blonde.  I really did.  I LOVE being a blonde, it’s fun and perky, and you stick out in a crowd.   And because I keep dreaming of myself as a blonde, I thought that was like a sign that I should.

But then I thought about the maintenance, and how hard water ruins it.  I thought about all the products and the hassle and the blah blah blah… and I just can’t commit to all that.  The hippie in me sees the path of least resistance and goes towards it.

(I know what you’re thinking – a REAL hippie would just go au naturale.  But I’m in too deep, I’ve tried to let it grow out and just deal… and blech.  It looks crappy.  Half my head is one color and tone, the other half another.  And I don’t like the middle ground, I need either extreme.  And I’m too vain for it to be all weird in a grow-y out-y stage (I know my vanity is bad, I’m working on it) … I could maybe handle being dirty blonde with some highlights, but at this point it would take multiple sittings to lift out the permanent black dye up in here, so I’m just not having it.)

There’s something about the jet black hair that’s mysterious and sexy.  And well, it makes my eyes pop like woah.  (I have green/gray eyes, and the dark color does wonders).  Also, and I have no idea if there’s science to this – my hair is less frizzy when it’s a darker color.   My hair is HUGE and always carries a minimum level of frizz and volume, but darker seems to have lesser.


Okay, okay… so I do have an idea.  As far as my natural color is concerned, I believe it’s somewhere in the dirty blonde family. It’s very warm (ie: brassy), and I always try and ash it out.  My roots grow in way lighter than my dyed mop, so I have to keep up with it, or else it looks ridic.

i think this is close to natural. please disregard amazing hot pink goggles.

i'm on the left, you can see some natch highlights and lil' blonde roots trying to shine through

It’s very curly.  It has a life of it’s own, honestly.  And I like it.  I don’t really try to tame it, because that can easily backfire.  It’s just this wavy crazy mop of hair, and I love it.

crazy hair is the bestest

The point to this post? I have no idea.  It’s so vain.  All about something so petty and with so many pics of myself, I know I probs shouldn’t even post this crap, but I know I will anyways.

me as a ginger. so wacky, yes?

awful awful red. like rust.

I guess that in my dreams I always see myself as blonde.  I always emotionally relate to blondes.  When someone says “oh the blonde girl over there?” – I think they mean me for a second, and then my brain catches up and realizes I am not the blonde one.  Maybe my mind is just on a three-year delay?

I guess in my noodle, I’m a yellow-head still. But in reality, I keep dyeing and re-dyeing my ‘do so black.

Weird.  And yes, pointless.  But this is the froth I’ve been pondering today.  See, maybe I am a true blonde after all.

As always, thanks for reading!  xoxo,hhr


8 responses

    • i think i know what you mean, i feel the same way! like, i keep wishing i had some golden locks… but oh, it’s SUCH a pain to get back there.

      and it ain’t happenin’ any time soon. i JUST re-dyed it black last night. oopsies!

  1. Black is a huge mainatance upkeep too, or it can be. I think if you want to go blonde you should take the plunge and do it, worse case scenerio you hate it and dye your hair back dark. I am in the same boat in not knowing what my natural hair colour is, I am thinking its some sort of brown however I haven’t seen it in years.

    • the black hair seems to be way easier for me, because it isn’t affected by everyday life the way blond is… water kills blond hair, chlorine water turns it green, hard water in the shower turns it brassy, the ocean water bleaches it out, and i’m always in some kinda water. hehe. the black i’ve been using doesn’t fade, at all (score!)… so yeah, for me it’s easier. i do have to keep up with the roots, but i do it at home.

      i’d love to see you with an extreme color, like PLATINUM blonde. have you ever?

      • Nope I had my natural hair colour all the way through high school, and it was short short then too, then after I just grew it out, and started dyeing it deep purple, and been dying it that way ever since. I can pull off red, and dark colours really well. I don’t know if I would put my hair through going blond, I would be scared something would happen to it, or it would fry as I would have to bleach and strip it right down for sure.

        Actually I am do for a dye, any suggestions Rose.

      • Sarah, I keep seeing this black color that’s like washed in red. As in, looks black in matte and then when some light hits it or you go outside, it’s red!

        And then there’s this super dark roots and dark red tips look.

        I like the idea of messing with black and red. Especially if you can pull off both!!

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