I’m doing home from my work (my new job!)

I really did get a job, and it’s AWESOME.

Amongst various other official and serious tasks, I’m getting paid to write.  How rad is that?  I’m a pro writer!

Well, kinda.

One of the aspects of my new position is to follow tech news, social media, and the interwebs and write about some of the exciting, innovative, important going-ons.  And a really clutch component of this job o’ mine…

I work from home. 

this is me, in my chair that i work from - in my living room. oh hi there!

I know what you’re thinking: sweatpants, watching TV and having a party on the clock.  In reality, it’s so not like that.  My friend Christina, who I’ve known for years, is now a co-worker of mine.  She recently described the experience so well, I’m just going to quote her:

Working remotely is not for the faint of heart nor is it as easy as people think. It takes a high level of dedication and self motivation, discipline and the ability to juggle many things at once.


And why do people hate on sweatpants so much.  Have they ever worn sweats? What’s not to love? Comfy, soft, ambiguous, nice.  Sweats are alright by me.

For real though: I’m in the process of learning self discipline.  I’ve had more than one medical professional “diagnose” me as ADHD, and OCD.  I take such diagnoses with a grain of salt, honestly.  As for the ADHD thing – I am so easily distracted, it’s crazy.  A noise, something shiny, a text, FB, etc.  I feel like I always know what’s going on and my brain is totally aware of twenty simultaneous things worth thinking about.  Adam Carolla always defines it as “hypervigilence,” and it’s more about super situational awareness and multi-tasking, rather than ADHD.

Okay, I’m totally hyper.  I know that.  And once I get going, I can go nuts.  I get super excited and my hands start flying and I’m exclaiming excitedly and just going off.

here i am excitedly holding up the fancy notebook i made to keep my work stuffs organized.

But… I actually have an amazing attention span when it comes to something that I’m interested in or passionate about.  I’m all eyes on the prize, ya know?   Sometimes, I’m too interested.  Insert the reason they sling that OCD label my way.  I can get a little obsessive about things, sometimes.   One day, I worked for like ten hours in a row.  Oops.

I just get into it and I love it and I just go for it.

So. This post has fabulously gone off track. It’s all related stuff, but I’m sure (if you’re actually interested enough to read this far) that you’re wondering wtf I actually do.  Well, here’s a link to some of my writings. Enjoy!

it appears this is very serious

It’s a multi-faceted job, it keeps me challenged, and it’s stuff that I love doing.  I’m learning so much, I’m reigniting my passion for professional writing, and I work with a crop of the nicest, most welcoming people ever.  So far, my reception has been wonderful.

I am so blessed to have this opportunity, given my health and the fact that we’ll be moving at some point – working from home is more than ideal for me.   On days I don’t feel so well, it’s so much better to be home than to be in an office.  No commute, no special office wardrobe.  There are tons of perks.  I drive way less, less emissions, less gas… so cool!

little pooch naps behind me while i work.

Wish me luck, and I’ll let ya know how it goes !

As always, thanks for reading.  xoxo, hhr

P.S – I know I talked about my place of work.  Just remember, this is my personal blog and everything expressed here is of my own opinion and is NOT the view of the company I work for!


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