seek and ye shall find

Seriously, who are you?  Who are you people who keep typing in these random, intriguing, relevant, and sometimes wacky terms into Google and find me?

Warning: foul language ahead. ish. 

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Every time I check out my blog stats, a task made super easy-peasy via WordPress, I notice the list of search terms that have landed a reader or two or sixty my way.   And it more than piques my curiosity, I want to know who you are.  Really, I do!

When you type in porphyria, I want to know you! 

Do you have porphyria?  Are you searching on behalf of someone you know?  I hate seeing that you’ve found me via the very mechanism that creates my blood, differing me from so many and yet likening to so many (it’s a genetic blood disease, yo, get it?)… and you don’t SAY HI.

Who are you?  Whatcha doin here? Do you agree with what I’ve posted? Have I helped clarify something? Wanna be friends?

I like when people search for “vegan recipe crock pot banana” and find me. Yeah! One of my all time most popular posts is about my steel cut oats crock pot cookery.  Lots of people look for something to do with chicken, chile and lime in a crockpot too.  That’s so rad, I like sharing recipes.

Tons of readers come a-looking for tie dye, tie dye instructions, how to start a tie dye business, and with tie dye questions.  Seeing as I am a super rad tie dye expert, I’m totes cool with that.

There are tons of fun search terms. 

When you type in something fun, or cool, or a word that denotes we have something in common – I sure do wish you’d leave a comment.  That would be rad, and polite!

Lotsa crafters, OCM inquiries, hiking and Hawaii stuff – that’s all pretty much stuff I expect.

this is beyond defining

I like that my blog name is in two of top four All Time terms.  I think that’s good?  It means people are seeking me out purposefully.  I do like that.  But if you are one of those, who are you?  Are you my aunt or a friend from home? Maybe a work colleague who wanted to check out my ramblings?  Regardless, feel free to holler!

And then there’s the crazies.  Some screen shots from my “Search Engine Terms” section:

better than paying for it. i guess?

yikes. REALLY?

And let’s be clear… the seeker of scar-related porn has searched thrice in the last seven days.  Or worse, there’s three of y’all out there.  Woof.

And hippie porn?  Really?  I mean, I know that if you imagine it exists, it can and does.  But what are we talkin here?  People with dreads and beanies? Woodstock photos?  Haha… I don’t want to know, actually.

And now to lure some fun new readers, I will type a list of random words and phrases that may reel in some cool new people:

  • crock pot master chef
  • peace be with you
  • smokey eye addict
  • porphyria patient seeks pals
  • quack attack is back, jack
  • super trendy awesome writer
  • hawaiian sun tan
  • hot pink nail polish
  • free GOOD hippie porn
  • just kidding on that last one

So more than likely you found your way here from a link.  Or your purposefully went and mashed my url into your browser bar (yeah, maybe that’ll make me searchable for geek porn)?

Whatever you’ve done, I appreciate you reading.  You’ve totally given me a kick, and you keep me laughing.   No matter how you got here, well almost no matter how, I am ever grateful for your readership.  I mean that.

As always, thanks for reading. xoxo, hhr


12 responses

  1. I think I found you searching for Hawaiian military wife blogs, I am so grateful that you have shared your experience on the island so that people like me can see what we are getting into!

  2. Ask and ye shall receive…

    just a quick “Hi, I stopped by…” from a dude over at Watts Up…

    Cool place you got here!

    I’ll be back, hopefully with the response you were seeking…


  3. Hi Rose! I don’t feel bad using your name, despite that we’ve never met, but it feels like I know you! Originally, I just started typing in tie dye or hippy into google to see if there were any how-to guides… I can’t remember why, I think I had a 60’s party or something to go to… Anyways, I somehow tracked my way to your blog and now I look forward to your new posts! Especially fun crafty ones! Enough rambling from me, but I do very much enjoy your blog, especially the positivity, energy and humor you put into each post and your life! It’s such an admirable quality! Oh and I’m all the way in Australia, your blog has gone viral :)))

    • Oh wow, thanks so much for finding my blog and giving me a read. I’m honored! I should post some more crafty stuff. My friend and I were just discussing trying to do a new craft soon.

      Thanks for the kind words, they really mean so very much!

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