goals, not resolutions

They’re Goals, Not Resolutions 

I feel like by coming out and calling them “resolutions” it makes it impossible to follow through with them.  Resolutions are abandoned by now (the second week of January).  Resolutions are inflexible, unattainable, huge, and never-ending.

let's get physical

So I set goals

The Duggs and I like to set goals are year long.  Goals aren’t just for January 1st, goals work all year long; it’s how we progress and better ourselves, and keep things interesting.  (I have a competitive streak in me and I love the process of setting, working towards and reaching a goal).   So even though this isn’t something unique to the New Year, I wanted to get in the renewative spirit of 2012 (yeah, I invented that word, renwative) and set some goals:

2012 Goals

  • Fitness – and I’m for real.  I know everyone says it, losing weight and getting in shape is the biggest goal that everyone is all about.  But I really mean it.  I go in these spurts of good weeks and bad weeks, and in my good weeks I can really push it.  But then I’ll have a bad week where I don’t even work out at all.  A lot of it is health-based, when I’m not feeling well is when I’m not so active;  but the goal for 2012 is to really push through and make every week a good week.
         So yeah, we have a chart for accountability and I’m trying to reach a set number of workouts per month, and we’ll take it from there.  If I could fit into my jeans, I’d also be cool with that.  Sheesh.

i gotta get my run on

  • Eat Better:  We’ve been doing so good with this one.  I haven’t had dairy yet in 2012! Well, I’ll still have butter, but no more cheese, no more milk, no more ice cream.  I’m going to post about my newest cold treat phase, using the Yonanas machine.  Between subbing in fruit for ice cream, we’ve also cut out a lot of junk and put back in a ton of greenery and basic, simple foods.  I really believe in eating organic, supporting humane farming, and so-on … so it’s uber hypocritical when I go and eat a gallon of ice cream every night. Woof.

yonanas is the bomb dot com

  • Write, Paint, Dye: I want to work on my writing in a more serious way; I’m afraid to say it aloud (because it puts a lot of pressure on the situation), but I’m writing a book.  The great American novel is indeed a quest, and I’m on it.  I also want to dye for fun, and get clever with it.  I want to paint more.  I just want to push into some form of artistic expression because I know the more I do it, the better I feel.  And I have to feel better in 2012 than I did in 2011, I can’t do another year like ’11.  No way.

here's a weird and awkward photo of me painting

  • Do Good.  More service work, more volunteering.  Random acts of kindness.  Just smiling in public, being nice to strangers.  I want to do more good, and I mean this on a very simple and basic world.  The whole pay-it-forward thing could really change the world if everyone was honestly I smidge nicer. So I’ll do my part this year.

since i'm flashing a peace sign it totes implies that i'm gonna be way nice a do-goody

  • Take advantage of my surroundings.  I’m not sure how much time we have left in Hawaii, but I want to make the best of it!  Then the same goes for once we move.  I’d like to play outside and have fun.

playing outside

  • Go greener.  I’m pretty “green.”  I try, anyways.  But there is WAY MORE that I could do.  And if and when I discover easy ways to make a difference, or can live as a testimony that it’s easy to do (like living without papertowels for more than a year), I need to tell others about it!

if we ruin the earth, we'll all have to suit up to go outside. boo.

  • My blog!  The world of blogging is super intimidating and hardcore.  But I want to keep this going and just keep having fun.

i'm just gonna type my heart out and see what comes of it

  • My professional life:  I have a job!  And I’m super blessed to have this job, and I’m excited to try my best and work very hard and to just do a great job.  So as long as I’m setting goals, I should go ahead and include in the list that I have some professional aspirations going on over here.

2012 has much to offer, and I’m excited to step up and go for the goals that are ahead of me.   And obvs, I totes update as I go on my very lovely blog!

As always, thanks for reading!  xoxo, hhr




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