Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah – CARE PACK SNEAK PEEK!


I promised myself I wouldn’t leak a single festive photo of our holiday handicrafts until they were good and distributed, and all inteded parties had opened everything.

But.  Since I’m impossibly unable to wait for anything: I’m showing y’all one box now!

Altogether, we sent out FOUR decorated boxes, and I *think* that despite the nasty grimm forewarnings of my local poste employees, they all made it on time, as per normal non-holiday timing would have predicted (yeah, they scare you and say because it’s the holidays everything will go slower.  Well, knock on wood, things are going as they should so far!).

My Dad, Stepmom and Grandma received this multi-holidayed gem:

it's my half and half box! so rad, yes?

Half Christmas, Half Hanukkah (just like the best of us)..

this is my favorite part, see what I did there? with the color swap? ya see that? clever.

I’m realizing now that I don’t have photos of all the gifts, but it’s okay.  After everyone has opened all of our gifts, I’m following up my It’s Good To Give Part 1 post with a Part 2 that dishes some of the highlights of gifts we sent.  I make gift-giving this super intense process, and yeah anyways… like I said, after Christmas.

But for now, I hope y’all like getting to peek at one of the cutest boxes ever made.

Oh, the best part – my fam had no clue we were decorating, so what a surprise to open it up and find a colorful treasure for the eyes like this!  (YEAH. I really like the boxes I decorate.  And I’m proud of them.  So WHAT?!?).

I say “we” becauseOle Stinky Duggs was quite amazing this past weekend.  He was sick, didn’t feel so hot, and yet he gave up his Friday, Saturday, Sunday-all-nighter-till-10-a.m.-Monday to help execute these boxes.

He was my cut man (cutting out the little doodads I color, draw, and write) and he’s also the world’s best gift wrapper. Seriously!   Thank you, for all your help Duggs.  We make a good team any time, but at Christmastime, man we’re some kind super duper duo. Yeah!

Thanks for taking a peek at my combo-holiday care pack!

And to ALL my readers, friends, family and loved ones:





and just… Happy Holidays!!!!

as always, thanks for reading! xoxo, hhr


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