a pirate’s wife for me!

Yo ho, yo ho…

A Pirate’s Wife For Me!

Today will be a quickie: my husband hurt his eye yesterday and now he has to wear this gauze taped over his eyeball, and he looks like a pirate.  A very nice pirate who likes sandwiches and video games, and the pooch.

there's my pirate! (ps, i know our house looks crazy - i'mm in craft mode and the drop cloths are out, that's all)


I don’t remember the technical term for what he done did to his peeper, but the doc let me look into her super awesome microscope machine to see the surface of his eye, and I could see the abrasion for myself.  Corneal abrasion, maybe?

i think this applies

So yeah.  Our house is now super dark, and he’s wearing sunglasses indoors and it’s a bummer.  Apparently, only listening to Teen Mom 2 is even worse than just watching it with me.

I hope he feels better, asap.  I totes like non-pirate Duggs way better.

hey babe, you're welcome, i thought you'd want me to post this one!

The good news is though, he’s SIQ (sick in quarters, a.k.a. home all day!) for today and tomorrow, so I’ll take that!

While he’s sick I’m trying to finish up on Christmas stuff, and do some crafts, and work on tie dye stuffs.  So nothing too crazy to post.  I’ll work on the Christmas craft post for tmrw or Friday maybe, I have some cute and fun ideas!

For now, thanks for reading!!  xoxo, hhr



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  1. Well I hope the Duggs gets better soon. SIQ is nice, but I hope he gets over this and can go back to work doing what is require of a good Marine. Simper fi and Mahalo.

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