fall holidays

Fall Holidays 2011

So this year I didn’t really get pumped for Halloween at all, I’m having a tough time feeling autumnal in general.  I do admit: I’m starting to get pumped for Christmas.  (But that’s no surprise, I’m a Christmas fanatic! I wish it was Christmas all year long).  In an effort to go through the seasons chronologically and not just jump into Christmas-mode, I’m kinda squeezing out some participation for fall festivities.   Fake it till you make it, right?

Look, I made a festive workout log for the month of November:


I usually get crazy excited for Halloween.  This year, I hardly cared about it at all.  We didn’t dress up or go to any parties (and I’ve been saying for years I’m gonna go as Naughty DMV Employee or Naughty Cafeteria Worker, so it’s not for lack of costume ideas).  I made some Halloween-y cupcakes and I put them on a cute haunted house cupcake stand.

scary sweets

the scariest part is the calories!

Duggs and I did go to PCC”s “Haunted Lagoon” because our friends, the Tanners, invited us.  We also went to their house on actual Halloween night to pass out candy.   I’m glad that they helped force us into doing something and getting into the spirit just a bit.  They’re so much fun to hang out with anyways!

here's our group at haunted lagoon, waiting to go into the dinner buffet

me and duggs at haunted lagoon

me, a spooky monster, and ashley!

jj (dressed in tie dye) and bailey (in her adorable halloween sweater) hanging out while we handed out candy!

I think there’s a few factors.  I grew up in Florida, and while it’s not a place really known for it’s dynamic seasons, the four different seasons do exist.  Hawaii on the other hand… Now Hawaii is literally the land of eternal summer.

i snapped this photo at haunted lagoon... gorgeous, but not what you think of when you imagine "autumn" or "halloween"

It’s hard to get into fall without sweaters or leaves or anything fall-related other than the names of the months.

But, I’m trying.

I have put out a couple fall-themed decor items.  The kitchen looks seasonal.  So that’s nice.

our fall hand towels

seasonal pot holders

festive table settings


And I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I LOVE Thanksgiving, it’s such a nice holiday.  No presents or stress, no madness.  Just people eating a dinner of epic proportions (love love love turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie and the cranberry sauce out of the can that still has the can lines) and being thankful.  I love that part.  Every year my mom used to make us say three things we were thankful for.

It was cheesy, but really nice.  I’m totes gonna make my kids do that one day.

But food aside, I really love Thanksgiving.  It’s meaning, the traditions, how it’s something that brings Americans together.  I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees and sunny, I’ll totally get into the spirit of Turkey Day.


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  1. We’re over in Spain and while the weather isn’t QUITE as nice, we were still wearing shorts around Halloween, not real ‘fall’ weather! Thanksgiving is one of my fav’s though too, not too much stress, just have to cook and usually you can share the duties with friends. Then you get to eat for DAYS! Pie for breakfast, yay!

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