my tide challenge is DONE!

I finished my TIDE CHALLENGE – The whole bottle is all used up.

all done!

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Check these out:

Drumroll please…. 207!  I got Two Hundred Seven uses out of a Sixty-Four load bottle. That’s not too shabby!

count 'em up ladies and gents!

no seriously, count em if you got em

My goal was to get three times the loads out of the bottle, which would have been 192.
So I beat it!  I’m so pleased to know that not only did I milk three times the load amount out of my super pricey, albeit pleasantly aromatic, Tide bottle – but I only did 207 loads of laundry in over a year!
Considering I do the tie dye business at home and wash, and re-wash and RE-wash all those clothes, that’s pretty good!  Granted, we don’t have kids… but still!  I wear lots of clothes.  I do a few costume changes a day, sometimes (workout clothes, hausfrau get-up, jammies, etc).
So there we go.  A new bottle of Tide was purchased, and the Sharpie Marker in the laundry room was retired (I’m not going to keep track for another year).   And I’m happily satisfied with what I’ve done here.  I’m going greener, a little bit at a time.  I followed through with a project that took longer than a year to complete.  And best of all – I’ve turned so many people on to adding a lil’ WDV to the ole detergent!

7 responses

  1. Congratulations!
    (Have I mentioned that you totally rock?)
    You do one have one advantage in that your costume changes probably mostly involve skimpier clothes than the average American would be changing, by virtue of living in Hawaii. It would be interesting to see how long that same bottle lasts if you change costumes as frequently once you move. 8^)

    • i do get what you mean, i don’t wear super bulky winter clothes here, no. but… you’d be surprised! we do wear pants, and sweatshirts, and layers. just not as intensely as in other climates. and well, things get yuckier faster here, sweat, rain, clay mud, etc.

  2. Just in case anyone wonders, I don’t mean skimpy in any negative sense. In the tropics, most folk don’t wear as much material, and it tends to be thinner. Kind of like central Texas, only with less crazy New Yorkers thinking they should be dressed in suits to do business locally. But more so.

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