my bff dommie sent ME a care pack, yay!!

I know I’m slacking at blogging again.  Oopsies!  But srsly, last week was a doozy.  It was awful.  I was just sad, and missing home, and having just all sorts of stressors… not to mention that I wasn’t feeling so hot to begin with (I got sick over the weekend) and then Duggs and I got food poisoning or some kind of stomach virus.  Whatevs, we were vomming and it was a nightmare.

Okay, so last week was just totes awful.

And then, my little lovah-from-Louisiana, Dommie, sent me a care pack- Hooray!  It was so very very fun to be on the receiving end of such a treat!  And it just really cheered me up, I really needed it.

Thank you, Dommie!! I LURVE YOU! 

she demanded that we skype her while opening the box!

So, turns out that Duggs was not only in on it, but that he was all too prepared for the glitter bomb that she tried to put in the packing tape.  If we had not so carefully opened it, it would have been a glitaster (a glitter disaster)… but you can’t bomb the original glitter bomber herself, it just doesn’t work like that!  So Duggs craftily opened the box over the trash and kept our floors nice n clean.  Good work, Duggs!

crisis averted

okay, thats alotta glitter my friends. lots and lots!

The box was decorated for me, how fun! It said “I love yer face,” one word on each panel, it’s a common Dose expression (Dose is Dommie + Rose, we’re a beast when our powers combine).   And then on top of exquisite decor, there were oodles of prizes and treats in there.  For me and my fbff (furry bff), JJ!

decoration! yay!

what's bigger: my nose or my iphone?!?! sheesh.

aww cute!

i did eat them, and they were amazing!

There was so much candy in there, I’ve been on a sugar buzz all week.  Awesome!

the most awful book anyone has ever sent me. AWFUL.

so fun! what are these called, silly bands? silly bracelets? whatevers, i like 'em!

She really hooked up the pooch, which is so great.  He deserves to get hooked  up, he’s a good sweet boy.

a toy for my pooch

a photo of jj from yesterday, destroying his new toy. he looooved it!

treats for the good boy

very cute

the cutest magnets ever, and i love fun magnets so this is extra fun for me

a picture she drew for me, posted on my fridge ... with the magnets she gave me, next to an older picture that she colored for me!!

a really cute craft involving GLITTER and my FBFFs jayjer and rascal! so crazy cute and fun!

There were so many more fun things and treats in here, but I didn’t get pics of each and every thing.  She sent me an awesome pink Supah Coop sweatshirt, for her cousin, Cooper, who got a spinal cord injury playing football.  I’m proud to where that, so rad!

the box with all my goodies in it! you can see my new pink hoodie, love it!

So there ya have it!  I still have doggy cookies to bake, and a BEDAZZLER to play with.

Did I mention that?!  She gave me a BEDAZZLER!  I’m so excited!  I’m going to bejewel everything I own, pretty much.

Getting to actually hang out with my dommie in person would be best, but for now… having a care pack from her is pretty sweet!  I love you and I miss you!


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