my husband started a blog

Since Duggs has been home from Afghan he’s been getting a real kick out of this lil’ blog o’ mine.

However, Duggs has noticed a shortcoming in my blog (as if!).    He seems to think that I’m a bit one-sided and that I happen to flavor myself in a quite favorable light.  In other words:  I’m coming across way too normal, and this guy knows better.   He sees the messes I make: getting tie dye all over my hands, spilling paint on the floor… the weird quirks that I do:  working out in knee socks and a bathrobe, doing shuttle runs across the house, just my general childlike oddness.   Childlike is the key term.

“I Am Rose’s Keeper”  is the name of this clever foray into the blogosphere.

He’s been sneaking around with his camera and capturing me at my oddest and finest moments.   I get it, I’m a strange bird.  But a nice bird!

a screenshot of his literary greatness

His blog is all in good fun, and other than mocking me and making silly of my habits and ways – Matthew is also blogging about his own stuff.  He’s a whiz in the kitchen and he creates tons of his own recipes.   He loves to play outside just as much as I do, and he’s hoping to blog about the fun things he gets to do.    And he’s recently made a tearjerkingly sweet post about us, our marriage, and how much he loves me.  That guy is way too good and way too sweet.

So, lovely readers, check him out:

I’m going to keep a permalink to his blog somewhere on my front page, so you’ll be able to find the link again without having to search through my posting history.  Hooray!


Bonus: I’ve recently figured out how to add links to my menu bar over there on the side of my page, so I actually have links to lots of blogs that I love, many of them written by my pals.   So go over there and check them out.

My friend  Rain is hilarious: she makes her own eye-makeup and nail polish (Monster Baby = her business, I’ve plugged her before like in my homecoming thread), she’s a mother-of-three, zombie enthusiast badass.  I highly recommend her!

Magan is a Christian teacher USMC-wife who I went to college with (UNF!).  Her blog uplifts me and makes me smile all the time.

And Adam is legit famous, and I legit know him!  (We’re childhood friends from Ormond Beach).   He goes to blogging conventions and stuff.  Ooooh-eee!  He’s raunchy, bawdy, outrageous, and hilarious.

So, today my friend Jenny started a blog.   (She started her blog today, August 4th, literally…. but the name of her blog happens to be “So, Today…” – haha, I think that’s funny).  Jenny has a million pets, lives in Washington state, and has lived a thousand lives; She’s sharp as a tack, politically savvy, artistic, and fun. So check her out too!

I could go on and on plugging everyone, but I have laundry to do and tie dye to make.  Ahhh, this life of mine!

Check out all of my friends and all of the blogs I love to read.  Reading blogs is fun! 


2 responses

  1. Yay! Thanks for the plug. It took me an hour to figure out how to post pictures on my blog today so I’ll save figuring out how to post links for another day.

    Love you Rosie and love Matthew’s blog too. You guys are adorable.

  2. learning the technical aspects of blogging has been way harder than i assumed – it’s tough to figure it all out!

    your blog is going to be so great, you have so many stories to tell. i’ve been dying for you to write for a while. i’m pumped!!

    thanks for the sweet words. we know we’re obnoxious, but at least the people that love us, like you, say nice things ❤

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