i’m the princess of the plagues

Yes, I am still alive.   It’s been a doozy of a couple weeks (has it been a couple weeks?) … but yes, I am cheerfully alive!

I’m the Princess of the Plagues!

i'm such a princess, even on my death bed!

I was just on the phone with my mother-in-law, Miss Alice, and she asked how I was doing.  “I’m Egypt, and there are plagues coming down on me left and right!” Was the cleverest and most accurate response I could muster.  I didn’t even know where to start in explaining the mess of recent times here in my paradise.  Between the house, my health and just overwhelming craziness… I’m still here, your happy hippie rose!

My frist plague has been power outages.

Caused both by storms and by man.  We’ve been having the most terribly fantastic thunderstorms out here and for me, as a Floridian, to say that, you know it means junk has been crazy out here!   The power’s also been cut off by what is being called “the inconveniences of construction.”   The local construction operation keeps pulling the plug on my neighborhood and our housing manager keeps telling us “Oh Well! It’s in your contract!”

I know that power is a luxury.  I know that millions of people don’t even have power at all, so for me to whine when it goes out is elitist and American and Princess-y of me.  I apologize for being whiny and I do maintain that I’m super appreciative of all that I have.  But on a real life level: I work from home, I base my grocery budget off being able to buy and safely store a small amount of raw ingredients and then cook them. When I can’t open my fridge or freezer, use my stove or oven… what am I supposed to eat?  Canned tuna is the theoretical answer. McDonald’s drive-thru is the reality.   It’s been killing my food budget, and it’s just been stressful.  No internet, not being able to work on my business, limited connection with home, and well – it just gets boring!

Con: my tie dye business has kinda come screaming to a halt because I can’t wash and dry my items.

Pro: I’m really enjoying walking, reading, working out at home, and I’ve totally kicked my morning-coffee habit (no coffee maker).

So yeah, I’m whiny but I like my power when I’m home.  My hubs works hard to pay for it, and he wants to know I’m all well taken care of while he’s away.  And it gets boring!  There are how many Real Housewives seasons on right now?  I can’t be missing out on all that!

Amidst the Power Outages – My A/C Broke, thus flooding my house.  Somethingerother clogged, the water got all backed up in my AC unit, and it burst out, causing a small flood in my laundry room.    This all happened on the eve of the “Memorial Day Weekend 96” – meaning that when my house started flooding on a Friday night, I was told someone would be out first thing Tuesday morning.   Lovely!  So i put down towels, and did my best.

it's hard to see... but there was water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

On Monday I got a bit edgy and tried to use my washer/dryer.  The problem is that my washer/dryer were right in the flood.  So yeah, as soon as I turned them on a SMALL electrical fire of sorts started.  White smoke filled the laundry room and I could smell and electrical fire.   It was really, genuinely frightening.  Weird noises were happening and everything was pretty stressful.  I had to grab the dog and get out of there.  And the 911 operator wants to keep you on the phone, but all you want to do is put them down and start grabbing your stuff with both hands.  Anyways. The firefighters came swiftly and everything was okay.

fireman in mah house

police and fire and everybody all in my front yard


Many people are not so lucky when it comes to house fires of all sorts.  A gal I know wasn’t so lucky: Brandi fire story and fund  I went to college with Brandi, and she just recently really did live through a home fire.  She’s okay, thank God.  But all of her belongings have been lost.  There are some funds set up to help her mentioned in the note I linked.  (does that link work? hopefully it does).

After my small fire, repairmen came out and fixed everything over the next couple days, and things got better.   So I do have a working AC unit and washer/dryer… I just have to deal with the construction-related power outs that are going on for the rest of June (I think).  Last week we had scheduled outages from 8:00am – 2:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  That’s crazy, right?  It’s supposed to get better and eventually stopped.  Here’s hoping!

Then the next plague: THE plague!!  

I’m so ill.  I have some serious cold, virus, nasty sickness going on.  It started out with a fever and a sore throat and it’s just taken over my body. I’m writing this on a Sunday, and I know I’ve been out of the loop for days now.  I went to bed Wednesday night and haven’t really gotten out since.

I’m sleeping about 20 hours a day.  It’s amazing how if you give yourself time to sleep and lots of fluids how your body can really fight off a cold on it’s own.  I mean, I’ve been useless for days – but I’ve steadily gotten better everyday withOUT any antibiotics!  I’m so proud of myself.  I hardly have a voice, and I’m pretty weak… but like I said, one day at a time.

Finally… during these storms we’ve been having, the last plague to attack me has been the bugs!!!   The rain that’s come with all these crazy thunderstorms has been driving all kinds of bugs inside.  And with the bugs come my favorite: the maggots.  Ugh.  Vom.  Nasty.  Of course this happens when I’m all sick and weak.

There are definitely elements of paradise that are more than I’ve bargained for!

So there you have it.  I’m my own little ancient Egypt, and the craziness has been raining down on me, floods, bugs, sickness and all. But ya can’t keep a good gal down, I’m the princess of these plagues.  I’m all frumped up on my deathbed, watching reality TV and eating snacks.  I’ll be fine.   I’m getting better everyday, and in LESS THAN A WEEK my husband will be home!

So even though I joke and make light, I’m doing quite well and life is good.  Soon enough, y’all can read my homecoming post!!  Amazing, right? I’m so excited and I just have my sights set on that.  Ohh eee, I’m pumped!

Thanks for reading, that’s all for now.  Wish me well, will ya!

deuces from my deathbed couch of sickness. see ya!

Speaking of homecomings… Addendum – I did emerge from bed yesterday for a couple hours to go see Carly’s homecoming.  BIG Congrats go out to Carly and her hubs, welcome home!   Also my heart and prayers go out to her as on the same day as her husband returned from deployment, she also lost her Grandmother.   I can’t imagine experiencing such highs and lows all on the same day.   Lots of love and prayers to Carly during this tumultuous time.

welcome home smooch for carly!


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  1. Holy wow, Rosie! You don’t do anything halfway, do you?

    I hope youfeel totally better soon!

    And um… is that a police officer riding a lawn mower in the yard picture?

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