hausfrau, and doin’ it with gusto

Seriously.  I am such a hausfrau.  And now that I work at home… it ain’t getting better; I spend a lot of time at home.

And what better day than on this glorious “Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2011” should I pipe up about my wants and needs as a housewife on the homefront?  It’s not all bonbons and scrapbooking, sometimes I bake or dust or rearrange the furniture – and for this I have fashion-related needs.

This morning I was supposed to go on a hike with my girlfriends.  I got out of bed and I was all dolled up in a great hiking outfit: my husband’s silkies (these little green USMC running shorts type things), some tie dye, and mah hiking boots.  I was wearing almost-real clothes; ya know, real enough to wear outside, but not real enough for a job interview.  That’s about the closest I’ll come to “dressing up” for a while.

Then, due to inclement weather the hike was cancelled.  As soon as I got word that I was staying at home, I got re-dressed in my housewife finest and set about my day.  I wasted no time to get back into my green sweat pants, blue cami, and a robe (yeah, it’s totally the 1960’s in my house, I really wear a robe, who wears a robe?).  And as I was setting about my day (drinking coffee on the couch while giving my to-do list the side eye), I started to think man, I really need some new slippers. I can’t believe I still don’t have some decent slippers. 

For Christmas this year I bought myself one gift: a nice pair of Isotoner slippers.  They were not fashionable but they were soft and on sale at the Exchange on Base.  They were the little bootie kind, ya know?  All fluffy and fuzzy.  I liked them.  A lot.  Then when the whole maggot situation happened…. well, I had to throw them out. (Living in “paradise” has it’s downsides too.  Waking up to find maggots in your front hall is one of the downsides that can happen.   We don’t have to get into that now!)

So for the time being, I’m back to my old slippers, which aren’t very cushy and they’re more like house shoes.

these are totally what my isotoners looked like. except mine were an oatmeal color: way more ugly and boring than these fancy purple-ish ones. and every time i think of "isotoner," i think of ace ventura.

so here's what i'm stuck with now. oh the horror.

I don’t hate my current slippers, they’re just literally falling apart and have holes in them.  And my big toes can sometimes touch the tile through them. So now I’m sitting here having some coffee and wondering where I can milk a few dollars from the budget to get some fancy slippers.  And wondering where one even buys fancy slippers from.  I’m literally fantasizing about some kind of magical fluffy awesome slippers.


Okay. So maybe I am devoting a little too much time to thinking about my housewear… but hey, whatever you are, do it all the way, right?  Go big or go home?  I’m a housewife and I do it with gusto!  I spend a lot of time in my home – I work from home now, I workout at home, I don’t party or have much of a happenin’ social life – so I watch Netflix on weekend evenings at home.  I am a lady of the home, so… I need fashionable homewear to do all this in!  Just like when I worked in an office and I was always pushing the limits of “business casual,” trying to add as much panache and flare to the drab cubicles as possible – now I want to make sure I’m pushin’ the limits with my homemaker garb.

this was the first photo i tried to take to show the slippers. yeah, i was TOO lazy to even stand up at first, so i tried to take my feet to the camera, haha. and i'm making a totally awesome surprised weird face. lovely.

So yeah.  This is all probably a really elaborate ploy to convince myself that spending money on new slippers is a great way to celebrate my “Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2011.”    A nice gift of cushy foot comfort to tell myself, hey – great job!

Oh, to my Hawaiian pals – I mean slippers like the fluffy soft shoes, not slippahs – the Hawaiian term for flip flops.  But I’m sure you’ve gathered that by now.  Especially since there were photos involved earlier in this entry.

Well. “The View” is on, so that’s my cue to wrap this up and devote my full attention to my ladies for the next hour or so.  But I think I’ve made my point here, right?   If you’re going to be a hausfrau – be one with snazz!!  And today is a day to honor ME in all my housewife glory, keeping the homefront all tidy and cute for my hubs while he’s away at war.  The least that I deserve  is some nice fancy slippers, right?


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