osama bin laden is dead! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

I’m (obviously) not a reporter, so this isn’t a news story.  This is just a way to bookmark my life, to post where I was in this amazing moment.

I’m on the phone with my mom.  She just said in my ear, “finally! Thank God. I’m so glad. Wow.”  <– and that’s been about the extent of our conversational skills.

This evening I was on my distance run with the pooch, we were about 30 minutes from home when my friend Ariana texted me, “have you seen the news?”  I got that pukey feeling.  My husband is deployed, and I know weird stuff has been happening in Afghan this past week.   I slow down to this weird jogging hobble so I can text her back, “no.”  I’m all nervous, not knowing what she’s about to tell me.  I start running again, and I hear the text message sound through my headphones.  I pull my running strap down my arm so I can see the screen of my iphone and I read Ariana’s text: “bin laden is dead.”

I just stopped right then and there.  I was stunned.

I finished my run, came home and put on the TV and turned on my lappy so I could catch up on all the hubbub.


Praise God, this is just so incredible.  I want to thank every service member, intelligence agent, every person who died on 9/11, and every person who’s lost a loved one either on 9/11 or the days since.  As a nation, so many people, in all walks of life, have been so dedicated to this cause.  And I am just so proud to have done my small part as a military spouse, and just as a citizen.  We did it, USA!!

A lot of my friends have been getting political on FB.  Dissecting Obama’s speech, being critical of the wars we’ve been in, speculating about retaliation.  I don’t care about those nuances right now.  I’m not letting anything tarnish this high.  We deserve this feeling of elation.  We deserve this victory, so I’m going to just revel in it and enjoy it.   I’ll come back down to the ground tomorrow.

I hope I never forget how this feels and where I was.

I LOVE THE USA, and I have never been so proud to be an American!!

stretching after my run, talking on the phone to mom with the news on mute

My mom just said, “I’d like to shake the hand of the guy who blew him away.”   Me too!  I’d love to tell him thanks.   I can’t wait to find out more details about the special ops mission that brought him down.  The vague details I’ve heard so far sound incredibly badass and awesome.   And for what it’s worth I loved Obama’s speech tonight when he broke the news.  And I found George W. Bush’s statement to be really eloquent.  From both sides, celebration is deserved!!



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