my 2011 awesome easter!

I had such a fun Easter this year, full of egg dying, face painting, bouncehousing, sunrises and surprises.  It wasn’t just one day, but almost the whole month of April.  And since I feel that Easter is by far the best candy holiday (Easter candy >Halloween), I wasn’t complaining about it being drawn out a little this year.

(Think about it, Robin Eggs, jellybeans, peeps!!! Easter has such good candy.  It’s the best.  And prettiest.   Christmas has the best decorations, but Easter colors are so sweet.  I love pastels so much).

The Easter Fun Fair at Hope Chapel

My “Easter” started a few weeks ago when my church had it’s Easter Fun Fair.  I volunteered to help set-up the Fair and to paint faces all day.  The event was a huge success, and a really good way to get me all in the Easter mood.

I wanted to do a whole blog post about the Fun Fair… but since I was at the face painting booth the whole time, my perspective was pretty limited. Therefore, I just decided to include it with my Easter Post.

I got the Fair a few hours before it started tio help decorate and set up.  A bunch of us were there, and I had so much fun being giddy and silly with everyone as we were turning the church into an Easter Fun zone.

all bright n early, ready to help set up

yeah, face painting (the booth i worked at all day) was located right by the crafts and the shave ice. score!!

at one point during the pre-fair set up, i hitched a ride on a golf cart and i was quite unruly.

The egg hunt was inside the church, and the theme was “under the sea.”   The entire sanctuary was converted to the ocean floor through the work of some amazing volunteers.  They hand-crafted all kinds of elements to make the look complete.  Fish, seaweed, a giant whale – it was all there.   Timo let Joy and I sneak in and get a look before the hunting kids were able to wreak havoc on the space.

See all those hoops and what-not on the floor?  That’s all part of the egg hunt for the kids.   An entire obstacle course was set up for the kids to have to crawl and jump through, so cute and fun!

i stole this pic from joy's fb album: me, cardboard ariel, and joy - fun!

does anything about this photo surprise you? (joy took this one too!)

Then of course there’s my mad face painting skills, haha.  I tried my best!  Face painting with real paints and brushes is pretty hard, so I kept it pretty simple with the designs.   The kids seemed happy though, and that’s the important part.

Here’s the best part of the Easter Fun Fair: WAFFLE DOGS!  Do you even know what a waffle dog is?  It’s a hot dog who lives in a waffle.  It’s so delish.  These guys come out and set up a booth and they have these giant waffle irons and they make the waffle dogs fresh to order.  I had one and it was awesome!

mmm... the waffle dog irons. the smell was awesome.

What better way to celebrate a day of hard work painting faces?  Shave ice!

me with bow, after a day of facepainting awesomeness!

Dying Eggs with Friends

On Good Friday, Carly, Sydney and I went up to the army post on island to hang out with our friends The Colemans; we ate pizza,  dyes eggs with Matthew and Jason, and had a really awesome afternoon.  There may have also been some bouncehouse action involved! The lil guys are so cute and hilarious, we had a blast.

The Colemans doggysat JJ for me when I went home in March, and the boys love JayJers, so I took the pooch with me to say hi.  There was so much fun stuff going on at once, it was such an awesome day!

oooh, pretty dye colors!


carmela and sydney, dying eggs

those little wire things you're supposed to dip the eggs with are for chumps. why bother with them when you have hands?!?!

matthew getting some assistance from auntie carly, who wore her rad earth day shirt on actual earth day. love!

so bright and purty!!

we got the royal treatment - we got to play in the castle bouncehouse, with the hose attached to make the slide a water slide (probably a pretty inappropriate activity for earth day, but a super fun activity nonetheless)

my lil pooch was going nuts while i was in the bounce house, he kept running around trying to figure out where i went

it's kinda hard to tell through the mesh - but that's me, upside down on the waterslide. i LOVE this bouncehouse. it's the most fun thing ever. i wish i had one of my own!

matthew's photoshoot with the pooch- so much cuteness!

of course jason wanted to do whatever matthew was doing, so they asked to both have their photo taken with jj. aww, i love how much they love my doggie! he gets so much sweet attention from these boys, it's great!

all tuckered out on the way home

Easter Sunday

The Protestant Church on Base was advertising all over the place about doing a sunrise service.  The bleachers were set up facing Ft. Hase Beach, the beach barely two blocks from my house.  Carly and I love to watch the sunrise, so we decided to go check it out!

A couple minutes before 6:00am, as we were just sitting down

a hula ministry that blessed us all with a really awesome performance. they were super professional and talented!

the gorgeous sun rise. just amazing.

me y carlita at the end of the service in the morning sunshine!

After the sunrise service on base, we both went back home to chill out and get ready for Hope Chapel’s 10:00am service.  Yeah, we were so pumped for Easter, we were going to church services back-to-back!   I mean, I do joke about candy and eggs – but of course I know that He’s the reason for the season.  And He is Risen!  Easter is such a happy, magnanimous time.

self-portrait of my awesome big white happy. i was so happy to go with such a southern motif for my easter outfit this year. just wait till you see the dress though (lol)

Hope Chapel put out this awesome spread of food.  It was a welcome table, for new or visiting people who were there for Easter service.  It’s really cool that they did a lot of special things to make new church goers feel welcome.  Easter is always the highest-attended service all year long, Christmas is second place.  Instead of making Easter-only church goers feel awkward and judged, it’s cool the HCKB is all open arms about it.  Obviously the desire is to encourage Easter attendees to come back and join the church – but more importantly is feeling that even if Easter is the only time you ever come to church, you are welcome and we’re glad to have you, as you are.

the welcome table, chock full of awesome treats!

trevor getting ready to lead worship

the easter bunny didn't bring our husbands home. the usmc will bring them home soon though! from left to right: lauren, sydney, carly, and me!

me prancing in my lawn, showing off my purty dress! i found it at ross - check out the bedazzled butterfly. i almost didn't buy it because of the butterfly... but i'm so glad i did. it kinda grew on me!

i'm such an easter ham

oh my, the hat is my most favorite part!

happy easter y'all

 Surprise Announcement! 

I started a small tie dye business a couple weeks ago, and on Easter I decided to announce my new line of tie dye: “i52.”  Named after Isaiah 52, that reads, “clothes yourself in your beautiful garments!” (NASB).  Tie dye is beautiful garments, at least I think it is!

Here are a few items from the i52 line.  If you’re interested in finding out about the i52 line, email me at – or my facebook page:


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