whew, i’ve been so busy!

So I know I’ve been a total derelict about posting.  I’m a bad blogger.

I was so scared that when I started this I would come in all fast and hard, all excited with the newness of it and post, post, post… and then I would fall off, forget about the blog, etc.  I promise that is not what’s happening!  Promise!

I’ve just honestly been so busy.  Like, crazy busy.

My normal life includes:

  • working part-time as a babysitter, random/haphazard hours
  • lots of doctor’s appointments, which involves lots of commuting time and lots of sitting around waiting rooms
  • teaching Sunday school (volunteer)
  • participating in small groups associated with my church a few times a week
  • taking care of the pooch
Now, I’ve added some things to the mix:
  • I’ve started a business! Yes, I’m running my own business now.  I’m still in the “getting stated” phase
  • I’m teaching children’s church on Friday nights (volunteer)
  • I’ve started working out again, so I’m running almost everyday, doing yoga daily, group fitness classes
  • and just about every weekend has had some sort of event going on, it’s insane!
  • I’ve become a little more involved with my church’s women’s group, and that’s been a time commitment too =)
So a couple weeks ago was my church’s Easter Fun Fair.  It was on a Saturday, and my pal Whitni and I (wo)manned the facepainting table.  It was a really fun day and the kids had an amazing time.  Almost 100 new families came to Hope Chapel for the first time that day too, which is awesome!  The Fun Fair was a part of the Children’s Ministry, the group that also runs Children’s Church.  I’m now teaching First Grade on every Friday night.  It’s so cute and fun, and it’s been a really rewarding way to volunteer.  I love teaching the kids, doing crafts, just having a good time.  And well, it’s something that’s really important.  Educating the youth is a serious investment.   Praying with kids is so cute and sweet, I love their innocence and their honesty.  It’s so neat to hear them talk about God and how they understand religion.  Aww.

decorating at church for the easter fun fair (seems kinda reminiscent of hanging all those puffs at sasha's wedding, huh? someone must have gotten word that i'm a pro!!)

one of the many face paintings we did that day

rewarding myself for a job well done with a tasty shave ice!

The pooch keeps me so busy!  I mean, not really… but I make ways to stay busy with him.  He loves to run and exercise, so I’ve been trying to get him out more.  Health-wise, I’m not really feeling better at all – but I’ve learned that I feel the same if I stay in bed all day or if I’m on the go – so I’m choosing to be on the go!  A couple weeks ago I started running again.  Which is great for my spirit and attitude, and so great for the pooch.  He’s got lots of energy he needs to get out.

jayjers says: let's get out of bed and run and play!!

this is my awesome running outfit. it was the same day as the easter fun fair actually, hence the socks, haha!

the jogging jj is happy!

Speaking of pets – we have a new resident here!  Meet Doris, our Orb Weaver.  This pretty lady moved in several weeks ago, and she’s been spinning away, making an amazing web.  She helps to keep the flies out, hooray!  True, at some point millions of her babies are going to be crawling all over the place.  But uhh… we’ll see what happens.

doris the spider

Last weekend was Gabe’s second birthday (Whitni’s son).  John and Whitni had a sport’s themed party, and it was so very cute.   We were all asked to come dressed to the theme.  I think most people wore tees/jerseys of their favorite team.  Well.. we ain’t most people!  Carly, Chiffon, and I dressed up as track and field.  It kinda came out 70’s style, lol.  But we were cute!

track stars: me, chiffon, carly

the birthday boy and his awesome soccer cake, love!

So while we were at this birthday party, I discovered a new love in my life: BOUNCEHOUSE!  Have you been in one of those as an adult?  They are sooo fun.  I see them all the time, they’re super popular here in Hawaii.  People use them for pretty much any and every even involving kids.  So finally, I went in the one at the birthday party, and I was shocked at how much fun it is.  I didn’t want to get out!  I couldn’t stop bouncing!

i wish i had my own bouncehouse so bad. it's the most fun thing ever!!

Last weekend was also all of the Earth Day events out here.  On Sunday, after church, we went to the “I Love Kailua Town Party.”  Kailua is the town we live in (well, it’s right outside base so it’s the nearest town), and the “I Love Kailua Town Party” was basically a big block party with vendors and music, people selling art, all kinds of FOOD you could buy (it was like a “Taste of Kailua” kind of thing going on), and there was a whole village of bouncehouses (that they wouldn’t let adults in. what gives?).

here i am enjoying a shave ice at the kailua town party

(I’ve been pretty busy eating shave ice, lol).

Another thing keeping me busy: I started my own business.  Tie Dye by happyhippierose.  I’m selling tie dye!  So awesome, right?  I’m in the process of setting up a storenvy shop (it takes forever, you have to upload every piece of inventory one at a time – you can’t make albums like you can on FB), and I’m thinking about making an etsy store.  I have some opportunities to sell at some upcoming events, and so far I’ve been doing business from the FB page I started and through word of mouth. It’s so very exciting, and I’m so grateful to all of my friends and family who’ve been supporting me and getting the word out!

i make and sell totally rad shirts like this

i've been working so much on my craft, i feel like my skills keep getting better and better

The business has been taking a lot of time.  I really tip my hat to small business owners.  It’s crazy how much work goes into it.  I knew that there would be a lot involved, but stuff keeps coming up that I never even thought of.
The challenge of learning how to do everything has been great though.  It’s nice to workout my brain.  I’m proud of myself for how organized I’ve been, and how well I’ve been managing all of the money aspects.   And the creative aspect of it all has been so fulfilling.  I love making the tie dye and working on new techniques, new designs. I sell from an inventory of stuff I’ve just made, and I’m doing custom orders.  Pretty rad!
I have a secret line I’ve been working on too, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen done before.  You heard it here first: I’m ready to take tie dye to the next level!
I’m still getting my feet wet, getting organized and all that.  I don’t have business cards yet, I don’t have my own business website or anything.  But once I do, you know I’m going to post the info all over the place here.  For now, I’ll give y’all the address to my business FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tie-Dye-by-happyhippierose/159025650823206  Check out the photos of my inventory.  If anyone has any tie-dye related questions, you can email me: happyhippierose@gmail.com
Whew!  I’ve been BUSY.  Staying busy is awesome though, it’s been making the time just fly by.  Deployment is starting to wind down, and my husband is going to be home so soon (a couple months from now).  Everyone always says that getting through a deployment is much easier if you stay busy and I really have to agree.  I miss my husband so much everyday,  but I’ve also had so much to keep me motivated, happy, excited, etc.
Having so much going on has been a great way to just keep my spirits up in general.  I’ve been investing my time in so many positive things, like volunteering at church, starting an awesome business where I get to be artistic and creative, working out and being so good to my body, etc., it’s just been generating a lot of positive energy in my life.   Everyday I’m spending my time doing things that make me smile – how lucky am I?

3 responses

  1. Love the update on your life and all the fun times you are having in Hi! Shaved ice is the bestest thing EVER and so are bounce houses keep on letting that kid in you shine Rose 🙂 I love the tye dye that second shirt is amazing!

  2. Sophie… thank you! Shave ice is so delish, I hope once I leave Hawaii I can find a place that makes it. And yes, I’m such a kid, right? Life is so fun that way though!

    Miles, hahahaha – thanks a lot! lol. but for the serious comment, thank you!

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