green cleaning quick tip: the microwave!

You can clean your microwave in a SUPER easy and safe way.

Just microwave a cup of white distilled vinegar in there for one minute.  Then take a wet sponge and wipe everything clean.  Yeah, it’s THAT easy.

The vinegar steam loosens all that gunk and makes cleaning super easy.  And guess what?  Vineagr is safe!  You don’t want to clean a device that cooks your food with harmful chemical sprays.  Eww.   Where do you think those chemicals go when you’re done cleaning?  Into your food the next time you microwave.  Not to mention that vinegar is way cheaper.

I know a true hippie wouldn’t even use a microwave to cook, but let’s not kid – sometimes you just want to re-heat something in a jiff.

Anyways, here’s the step by step:

My microwave was NASTY!!  For a clean freak like me, this is embarrassing.


we're talking stuck-on gunk.

ay carumba!

So, I had people coming over and I HAD to make sure this was cleaned up!  ASAP!

place the cup of vin in the microwave and cook for a minute

all you need to get the job done

ta-daa!! so easy.

So try it out and you can thank me later.  Its so easy, its crazy!


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