playing catch up

Hi Readers!!

(Do I even have any readers?)

I know there’s been a big lag between posts.  My apologies!  March 1st through the 10th I was traveling, and as soon as I touched down in Hawaii late the evening of the 10th, we were in the middle of tsunami chaos.

On the tsunami: All of us in Hawaii (me, my friends, my neighbors) – we are all fine and safe, Thank God!  Please pray for Japan and all of those suffering loss of loved ones, their homes, and their world as they know it.  Pray for all the displaced people, that they are found and reunited with their worrying families.

As for this blog of mine, I’m playing catch up now.  Yesterday I finally posted about my retreat weekend from Feb 25th.

Now I’m working on posts about my trips to Leesburg (FL), Minneapolis, Daytona Beach, and Seattle!  (I was a busy bee, huh?).  I also want to make at least one post about the tsunami we just experienced.   I will update on my health soon, as well as post some crafts I’ve been up to.

Hopefully a big part of this blog will feature my hippie ways – so I hope to blog about cruelty-free cosmetics (as in soap and eye shadow not tested on sweet, cute, fluffy animals), the amazing cleaning power of vinegar, tie dye, friendship bracelet making, inspirational ways to make our communities happier, talking about keeping our planet a lil’ cleaner, and so on.

If anyone has any ideas about things I could or should blog about, holler at me!  I love comments/feedback/suggestions – and I love hearing that people are actually reading this and enjoying this.   While its nice for me to soapbox… the whole point is reader enjoyment.  Right?

Thanks – and stay tuned for new posts soon!

-happy hippie rose



7 responses

  1. Hello busy bee. The amazing power of cider vinegar for me is that a teaspoon of it in a quarter of a glass of water eases the burning sensation in my stomach. Happy travelling. Ni……

    • is this the Ni i know? if it is, i had no idea you were such an awesome artist! if not, hi new friend – i’m rose, nice to meet you =)

      i love love love vinegar. i have so many uses, tricks, remedies, etc. my hubs calls me “the vinegar queen.” vinegar is great, its cheap, safe, natural… what more could you want, right?

      ACV can be used to cure so many things. I recently tried to drink a couple shots to help with some super sore muscles, and i could NOT stomach it straight up like that, i totally should have diluted it in water but i was being stubborn, lol.

      thanks for reading!!

  2. Im a reader! I look forward to reading your posts,and Im making Pasta and Beans again this week! You should teach us to tie dye! I did a shirt in Girl Scouts about 15 years ago and I still have it, but I havent a clue as to how I made it. And I think Steven’s girls might enjoy making shirts too!

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