going and coming

I just got home from my church’s women’s retreat: Arise and Shine.  It was amazing!

Women of Hope

It was on the North Shore, at a beautiful camp, and I have so many great and fun things to say about my experience!  I need to blog about it…

we woke up to this amazing scenery

there was even tie dye involved, so you KNOW i had fun!

But, I don’t have time to sit and type:  in a few hours I’m heading home!!

I’ll land in Florida early early tomorrow morning, and I get to see my fam for the first time since I moved to Hawaii. YAY!!  My stepmom is picking me up from the airport, and I get to see my dad and my grandma, and los gatos!! AND DUNKIN DONUTS! AND PUBLIX!!

home sweet home

I shouldn’t bother unpacking or getting cozy though… because after two days in flawda, I’m flying to Minnesota.  Sasha is getting married, and I’m going to her wedding in MN!

i hope she says, "i do!"

So, yeah.  I’m going to MN in March, and hoping I have enough warm clothes.  I probably do not.  I’m hanging out with a big group of military wives Friday afternoon (I’m so excited to see y’all, woohoo!!!) and then Fri evening – Sunday afternoon is wedding time, and a bit of a reunion with some of my best buds from Jax.  I cannot wait to see everyone and catch up.

Then. I go back to Florida, to see the other side of my family for a few more days.

yeah! florida is serious!

I’ll see my mom and my sister, and my Aunt, Uncle and cousins… and maybe some pals?  Not sure yet.  Its an awful lots crammed into just a few days.  But its better than nothing, and I know we’ll have so much fun!!

Then its time to stuff as many Publix baked goods as I can into my bag, and off I go.

Quick stop in Seattle:

hello, seattle

I have a super long layover… but its all good.  My gal pals in Seattle are coming to pick me up and take me out for a few hours.  Another group of mil wives actually, and I’m so excited to see them too!  Super excited!

This trip kicks off in just a few hours, I’m so pumped!  But now I’m doing all that last minute crap – like taking out the garbage so my house doesn’t reek when I get back home.  And snuggling the pooch.  I have to go ten whole days without the pooch. YIKES.

Ready to be impressed?  I’ve packed for this entire cluster of a trip – in ONE carryon. You know that’s impressive.


Anyways… I’m outta here for a while and won’t be posting ’till I get back home to Hawaii.  TTFN – Ta Ta For Now!


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