jj, our pooch!

Are you in the mood for cuteness?  I’m about to make a ginormous photo dump of our crazy adorable pooch, JJ.

We adopted him last July from Hawaii Dog Foundation.  He’s 30 lbs full grown, and he’s a Hawaiian mutt – commonly known as “poi dog.”  (note: real Poi dogs are extinct, now local mutts are called “poi” dogs).

Jayjers is playful, adorable, cuddly, sweet, kind, and fun.   He has a serious ability to read situations/moods and react.  When I’m sad, he comforts me.   When a baby is visiting our house, he knows to be super gentle and meek.  JJ is just 100% love, and he’s so empathetic its just amazing.

His likes: running, snuggling, naps, people food, snoring, licking, going outside, hiding under the bed.

His dislikes: rain, playing fetch, doggies bigger than him, anything that really requires discipline.



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