i’m the care pack queen

There’s at least one aspect of deployments both my hubs and I sure do love: CARE PACKS!

I kinda go nuts.  But they make Matthew smile, and they keep me busy.  I love coming up with cute or silly ways to send him some love. I basically just scrap book the inside of flat rate boxes, and then stuff them with whatever goodies, treats, or necessities he’s asked for.

Here’s a run down of the care packs I’ve made so far this deployment.

Thanksgiving 2010 – the little acorn cards say “I’m thankful for…” and then I filled in the blanks with messages.

Then I made two different Christmas care packs.  The first theme was, “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You,” and then the second was just a red and green glittery fun mess.

After the holidays I made a silly, brightly colored (obnoxious) “I’m crazy for you” care pack.  The photos don’t do the brightness justice, it was downright painful looking at that neon cluster.  I made some handmade Valentine’s and included them in the box, but I didn’t do a whole box just for V-day.


I still have half a deployment to go… so as I crank out more, I’ll be sure to post pics. I have some pretty good ideas up my sleeve that I cannot wait to execute!


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