february 2011

So far, February has been a great month.

I’m finally feeling better, physically, emotionally and spiritually.   The past three-ish months have been a total whirlwind.  In case you aren’t familiar with my personal dramz, here is how its all gone down:

October 2010, my husband and I found out with only three weeks notice that he would be deploying to Afghanistan (again).  Then, we found out we were pregnant.  In a crazy mesh of emotions we were super overjoyed and so sad.

November 2010, he left for Afghan on the 11th.

matthew leaving for afghan

Deployment started out fine, and our spirits were high.   Then, in December – a week or so before Christmas – I lost the baby.  It was a really rough time in all aspects.  Physically, it was quite the ordeal.  Emotionally, we were devastated.   I was in such rough shape that I was unable to travel home (Florida) for the holidays, and I spent a couple miserable weeks alone in Hawaii riding it all out.

After two Red Cross messages, a million mixed signals, and two weeks of waiting – some good news finally came through: my husband was approved for emergency leave!  (Don’t even get me started on the process of how it came to be, and the fight we had to go through to make it happen).

In January 2011, the USMC sent him home to me from Afghan for two great weeks.  Together we were able to heal and recover.  It was something our hearts needed so badly, and at that point – I physically needed him here too (I was pretty ill).

emergency leave, january 2011

So now its February.  Matthew’s been back in Afghan for about 4 weeks, and we’re around the half-way mark of deployment.  I’ve made leaps and bounds physically and emotionally, and I finally feel back on track.

Carly and I started a plan to explore Oahu and take as much advantage of our surroundings as we can.  Every week we’ve been hiking, checking out new beaches, just enjoying the outdoors.   I’m posting those adventures here, along with photos of the amazing sights we’re able to take in.  We really live in paradise.  My friendship with Carly has become invaluable to me, and I’m so grateful for her as a person, as well as our island exploration.   She’s also my personal motivator to eat right, exercise and just love my body.  We’ve been hitting the gym with a crazy passion, and the results are starting to roll in.

Spiritually I’ve been filling myself up so much lately.  I’ve just jumped right in to church life, and I’m spending a lot of time with my Church Family.  I’m still teaching CCD (Sunday School) at the Catholic Church on base, but my primary source of worship is Hope Chapel Kaneohe.   The whole non-denom thing is still new to me, but I’m loving the walk I’m on and the process of just learning has been so amazing.  I’m at a point of just open mindedness and open heartedness.

As far as deployment goes, its been up and down.  Communication this time around has been slim pickins. Its typical to go about a week without hearing from Matthew at all.  The old no news is good news adage really does ring true though, and I keep remidning myself of it often.  I’ve learned a lot about patience this time around, that’s for sure!  I’m cranking out the care packs (and of course I’ll post photos here), and I just cherish the times when he is able to call.  My husband and I are both optimistic people, so we try to make the most of what we’re handed.  Deployment is a time to strengthen our marriage, to strengthen ourselves, and to gain appreciation for all that we have.

So life is good now.  Of course there are sad and hard things that happen, but its how we react that defines who we are. So I’m trying my best to react gracefully.  Its a learning process, but in this moment I feel confident saying I’m doing a pretty okay job!


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