drinking water drama

I heard on NPR a story about drinking water here in O’ahu.  And it ain’t good!  Turns out that my tap water is chock full of Chromium-6.  That’s some Erin Brockovich junk right there.   See what I mean:




Well, this comes as bad news to me.  I LOVE tap water.  I hate bottled water because plastic is poisonous, and I hate how much waste comes from the whole ordeal (especially the bottles themselves).

I rely solely on tap water for drinking, cooking, the pooch, everything.  I have one of those BPA-free refillable bottles, and I take that with me everywhere.

So now I gotta figure out a new method of water.   I’m researching filtration systems, and trying to figure out the best way to go.  The pitcher kind?  Attach to the sink kind? I’m not sure yet.

For now I’m experimenting with bottled water.  Its such a drag.

I tried Menehune first, and it was disgusting.  It tasted like plastic and chemicals. EWW.

Now I have a 2.5 gallon thing of Sparkletts in my fridge, as well as some small Arrowhead bottles.  So far, they both taste WAY better than Menehune; they taste fine like normal water.

The whole point of this (other than it being a colossal pain in my ass and an unexpected expenditure to add to my budget ) is that I can’t believe how easily I took for granted having clean, easily accesible, safe water.  I mean, the water that comes out of my kitchen sink is still far safer than what MOST people in the world have access to.

Check this out: http://water.org/

Millions of people are getting sick and dying from not having access to clean water.  Its incredible how something so simple and a regular part of our daily lives is of such epic consequence to most humans. We, as Americans/Westerners/First World Dwellers are so effing lucky. Next time you turn on your faucet, keep in mind a little gratitude.

Using the bottled water has upped my game in conservation and appreciation.  My own situation here on Oahu is small potatoes, and it should be one that’s easily remedied.   But the world-wide water problem is so serious and huge to me, its really overwhelming honestly.  I pray for clean water for everyone.


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  1. At Wal Mart they have the 5 gallon BPA free water jugs for about $8, I believe. For .50 cents a gallon (or $2.50 for said huge jug above) you can go to a Safeway in Kailua and fill them up w/ reverse osmosis water in the machines they have outside of the store. That is what I am trying to do. I go through SO MUCH water.

    We got an actual water report at our home recently, in Kailua. It appears we also have a lead problem. While we “technically” passed the full test, they did three test samples on our tap water, and 2 had abnormally high levels of lead. However, since 1 of 3 samples passed, the water was declared safe. WTF? Thanks, but no thanks. I got enough lead when I was a kid growing up in the 80’s & 90’s. I don’t need my own child to get excess. (this is HeatherA off of THL. Found your blog through the tie dye post, and saw this post)

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